Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Feels Like Longer

8:47 a.m. It feels like a longer time since I last wrote. I'm still on the quest to be healthier and more fit for one thing. I FINALLY fixed the 'cut off' issue with the Dream Doctor novel (and need to read over it to check for further errors now) and have been working on my current novel. 131 pages in and I still don't have a working title for it.

April and I are on great terms again and she's even helping me eat healthy which is an enormous blessing. I overreacted knowingly in my last rant, but she came through because that's who she is and is better than I often take her for. Granted, we've argued on and off since then but it always ended with talking out and simply trying to understand each other, which is great.

Harmony's Nickelodeon Hotel birthday party is coming up and I'm looking to show up there healthy and in better shape. I've already bought her a few skirts and a cute dress from the thrift shop (which was having a 5.00 'fill a Walmart bag of clothes' sale) and it's so HARD finding 5T clothes for that girl. XD I just hope what I got, fits. My sweet niece is turning four years old and time is just flying by.

Also took a trip to the local museum that day, too. 

Mom wants to buy me an iPod, she said just hold off on buying one for a few weeks and we'll see how that goes. 

Meditating more lately and bicycling A LOT! Definitely eating those greens. Less carbs, processed sugar, and fat. I eat meat, but in small amounts.

Been creating on and off on Secondlife. More 'off' the past few days. But made 168 bucks from it so far and still saving...for what, I'm not sure.

Back to trying to find love on OkCupid and so far have been having a good experience with it, for once. I'm seriously in need of being in a relationship, it's that time. We'll see what God has in store. *.* I'm definitely more open and relaxed this time around, so that's a start.

I bought a pretty spring skirt in white and I'm in love with the fit. Super comfy. I once had a dress like it but a bad stain really ruined it.

Picture from 2014. The dress when I first got it, now gone.

At least my calves are getting more toned....

I DO love white linen clothing. Feels so fresh and pretty. I just don't want to eat in this one, lol.

As for the trip with Mom I mentioned in my last blog post. It went great. ^_^ Seven hours of bingo and the power went out there so I went home early that day lol. And she got me a couple DVDs of Tyler Perry plays.

and new headphones. She also bought me a lot of grilled chicken salad in those few days. Whoop whoop!!

We also took the kids, my beloved nieces, out for a pedicure. I skipped mine on account of a healing ankle sprain at the time and healing scabs. -_- 

So yeah, other than what I mentioned there have been the naps, health education via youtube, Bible reading, and Netflixing.

TODAY, or at least this morning, I was having confidence issues. Being super picky about which pictures to put on OkCupid. Scrutinizing them, yet when I put the same ones on Instagram, I can see the beauty in them. It's odd. I've only been on this weight loss thing 19 days and counting, so progress is slow, but it is progress. Speaking of which, I need to eat dinner soon. O.O

P.S. Random note. JRM and Mara's family photos of them and their new baby are SOOO adorable and have made me smile recently. Respectfully, I won't repost them but the account they are on is @thelionandthelambchop on Instagram.

Update: I ALSO found those pictures I lost from 2013. You know, every picture I took of me in 2013 somehow getting wiped out. SOME were on still on Facebook, so Praise the Lord, I got some of those lovelies back:

Who wants to forget my 2013 homemade Halloween costume? Date is wrong on the photo, ignore it.

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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