Saturday, November 25, 2017

:D Spend much?

2:05 p.m. So, I've decided what I want to spend my savings on. ^_^ After we ring in the new year, hopefully. A blurb book, with over 3000 Instagam photos I've taken between 2014 and 2017. My second one since 2013. I mean, I 'could' very technically, just purchase prints, but why do that when I can include that many, for cheaper, all in one book...and for probably around thirty bucks..if i can't hunt down a coupon first. ;)

Today, I also caved on the Steam Holiday sale and bought Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure. Yes. I'm 29 years old in a few days and still have a heart for Disney princesses. Don't judge me. I did 'sleep' on it though, rather than just impulse buying. Not only that, it'd be exciting for the girls to play with when they come visit. I also got an extra education game for Harmony to play. :D

So! I went to Dad's after all. Good food, then taking allergy meds til I passed out. Netflix, pets, and all around just hanging out at the house. Did some netbook playing and wanted to go get my traditional discount books at the library but they were, sadly, closed. Came home early, since a vet trip was needed and I didn't want to be at the house alone all day with a barking chihuahua *years later and the poor girl is still fear-ridden of people, including me, so I don't blame her*)

Dad and I did actually talk about the fact that we only see each other about once a year, or longer.

I'm okay. I am. We talk all throughout the year online and there is no strain or tension, no grievances in our relationship. It's just that I live so far away..which is true. I mean I only see my Mom once a month, now, sometimes. And he said it is more than a relationship he got with his own 'biological' dad, who left him as a kid. He met him again in adulthood but they don't have much of a relationship. Yeah, the biological gramps barely knows his grandkids. I've met him a couple times. Anyway, we're cool. I'm coming back for Christmas THIS year, praise God, so THAT is a bonus. ^^ Will be happy to see my nieces again soon. They're coming over there, too.

Also, he got me a gift card for my birthday. Visa. Didn't work. I was almost frustrated to tears. *Didn't want to cry at my birthday gift.* But Dad got me what I wanted with a real card instead. 25 dollars in iTunes which I happily spent on an old twentyonepilots album, and some other songs.

Oh, and there was my favorite frozen Ms. Smith chocolate pie, which I enjoyed a few slices of. Diet, schmiet. Right?

Oh, and speaking of kids, I got a NEW COUSIN! Born last night, a first child for my Uncle Pat and my new first cousin. Scarlet (gorgeous name) Nancy Fogg. Middle name named for my late grandmother. R.I.P. Sure she's got a new baby to watch over now.

If there's one thing I appreciate the most about writing about my life, practically covering all my twenties by now..getting's the births I get to write about..and if I see the kids enough..writing about them growing up.

It is something cool to leave behind when I die one day..hopefully very old, in my sleep. Going straight from a pleasant dream and walking into Heaven like I imagine happens when you die in your sleep. Likely, better. God knows, right?

P.S. Also got another chapter in on my book today, so Huzzah!! Ahead of schedule until December 4th and only 27 pages until the ending! :3

So yeah, that's what I wanted to write about and also thanking God I got back into blog writing long enough to mention this stuff. :D Hopefully, I'll write about my birthday as well on the day ;of.' lol. Anyway, I'm off. Praise God, Jesus, Lord. See ya! Bye.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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