Friday, May 12, 2017

Update about Yesterday. Plus Dietary Changes.

11:40 a.m. Yesterday, the burning came back in my right hand after a couple hours. I put mustard in a  Ziplock bag, several times, and closed it over the hand..essentially soaking it for a few hours, I think. The big issue was the burning stayed away only for as long as my hand stayed cold...if it grew warm, the burning increased. So after the mustard, I napped with it on ice instead and that worked! Praise Jesus, God, the Lord! :D My hands are normal again, no burning whatsoever, and I've certainly learned my lesson.

We also got me bananas and cabbage last night, then went to Dawn's, then back here.

Because I've been going to bed later, it is harder to get up in the wee morning hours to exercise like I did in the beginning. Instead, I slept in until around 9 a.m. which isn't terrible for a morning workout and went out.

Today I ran into a smiling toothless old man who sat with me and told me a few stories about the park's old days when it was a swimming hole in the 60's during desegregation. And he talked about his marriage a little, lol, seventy years of it! I congratulated him.  A story about giving up his driver's license when he got too old to see, and how he went to several places before they took it back.

A spider also dropped down and landed on him, about the size of a nickel, and he just brushed it off with his hat. Had it been me, I would have freaked out a little.

On the bike trip back, I crossed the crosswalk when the crosswalk light gave me the go ahead, then someone drives anyway and honks at me halfway there because I was in the way as they wanted to turn...even though the crosswalk sign was lit. Shake my head. I forgive and move on.

I got home just after 11 a.m. and chatted with April and Rob a little, showered, and ate a banana. That...has been my day so far.

I need to work on my novel today and re-read the Dream Doctor more thoroughly.  I don't know if we are grocery shopping today. April is too tired and Rob is always in too much pain. Sigh. I can be such a nag about it, though. :P

6:07 p.m. I've eaten a lot of boiled peanuts today. *.* I also had a long nap.

So lately, as in the past few days, my taste buds have come under some interesting changes. After three full weeks behind me on this lifestyle change, chicken tastes more gummy and chewy than it used to, and I'm not as enticed with the flavor. In the beginning, my salad just HAD to have grilled chicken, but I'm starting to physically feel it not being as essential to making my salads flavorful/enjoyable taste buds have also changed to embrace the flavor in greens (WITHOUT DRESSING OR HOT SAUCE.)

When I say chicken though, I mean Tyson's Grilled and Ready (processed, I know, read on) and a VERY small portion of skinless Rotisserie chicken I managed to try last night.

Sugary/processed drinks have been cut for a long time while and I generally limit my milk intake now. Everything but water.

My macaroni portions, my favorite food, have shrunk and shrunk with what my brain desires to get in my body to the point that it should be easy to give those up sooner rather than later.

So yeah, I seem to have made my mind up that I'm going to be gradually moving these things OUT of my diet, weaning myself off, if you will as time goes on. They aren't as interesting to eat as they once were and my fork generally scoots around them on autopilot to get to the veggies greens in my salads.

Complex carbs, aside from the shrinking amounts of macaroni, have been getting easier to limit in my diet. I don't eat white bread, I stopped eating rice, and more recently cereal (see below, though) and the final step is to wean myself off of my beloved pasta aka cheese shells, which is not whole grain and covered in processed yellow cheese.

Rob was really considerate though, while he went shopping without me this time so I could nap. I don't think he 'quite' gets this health change the same way as I do, but an A+ for effort. For sure. Very kind. He bought Quaker granola bars, Quaker cinnamon Life cereal, and Quaker oatmeal squares. He excitedly showed me and all the while I was mumbling in my head, 'Highly processed food touted as healthy options.' Don't get me wrong, I am not ungrateful for the gesture nor did I complain about this...however I will quietly leave the cereals to them and maybe have a granola for a cheat snack...if fruit is not around. After all, eating just one isn't going to make me gain ten pounds. :)

As for healthy options, he did get both fresh and bagged salad greens/spinach also so 'YASS!!!!!!!' As well as the fruit I wanted: bananas, apples, and grapes. So praise Jesus! :D

If I REALLY feel like I'm missing out this week on chicken though by skipping on the Tyson, (I did eat it tonight, which sparked my little revelation), an alternative would be to boil and season some of those boneless skinless chicken breasts in the freezer, a few at a time to make it last the week. So there are some (not AS) processed options.

Ultimately, Ideally, someday, I want to end up on a fully plant based diet. Totally weaned off the desire for processed foods. Currently, I really don't have to count calories (boring!and I can eat until I'm full, and know that I'll stay full. (Unless it is something processed, even then it's in small amounts.)

I eat in small portions, but I couple it with lettuce greens so my stomach thinks it's a bigger meal and I can get filled up on the watery veggies, without needing to go for seconds on less healthier options. And it has worked out for me so far, far as I can tell.

Not to mention the feel-goodness and lack in food comas that comes from eating actual food. I really only find myself checking labels when there actually is one, lol. And I rather enjoy that instead of going cold turkey on the foods I used to eat all the time (or even still eat daily until I do something about it,) I can sense my body 'moving' away from these things as the meals go on with small portions I'm desiring to eat, which makes it so much easier to decline them in the future.

So yeah, the weight loss thing this time around is going easier, way more enjoyable since it's gradual, and Western Diet-type foods aren't all yanked out of my diet at once. I am not gonna feel deprived because I won't feel like I'm missing out on anything. This really seems like something that would be a long term, if God wills, and eventually the full on lifestyle change.

I imagine once these processed foods are completely out of the picture, I may find it hard to meet my calorie intake needs. I mean, when I compare to what it was like counting even healthy calories in the past attempts at a healthy lifestyle, I was getting nowhere near enough, like 1000 calories and that was with processed healthy foods.

I'm poor and can't afford to fly through a lot of my fruits and veggies in one day, instead of trying to make them last me all week. That is the biggest challenge. Yes, I may lose weight and even get full, BUT without counting (which I don't care to do with the healthy stuff as much anymore) it's not gonna be easy to tell if I am getting enough to avoid what the body considers 'starvation mode.'

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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