Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Writing Feels.

Wahhhhhhhh!!! I lost my story. My favorite one. I accidentally deleted somehow, at some point. Granted, I didn't really intend on finishing it and only wrote a couple chapters, but they were really good chapters, dude. It was that one about the time traveling boom box. I don't know. I'm not too mad. A little disappointed. I get the feeling God let it happen for a reason. Perhaps so I could write a better version of that.

Speaking of writing, I've been doing quite a bit of it today. Some spent writing, some spent wishing I was writing, and some spent surfing Instagram for things related to writing. Very indoorsy day.

Got a free game with DLCs from someone on steam today, so happy about that. I might actually play it.

But back to my book, oh my God! I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE where my story is heading. Elizabeth just lost her niece and is about to be forced to marry Steel. Gregory's dead, of course.

She thinks Melanie is dead. And that she has no family left. Just saying, she never saw Melanie's body. It was never said that she was the body Gregory watched in the pyre. Someone is poised for a comeback. :D

Also, my main character. Elizabeth. I've decided she has to go blind, very soon. Very very soon. Thus that should make for some interesting
writing from her point of view. That girl just can't catch a break, can she?

Another reason I love my book. All the drama. The intertwining I've done with my character's lives. I have a deep-seated love for this story. It's like my own fairy tale. Insert a big smile here. It is my original fairy tale...with a little more realism. Lol.

My favorite genres are the princess ones. Toss something 18th century at me and I'll run with it.

So! The dream book I've yet to write:  An eighteen-century tale of two modern gothic-looking time travelers and their time machine boom box which travels via screamo music that spooks the locals. The box breaks and they have to find a way back to their time period.  The plot sounds totally silly, but a dream is a dream, right?
I felt sad losing that story by accident but writing this blog post makes me feel a hundred percent better. No joke.

Not to mention I've been posting story excerpts lately and been enjoying reading the same scene over and over, falling in love with it more and more each time.

I want my entire book to be like that. Every scene has to be worth reading over and over and over and not get boring. That'll take a lot of work when/if I hit 365 pages. O.O Patience, patience, patience. God only knows what's to come.

I'm writing this in Zenwriter and listening to Disturbed's 'The Sound of Silence' (a HUGE inspiration for the mood of my book.) and I'm being as relaxed as possible. Writing this, and my book, has been the highlight of my day for sure. It makes me happier just knowing I'm genuinely happy.

I've also realized how much I want to support small-time indie writers myself. Even planning to purchase an indie retelling of Cinderella here soon to support one. Couldn't be more thrilled, God willing. See the link. (I hope the writer isn't going to mind, but I wanted to share.) I'd really love to read this. Best of all, there will be a print version as well as a kindle edition. :)

I've often thought of a full novel retelling the classic tale of 'The Girl with the Yellow Ribbon.' It's a VERY short children's story, so there's a lot of gaps to fill, but it's another writing dream.

So yeah, this started as pouty post and ended with a beaming me. Talk about character development. ;) P.S. Took a break from Secondlife today, for once, and totally not regretting it.

I'm still planning on taking on the challenge of finishing a book in a month. That is a real challenge. Not only working on two books at once, but the new one has to be one I'm gonna REALLY stick to until the end. O.O 50,000 words minimum preferably.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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