Saturday, August 19, 2017


4:48 p.m. I'm having mixed reactions right now, though.

Adsense has APPROVED my account! Praise Jesus, hallelujah! Finally.

It took some fighting with this however to get Blogger to recognize that, so I had to add my Adsense email (different from the one used to make this blog) as administrator for this blog.

Then I started trying to add ads.

For me, they show up as blank spaces, whereas on mobile, I can see at least one advertisement.

My adblock is NOT my knowledge. Nope. Not. So this is perplexing. I get the feeling like my site could actually be covered in ads right now and I can't even see it. Ya know?
So yeah, bittersweet.

I've spent my whole morning working on SL. I ran into a new fan of mine. She's...chatty. :) I kept working while she was complimenting my stuff. People are sweet...I just...I'm not really into being flattered.. much. None. None is good.

Also, to combat having to include copywritten reaction gifs on my blog. I made my own, less impressive, ones. Ya know..stuff I own rights to?

I don't look like the fancy celebs in actors in those, but this gets the job done.

Update: Alright. Here's how things look on mobile, when I view a web version of the page:

It still doesn't show up on my Chrome browse BUT because of the above, I'm gonna leave it alone and call it a success, mmkay?

9:00 p.m. So I had McDonalds and watched the Goldbergs on binge tonight. Plus side? I bought fruit!! OOOHHH my body was so happy about actually eating nutrients again. You see, my grocery money set aside for healthy stuff got lost last week while I was away at Mom's. April misplaced it somewhere. Anyway, so we had non healthy food this week. Now I get to eat healthier again! Yay!

I made more stuff on Secondlife...a lot of jackets, fur, and velvets lately. Oi.

Something was on my mind, again and again, so I may as well say it.

I refuse to do commissions on Secondlife. Someone asked me if I would recently and I had to turn them down.

The reason this is, is I never had a problem with it until I did one for one of 'those' picky people. It was like over a year ago, I think. I ran into him on Secondlife. He asked me to texture some meshes for him, and in exchange I wanted a mesh made for me.

He wanted another texture made. And another. And one more. And another. And sometimes he'd politely request I fix one...and have me do it several times over..because he found 'white pixels' from the AO map that I could barely see but apparently bothered him.

This was starting to cost me lindens, too. Since he'd approve, I'd send it, and later he'd disapprove because of two or three pixels and needed them removed. 

P.I.X.E.L.S. bothered him. 

It got to a point where I threw my hands in the air. 

I didn't even take a mesh in return like we agreed because I was SO desperate to get out of that commission. It was making Secondlife very 'not' fun. It started to feel like a chore.

 And when it stops being fun, whatever you're offering in exchange for my services isn't worth it. 

Granted, he kept insisting I did a great job, while still asking even gentler to fix the pixels he'd find...again and again and again...etc. I even tried to teach him to do it himself but his excuse was something like he couldn't do it like I did. Something or other like that.

Some time later he came back and begged  me to do another commission. I pushed myself into giving in again, then immediately backed out before it began. Because I got the 'worst' feeling after accepting. Huge dread and unhappiness. I don't think we talked much after that.

So yeah. No commissions. From anyone. Ever again. I politely decline them all.

I think this is coming up because, and I don't recall his name, to spare his feelings I told him he wasn't the reason I won't ever do a commission again, when he was. So..I openly repent that. I am sorry I lied. So yeah...that came up. Glad I wrote it out.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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