Saturday, March 4, 2017

Summary of my Week.

After less than a month of almost daily pleading for my account back on Neopets, it has been returned. Let's just hope it stays that way.

I ordered over 130 photos because I need physical photos of my family, updated ones anyway. You can't trust technology not to wipe them out, after all. That was how I permanently lost all my photos I took in 2013. *.* At least a few are salvaged in my journal books.

I'm sick and miserable. The doctor required a stool sample, and a few weeks from now, a blood test. Just had a wide range of health problems this week...

Considering making a second Instagram book after years of posts since the last one.

Various car trips with April and Rob.

Haven't seen creating on SL much since I got sick.

Jurrasic Park trilogy marathon on Netflix, was supposed to follow that up with the fourth on DVD but have not gotten around to it yet.

I'm 200 pounds and counting. -_- I'm sick, it's freezing, and as much as I want to kick something and say I want to go exercise I am not willing at the moment. I wanted to kick soda and managed to for a while but my body seems to be resisting the medicine (practically feels like it works less than a placebo past a five-minute mark) and the carbonation soothes my throat better than any of the medicine I've been taking. 

Still need to write some more....

Just needed to update with this.

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