Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It's Been Nearly A Month

8:22 p.m. It's been nearly a month, which is about as long a time as it took to write something eventful. Today I sprained my ankle, on what was ordinarily a very good day.

The girls coming over for Spring break came and went. Lots of swimming, Lab Rats show, Sims, a couple park trips. They even got to visit one with some critters running about.

I took plenty of pictures of it on Instagram. April and I hung out in the living room more for a while after she set up her old PS2, and one day she lost her glasses...for several days. It turns out they were on Rob's bed the whole time. It took three days for her to find them, and Rob's girlfriend three seconds.

New goals have formed. For one thing, I want to save up for a trip to Los Angeles, likely with Mom who could help with other expenses as long as I pay my way.

Kind conflictingly, I want to save for a new iPod, which costs around the same as said plane ticket. I could try to save up for both, but that may take longer. At my rate, I make about 50 dollars a month from Secondlife, so....yup. Still, can't complain.

I still need a real job...I just want a friend there with me this time so it's less traumatizing.

I want to take a road trip to Clearwater with April, though my roommates:
1. Think it should cost realistically more than 100 dollars from each of us to get there. Unfortunately, I'm the only one motivated to try otherwise, because of reason number 2.
2. They are saving for us to move to Washington.

I've been writing a lot more, both in my novel and for Neopets. XD

Been feeling a bit burdened. Both of my roommates are either in physical pain or depression at any given time, leaving me to pick up most of the slack chore-wise, especially in regard to caring for the cats. Saying something about it doesn't work because they'll argue in a way that makes me feel like the bad guy for bringing it up. Yes, I try to be understanding that they are going through some heavy stuff, but it doesn't really make it fairer, ya know?

Like today, I sprained my ankle after a nice thrift shop trip while April was at the doctor's. I asked her to do ONE thing before I went to lay down: bring the cats in and feed them. She said okay.

It was getting close to six at that time. I get up a couple hours later and they are gone and the cats are still outside and I had to do it myself, as usual. When I called to complain, they made me feel like I was making too big of a deal and 'she was gonna do it anyway and it wasn't dark enough yet.' Shake my head.

It just seems like every time I point out having to carry the weight, they want to list excuses of why it's justified that they aren't doing it and that I need to accept that.

At least they've said thank you. I think having more help than I've been getting would be more beneficial than that, though. I am sorry for the rant. I just can't openly say these things because it just turns into an argument and comes to naught without anything changing, anyway.

I don't know. I think my brain is mostly focused on this just because once again, if I wanted something done right away, I had to do it myself, sprained ankle or not. So yeah. Story of my life.

I was kind of thinking that today, pre-ankle sprain. People's priorities are not going to be my priorities. People's personalities are not going to be my personalities. Just because my personality type is that I REALLY want something done, I will try to get it done right then and there, won't ever equate to 'I want something done, therefore THEY are going to want it done then and there.' Life just doesn't work that way and can cause some likely unnecessary tension.

Spent a lot of time on Ibuprofen, prayer, and listening to relaxing music today. :D Off the subject. I can't lay in bed all day, much as I should, so I decided to pass the time and finally write about my emotions, which are kinda bottled.

I want to get married and have kids someday. Been praying for it and been looking for Mr. Right on OkCupid. Lately, they've been making light chat and I need to find the one that sticks.

More soon loves. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves! Ankle is feeling better, thankfully. O.O

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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