Monday, October 9, 2017

Other Stuff Came First

It's obvious I haven't updated in a while. Other things came first. Last week, I have a lovely weekend with both the girls. We mostly hung out in the living room and watched tv, including the live action Beauty and thew Beast. Aaliyah played Sims. We didn't go out anywhere.

I gave her my wig (My hair grew out so I'm not inclined to wear it anymore) and she really pulls it did Harmony. Those vintage-looking pics were perfect!

I got back into Neopets, (Lots'a pet training) and Secondlife, so I've been pretty occupied with those.

I'm way ahead of schedule on my novel so I'm giving that a break for a little bit.

Money has been tight, groceries have been low.

We've made quite a few trips out to Dawn's though, which meant people time for me..which is a good thing. They got a new puppy. ^^

 Outside of world news/drama, there's nothing really life changing that happened in the past couple weeks. I did manage to get a knot on the head the other night. I was lost in my own happy world again and hopped into bed, only for my head to come down on the wood base of the window frame. Had a 'cartoon character' sized lump that I prayed my way through with some ice before swelling went down the next day.

Health wise? Meh. I started drinking soda again, and eating more chocolate. *.* That time of the month just came and went.

Been watching the old episodes of Full House I found on Hulu, so that's been enjoyable. :) And while creating, been watching Supernatural, of course.

Um..Aaliyah's hotel birthday bash was cancelled due to the storm throwing things out of whack. I still managed to get my present to her through Jen, though. Just a nice barbie and a cute puzzle. Hope she liked them. ^_^

Oh! And burn pile got burned. Our own little leftovers from Hurricane Irma. (Aaliyah said she's fascinated with Hurricane study by the way, that and the Titanic.)

Last, but not least, there was this:

And yes, it went to a nice rehabilitation home. :)

Did I mention I'm happier than ever to be single? Just a random thought. Praise the Lord, God is able to do above all we ask or think! Jesus Saves. God forgives. You know I gotta say it. ^^

P.S. Gave away my Victoria Frances painting. Happy about that. It was just kinda 'lying' around. Still trying to sell my dressmaker but nobody is willing to come out here yet. *.*

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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