Thursday, August 10, 2017

Let's Talk Feelings

9:00 a.m. So, to start, I have a happy place. A place where I go to lose myself in my own little world. It's a big orange-rocky cliff overlooking an empty shoreline of large crashing waves. In the corner of this paradise is a tire swing (the flat laying kind) which has it's center filled in with ice.

I bring this up because on many occasions of me basking in this world for a couple hours, I told myself I needed to actually remember to go there one, in my dreams. And on many occasions after, I don't think to do it.

The one time, the other day, I remembered to try while I was still in a dream state, I never actually made it. I tried to go, believe me. But instead I was endlessly crossing sea waters with these huge steel structures which for some reason then reminded me of an 'Industrial Disney World.' There might have been mouse ears, I don't know.

I tried REALLY hard to picture this place in the dream, so I could fly there, but it never manifested.


We're just gonna have to wait until I remember to try again, God willing, and see if it happens.

It's weird, cause every time I want a carnival to appear (my other happy place) it does. Almost every time. But with this I could barely put together what exactly this place was supposed to look like, though I can recall it perfectly in my waking mind.

Anyway. Kids start school today, so that's exciting. It's Harmony's first day and all. :)

I did a bunch of Secondlife clothing-making stuff yesterday.

I have been keeping up on my book challenge as well. In fact, the other day, I extended my plot so far in my head that I think I may need two books to tell it...unless the plot doesn't end where I need it to at 365 pages, that is.

I tried to start a new novel, again, but didn't get past the first chapter. Yes, I'm still struggling to find a story I'm as committed to as this one. Although, I'm still brainstorming the perfect cover for this book.

Speaking of weird dreams, I woke from a really strange one today. I dreamt that because we took on a deer from an animal place once, they sent us a black panther as a thank you. It acted like a big cat, really, and bit my wrist once, though obviously not in a painful 'dream' way.

In this other part of the dream, April , Rob, and I were gonna go swimming at a creek...which turned out to be infested by alligators. After we escaped that, we trekked through some waist deep mud/thick water and I lost my shoes. Rob was kind enough to fetch them for me.

In another dream, I attended a party hosted by Hugh Hefner. I think all I cared about was taking phone pictures of the amazing view of the skyline...though we were sitting on the water. Outside, some action movie explosion occurred snd Robert Downey's Jr., in a light blue suit, went crashing into the water. I tried to take a picture of that, too.

While looking through my pictures on my phone, someone was in awe of Kate Winslet (as Rose DeWitt Bukater during the jump scene) who was in there several if I knew her personally. Apparently, I had met her the night before, according to them, but in the dream I couldn't if I blacked out drunk. So yeah.

Back to reality. Money came in my bank this morning.

I distributed to my savings account as planned.

I, then, tried to log into my savings spreadsheet (to keep track) on OneDrive, but the thing wouldn't load on my desktop. Grr.

So I had to get to it on my netbook, which had the internet off so I had to turn that on, then actually 'find' the file on OneDrive (which did load) because I overlooked where it was on the tiny screen.

The point is, I've met this week's goal and if I watch my spending, I'll have enough for next week's goal, too. Praise the Lord. This is going quite well.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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