A Daily Diary: Fab News!


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fab News!

A whole year after applying, I MAY be getting approved for Adsense.

In other news, I got spicy boiled peanuts. -happy dance!-

I started watching The Goldbergs again.

'The Life You Deserve' FINALLY has a complete plot and I can't wait to see it through to the end.

I've got another book I hope to commit to. One of those weird ones that I always hoped to write:
  • Has gothic characters without using a gothic plot.
  • Involves a time-travel device in the form of a (broken) boom box. It works by playing screamo music, though it does scare the period-accustomed locals. Try convincing them that they aren't hearing demons. It's just music.
  • 18th century setting (of course.)
Only wrote a few chapters so far but still, this looks promising. Hmm?

Edit: Adsense rejected me. On the grounds they were trying to approve 'chelsmith18.blogspot.com' which does NOT exist. Need to reapply so they know I meant for them to consider 'this' site.

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