Tuesday, November 28, 2017

My Birthday!

In short: 
I went shopping...a lot. I kinda splurged.

1. I got a new 'second' Instagram Album ordered just now, filled with photos from 2014 to present. The first one was bought years ago and has photos in it from before then. 

This second one was only 22 bucks with a 30% off coupon! (I almost always buy from blurb with a coupon if I can) That's over 3000 photos in an 8x10 full color book. Including shipping. :D Couldn't pass it up. Not on my birthday. I'm 29, by the way.

2. More X-mas gifts for Harmony and Aaliyah. Dolls. Not a major brand.
 A wood people toy set for Harmony.

Plus an Elsa pup-tent that the cats quickly tried out.

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3. Pads. Not so much a fun thing but I needed them. April helped.

4. A giant purple bowl. We needed one.

5. Super glue. Paint. Some double sided markers.

6. Jumanji DVD.

7. 100% Acetone. I THOUGHT we had some here but we didn't. April had to drive me back to the dollar store get it, and I bribed her with McDonalds for her and Rob. I tried to find spray sealer but sadly couldn't find it. I already had the other art supplies I needed for my project. (See below)

8. An autobiography about an old fifties movie star. I forget her name, haha. 
My bookcase is slammed.

EDIT: Picture.

9. Thrift shop clothes, some I know won't fit but might be giftable. Need to be washed first. All fifty cents, except for the red wrap dress I just 'had' to have. THAT was three bucks.

10. The coup de grace? (Besides the new album.)
My Five Dollar Monster High doll head (with case) I spent most of the day repainting. Redid the hair and cut it, too. Softener and baby powder which de-shined and softened the waxy locks.
Excuse the Insta-typo.

P.S. Glad I wrote this down. Part of me was baffled how I spent over sixty dollars and on what. I'm feeling a bit better that it was just on a bunch of stuff and not just one or two things, lol.

Anyway, when I went thrift shopping, I asked for a big bag. They gave me a garbage bag, which was a little awkward walking to the Dollar store on the other block with. I had the clerks put it behind the counter as I shopped. 

April dropped me off and she picked me up later.

Also, Mom said she's got a gift for me and is bringing it Saturday. I have no idea what it could be and I love that. ^^ I've been throwing too many gift suggestions out to the family about Christmas, its nice to let myself be surprised.

I ate my pie for breakfast. Worth it. April and Rob were invited to help themselves as well.

NOW! About yesterday. We had a late Thanksgiving at Ricks with April, Rob, Rick, and Dawn.

They cooked, we ate, and shared a bunch of stories. Then packed it up and took our leftovers home.
Not much else to tell there, but as always, it was a good time with my friends.

The food I brought home from Dad's is already almost all gone after a day.
I guess April and Rob thought it tasted that good. April loves Anna's frozen cooked lasagna.

My Dad and Anna are engaged, by the way, rings and all and plan to elope privately.

I also added significantly to my novel, which is taking a turn even I found uncomfortable to write...I still think about. Steel is a bad, bad villian. Ugh. I have plans to humble him though, but not in a very nice way. Still, he'll change for the better. He may seem past saving, but he's not. 

Anyway! It would seem I am caught up. Yet another grand birthday chronicled and I don't find the day ordinary or wasted. :) Pray God I make it to the big, three-oh!, eh. Until then, mwuah!

P.S. It's long overdue to update my blurb book with these entries and photos. I may or may not be inclined to get it ordered at some point too as after years of writing. God willing in Jesus name, Amen! :D 

Patience is a virtue.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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