Thursday, November 23, 2017

This Past Month. Lots'a pictures!

Well, my savings challenge is a couple weeks behind BUT I managed to get all the Christmas presents. I can't wait to see my Dad's reaction to mine. I think it's like a bull or steer skull. I got it for SEVEN bucks at yard sale! I soaked it overnight in a plastic crate of water/peroxide, another day to dry, and then glossed it with Mod Podge. Good to go. And today, I wrapped.

Aaliyah is getting a custom mini baking set. Mini cupcake pan, chocolate cake mix, chocolate frosting, measuring cup, and a frosting bag. There's another reaction I can't wait to see.

Drake and Brooklyn get a pair of water guns. :) Fun fun.

Baby stuff. One for my niece Zoey, barely a year old and yet to be born cousin, my Uncle Pat is having. Both girls.

DJ and Maranda get a door alarm.

Did a Pinterest thing for Mom, Jen, and Anna's gift.

 Image result for sundae pinterest bath

Above image from Pinterest.

Jen gets a sequin keychain and a cute yet fuzzy framed photo of Me, Harmony, and Aaliyah.

Got April, Rob, and Dawn a gift on It should be here after Christmas, but no biggie. :) Not like I don't see them often, lol.

I got all the stocking stuffers and Lord, are they stuffed. *.* So much candy! You can thank God, and the Halloween discounted stuff, for that. ^^ Even got candy vampire teeth in there. lol. Must resist eating mine until Christmas now when the choc-cravings hit.

Still happily single and loving it.


Tried Neopets premium for the month. Loving it and MAY consider extending it. ^^ Still battledome training my Neopet. Doing a plot, and a games challenge.

Got Neocash, about twenty bucks worth, I think, and bot training fortune cookies and faerie quest cookies. Kinda had to stop blowing money on it right there. Lol. Virtual stuff is not a sensible thing to waste money on, very admittedly. 

Got a Space Faerie code off Ebay, which now accepts credit cards and not just Paypal, thank GOD! and I struggled to use it at first, but it eventually worked. Now if I can just win against her...someday.

Rob gave me $25.00 credit on Steam for my Birthday. Borderlands Two and a bunch of DLC went on sale. Got it. Played once with Rob, nuff' said.

'Chrisley Knows Best' is officially my new favorite show. That, and 'According to Chrisley.' Oh, the sass!

I also bought Sonic CD. I needed to upgrade my account status by spending five bucks. Worth it.

After all this, you can see why the first paragraph is what it is.

Can I just say I'm GLAD my family doesn't read this blog? No spoilers with the gifts! :D

April's new thing is Rick and Morty. It's the new Harry Potter. Lol.

Writing goals are, at least, for the moment, ahead of schedule 
and we are closing in on an epic ending!

A 'fan' of my work on Secondlife. Ahem, I find the term fan blush-worthy when thrown at me willingly by someone, anyway. That was how they introduced themselves. :P 

Anyway! On Secondlife.  Offered me free rent to rebuild my store, only to donate once in a while, and I'm super blessed about that, in Jesus name, Amen! Been making a lot of ballet themed stuff, because I love well as the opera. What a combo. :)

Mom doesn't care for opera, and probably find it strange that I adore it.

Anyway! Made this recipe recently, and it was SO delicious!

Got some Buy One, get one free pies in my favorite flavor a couple weeks ago for my birthday! It's my tradition that if I get nothing else, at least have a pie or cake on my birthday. Will get to nom on that when I get back from Dad's at Thanksgiving. They're frozen, so still good.

 Hoping to God he shows, though. It looks like he will this time.

I love my Dad to death. 

I haven't seen him since probably last Christmas. For real. We've made constant arrangements to meet since then, only for him to come up with some excuse out of nowhere that he can't come. Got to a point where I stopped expecting him to mean it when he said he would come over and just shrug when he gives me the excuse.

This all sounds sad. It does. 

It doesn't make him a bad father, to me. 

I've just grown up, we both got our own lives. It's just how stuff goes in adulthood. 

There's no strife there. Anyway, fingers crossed. Even if the plans get cancelled, April and Rob (who are doing Thanksgiving on Sunday as they both are kinda miserable right now) are my Plan B.

Boy, I just killed the perky mood, didn't I? XD

Anyway, I'll be private live-streaming on my Youtube of home, so that I don't get homesick. :)

Also, how can I forget! I spent a week at Mom's (where I fell in love with mentioned show above) and went to the Hard Rock Hotel for the first time in years. My! How its changed. Also, Mom got me a free umbrella. ^^ Should probably bring it with me when traveling as the weather is not great today.

Other noteworthy moments from my past month: 

Over and over and over. My heart melts at this rendition.

My character, the Lady Elizabeth Sheeks. :D Based off of a promo picture of Annabelle Wallis for the Tudors.

Yeah, our neighbor got a goat. Now he's the friendly neighborhood goat. :D One day he got all tied up on his rope and another neighbor and I had to work together to untangle him .^^

That wonderful day April and I split tiny cupcakes. :) Ultra sugary, but oh so delicious!

So yeah. This month has been enormously blessed. Praise and Thank Jesus Christ for that. :) Hope it continues and you all have a wonderful holiday! Will be happy to add any new past 'noteworthy' events if I can think of them. P.S. My allergies have it in for me today. *.*

My favorite song this month.

Warning: it could get stuck in your head. It's catchy. *.*

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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