Monday, August 21, 2017

Not A Great Morning.

I'm stressed out this morning, dude. :( I stayed up too late begin with. I tried going to sleep at around 1 or 2 a.m. Spent the next three hours mentally battling old demons from my past...until the point I was weeping and praying. And apologizing to God. 

I got it bad, dude. 

I got up to feed the cats, then came back in my room with a plan to lighten my mood. I said, grabbing my headphones, "You know what? We should meditate. [I know we stayed up late and all] but it'd be good for me. 

Then something caught my eye. 

A big flippinspider..and I'm not exaggerating, crawled on top of my computer tower. What do I do? I THREW MY BIBLE AT IT! O.O Killing it. Also knocked some stuff off the top of it, which I've been hesitant to pick up. 

Yeah, that felt sacrilege, on multiple accounts. First of all, I spent all the time in prayer, only to kill one of God's creatures with my Bible. Now its carcass is just sitting there by my computer tower, curled up and unwillingly guilting me about my action. 

Not to mention my bug phobia is bad. Like, I get scared of the 'dead' ones. Worse, the BIGGER dead ones. 😕  It's ridiculous, I know. I'm reluctant to sit at my desk it seems until I can con someone to collect the dead spider off of it and get it away from me. Nobody is awake. 

On TOP of this, I tried to calm down with some music. To free space, I had some of my iTunes songs converted to 128kbps. 'Trees' by twentyonepilots, was intolerable like that. 

Tried to undo it. iPod insists it doesn't have the space, even after a restore. So I had to do a 'factory' restore instead of a backup and restore, which is in progress now. 

ANNNNDDD on top of THIS, I am writing this entry in Zenwriter on my netbook because my computer is busy AND my netbook can't even handle Blogger anymore with it's XP self. So, yeah. :/ 

Le sigh. Le pooh. I can't even with all this. Not a great morning. I'm partially scared to sleep on top of the insomnia because all I can think is I'm gonna wake to a spider near my face (would NOT be the first time.) Partially considering moving back into the living room if it gets worse enough, eh? 

Playing Trees again. Doesn't seem so bad, now. 

This netbook is testing my patience with its lag. :( 

Oh! And the spider thing? Comes one night after Rob said a big wood spider got in his room. I responded, in now all irony, that I hope the same didn't happen to me. I'd be inclined to sleep in the living room for days. Although now I'm hesitant to sleep even there. 

iPod is almost done restoring. Big relief there, eh? As soon as I said that the Sia song starts mysteriously skipping. Big surprise there, huh? What's with the hours of bad luck? O.O  

One positive note? Dawn cleaned the kitchen. SOO sweet of her. Really. :) 
Carlo just spooked me by jumping on my bed. Jesus forgive me.  

I feel like I'm gonna be up an extremely long time until my body can't stay awake. This isn't good, guys. Not good at all. I'm all kinds of anxious and stress and gyaahhhhhhhrrrrrr. 

My netbook still won't go through with Blogger. I'm using One Drive now, for the moment...which it's barely tolerating. This thing is old. Oi. I just really don't want to be sitting next to the big dead spider right now. :(

Edit: Controlling the good computer from my bed. NOT sitting at my desk, but can finally add this post. Praise Jesus. My eyes are warm and blinky, and I'm resisting sleep.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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