Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Meh. :P

It's past midnight. Today, I worked on cleaning out both of my laptops. 

And I also uploaded, I'm sorry I mean that I 'put together' clips Harmony's birthday video. unfortunately, it was for naught because the quality of the video was terrible.

i'm still working on trying to get the Christmas video of the larger laptop somehow because it is a huge file. In fact it's so huge even though it's only 5 GB that they laptop refuses to transfer the video to the flash drive and it is in enormously frustrating.

I went grocery shopping with April, and then when I got home I worked on my Instagram album, my second one. And I hope to buy it tonight or tomorrow depending on if I fall asleep.

I wanted to write this on my Blogger app but on the iPod app, it keeps crashing.

As an alternative, I I am writing this in a notepad on my iPod to be pasted later, then posted on my blog.

I got plenty of fruits and vegetables today as well, which should serve me well for the week as well as whole-grain rice and frozen veggies. Day 33 is looking like I'm keeping on track. 

I'll be amazed if I stick with this for two months. But I will hope to see even more progress as I continue to eat as healthy as I can.

On another note with my iPod I am using voice to text which is making it easier to write this post.

Good night, God bless, Jesus loves, died, rose, saved. That is all for tonight.

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