Saturday, June 17, 2017

So Much To Say and Do!

To be frank, I've not worked my way out of bed yet and decided to write this on my netbook for that reason, instead of sitting at my Desktop. *.*

6:41 a.m. After being gone for over a week, I've racked up quite a to-do list. Granted, it doesn't have to be done in a day, Rome wasn't, but these are the tasks I would like to see tackled.

1. First of all, God bless it, the other day I got an entirely new, and better, idea for the direction I want one of my main characters to go in the novel I'm writing this year. I'm thrilled and I CANNOT wait! :D I realized that my ending idea kinda dwindled down into something boring with little climax, so this is a great change up, not to mention a fitting one.

2. Continuing the Altador Cup. Won't make All Star, I don't think, but can boost my rank a little.

3. Continue the Dream Doctor Sequel.

4. Make new things for Secondlife. Already halfway towards what I need to get Aaliyah her awesome birthday gift this year. Jesus rejoices.

When her birthday party comes around in October, it's planned to be a hotel trip and I'll be going away for yet ANOTHER week.

5. I STILL need to move stuff out of the living room into our storage. I gave my big desk to Mom, she liked it, but we just need a way to have someone come and 'pick it up.' Idk or maybe she can have April drop it off.

6. I potentially have a new stock image for the cover of my new book. I know, I keep redoing and redoing the cover, but this should be interesting. I could put it towards ANOTHER book, now that I think of it.

7. Update my blurb book to date, of course.

8. Get BACK to eating healthy and possibly exercising, too. I let myself off the diet for over a week, and thankfully so far has only been that long, so I want to retry getting back on the horse. I had my fun and all, everyone has one of those brief periods, and time to keep fitting in my pants because getting bigger sizes is expensive.

9. I still need to order prints of my 2013 photos.

10. I need to download my Instagram photos and organize them. *.* So many.

So yeah.

Emotional stuff from yesterday aside, here's how my week went:

First of all, Drake's birthday party. Started with a trip to Party City with DJ, Maranda, Mom, Drake, and Brooklyn. It was kinda fun. Got Paw Patrol themed stuff and I loved seeing the smiles on the little ones' faces.

I got to spend time with my nieces, nephews, and little cousins at Family Fun Center. Mom got a plain cake that was overpaid for and not what they wanted, but they decorated it to make it better. I toured the kids around the jungle gym area and they all had fun.

Pizza was cheesy and delicious, and we tried to eat two slices of cake instead of one because it was ice cream cake and my brother insisted on not having melty leftovers. Presents were nice but rushed, and then we got out of there.

1. Played seven hours of bingo with Mom at one point.
2. Fighting with the wifi sometimes to keep it.
3. Watched Guardians of the Galaxy. :) I can actually understand the plot this time around. I totally want the DVD now.
4. Lot of sleeping in until late morning and early afternoon. Lots of movies and occasionally relaxing in a hammock int he backyard.
5. Took a brief trip with Mom to the mall and got a new little purse and a jacket *which at the moment doesn't fit my armpit area :(*
6. Not sticking to a healthy diet.
7. Monopoly on my iPod, a lot. Almost always feeling like the AIs were rigged.
7a. I forgot my Mummy DVD in my computer DVD player so my plan to watch that at Mom's was out the window.
8. The last day of my trip was among the best.

Mom originally was gonna work at home but her computer was having issues, so I rode with her to work for the hour and a half it took to get there. Then I used her hotspot and watched Pushing Daisies. At one point, we went to Wawa and I got a Chocolate Cheesecake shake and chicken fingers. Delish. :)

We left at 2 p.m. to go seek out Carlo's Bakery for the first time, mostly getting lost towards the end but we eventually found it an hour and a half later. It also happened to be Cannoli day so a dollar Cannolis each for us, a cupcake for Rob and April, and a chocolate Moose cake for me.

I took a ton of Instagram pictures, of course.

THEN it was off to Walmart where we got April a portable closet and storage like mine, and then when I got home, Mom helped me set it up. :) April liked it. ^_^ They LOVED the cupcakes though. Chocolate peanut butter. Like, GUSHED about them. I shared the Cannoli, too. I have yet to try the Moose cake but give it time.

She also bought me the DVD 'Ever After' so that's off my wishlist. :)

I finished the night watching Pushing Daisies and I went to bed. I mostly remember dreaming of something that I could use in my novel, actually.

'King Leopold may have been a terrible king, but at least he cared about the commonwealth and not [charge an excessive amount of taxes]) Comparing this person to some new king.' Leopold was only really harmful to the rich.

It was something along those lines in my dream, not a direct quotation. But yeah, I liked it. Kinda reminded me a little of the Man in the Iron Mask, which I also found myself thinking about.

Also, I realize after my last post, someone's feelings may be hurt. It's not my intention, I just can't hold back or hide what I was feeling (as I was tempted to do as I know this blog is read by others) and I had to be completely blunt about my feelings. The point of writing is to let 'everything' out so it can stop repeating in my head, and often grants me peace for doing it.

1:49 p.m. I managed about 10 pages today and caught up where I need to be for now on my novel. It is FABULOUS! I'm thrilled with the direction it's going, though it's a very sad one, too.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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