Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tiring Day

It's been kind of a big day. I started out by going out shopping a little. That meant taking my bike and finally putting in a little exercise. Dollar Tree put out their Halloween decor (Yes, it's only the end of August) but I've yet to buy any. Instead, I bought a second little rack for my closet and another rack to hang above my keep some stuff from crowding my computer tower. So...yeah.

Then I went to the thrift shop. There was a sales rack outside the store and some stuff was 0.50 cents a piece. I came away with some jackets and sweaters. One suit jacket I didn't realize had shoulder pads at the time. *.*
I bought a movie classic, or rather movie(s), I've been wanting for a long time now, A Little Princess and the Secret Garden. I don't know how many times I was shown it back when I was in school, lol. I do know I've always loved Maggie Smith's line 'You heard nothing of the sort.' Brilliant.

I got halfway through A Little Princess but for some reason, when the story took it's dark turn, I was itching to do something else. I went on Secondlife and created until it went offline, for hours.

I watched the Goldbergs until it came back. I started creating a second item.

Then we went to Dawn's. Then Taco Bell. I came back and worked on my new SL project some more, but not for long, and felt the strong urge to nap. So I did, until eleven. Then I  got up and ate bananas and black forest ham. NOT together, lol.

I hung out with April and Rob for a little while, then came back and completed my writing goals for today. I love car rides. They are almost always giving me new plot ideas.

I came back and wrote my character's scaffold scene. He was a former torturer who hunted down my main character, Melanie, for revenge, only for her to give him her child as she laid dying from childbirth. It was her effort to replace the family she took from him.

His opinion of her reformed, but not before he has killed the doctor who got in the way to save her life moments earlier. He nearly killed her. The king ordered him to kill Melanie, though he'd already intended on killing her. After my other main character, Elizabeth, confronts the king in public rage about it, he denies his involvement. He orders Gregory's return and immediate execution.

The baby is taken away from Gregory after he is arrested. He named her Mercy, in honor of her mother's final act. The child is soon to be in Elizabeth's hands...for a very brief period.

So yeah, drama.

I used to be so gung-ho for those period drama novels but it seems like, as I observed today, I'm not really interested in buying new ones while I've got the one of my dreams unfolding. I know. I know. A writer is supposed to read, a lot. Especially in the genre and target audience scheme of things. It's just how I feel and am hoping my writing doesn't suffer for it. By the way, this blog is no reflection of the writing standards in my novel. Just so we're clear.

I still have 128 pages of plot to fill before my first draft is complete. Then the real fun begins. Editing. Little hint of sarcasm there. I shouldn't be surprised if this book takes one year of writing and three more of editing before it's finally done. lol. Lord knows The Dream Doctor took ages and while it's a complete story, the editing, even after years of editing and rewriting, is quite mediocre. I'm learning though.

Edit: I realized I had more to say.

I bought a small storage container because I want to start saving up my change. This is as well as what I'm already saving up in my bank account. BUT since I long to save money outside of my bank, and have no access to my bank out here in the boonies, I have to make due.

More ever, can you BELIEVE that I did all that shopping and couldn't find one piggy bank? I had to settle for a pop-top little Tupperware thing. But it's better than nothing.

I also bought A Knight's Tale at the thrift shop. My Mom has that movie and I couldn't ask her to keep it. If i keep asking to have her movies, she might not have many left. Sooo..I bought it. Great film. My favorite of Ledger's, to be honest.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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