A Daily Diary: March 2017


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Well, That's Life.

1:01 p.m. Waiting to see when the girls are gonna arrive, after they get back from Church. :) (So glad they attend Church, it's awesome.) Hoping Jen doesn't flake on me though...as it sometimes happens.

Today, I spent the day spamming my Instagram, aka 'My online photo album/cloud image storage whoever follows or not.' So spent some early hours of the morning outside.

I am watching Jurassic World and gave my blog a more decent banner.

I SHOULD work on my novel but it's conflicting, considering that I want the background noise of a movie and I'm not supposed to 'work' today due to Sabby Sunday. :) So if that's the case, perhaps it's okay that I'm not. 

At some point, I need to update my blurb book with 'up to date' journal entries as well, but that usually just takes a couple hours, depending on how many entries need copying.

Random note, I've had random thoughts of being an actress some day, like even a movie extra, though I have some doubts in my ability to act. Perhaps train for it somehow, someday.

6:15 p.m. So, Jen is on her way. Been playing on the computer, installing a profanity filter, and rewatching Jurrasic World over and over....and that time I spent hanging out with Rob and discussing/playing computer games. Cats are fed, inside, and it's time to chill..Praise the LORD! Hoping for a fun week folks! Happy spring break!!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Small Adventurer: Art Journal Snippets

The Small Adventurer: Art Journal Snippets:

"I have kept journals for as long as I can remember. My love of writing came to me quickly, and I'm not even sure why. I didn't know ..."

Just leaving this post here because I loved the artwork in it. *.* In fact, I love this blog in general. I USED to keep a blog just for savings posts I liked but I think I might have deleted it some time ago. I recommend checking out this girl's posts, though. Fabulous!

P.S. Should the author of the mentioned blog linked here wish I take it down, I shall. This is like a 'public' bookmark for me, lol.

The Past Two Weeks...Again.

Anyway, here's the part where I'm supposed to catch up on the past two weeks.

For one thing, I'm being a stubborn mule and refusing to go to the doctor's office. Because suddenly I've turned into one of those people who don't like going to doctor's office or dentist office. They tend to put a damper on my day and remind me of my life's shortcomings. Not positive things.

Speaking of positive things, Harmony and Aaliyah are coming over for a Spring Break visit either tonight or tomorrow and we got them a pool! PLASTIC, not vinyl, Praise the Lord! Vinyl barely stands a week of being played with in my experience, for some reason. April really came through there, so very happy.

Also, it turns out Jen ALSO got them a pool *cough* vinyl *cough* and they were in it as I was asking her to make sure their bathing suits were packed, lol. They were there with my cousins Malania and Marley and my nephew Drake. Looks like Spring Break is kicked in high gear for them already.

Still on the quest to dye my hair. It's been through two sessions and I bought a box for a third trial soon, and it's been two weeks since I last dyed my hair. Operation Redhead is a go!

I've been continuing my 365 novel which has been an enormous blessing. So far it's March and I haven't called it quits yet. :) Having fun with that.

Not sick anymore and I'm overcoming my allergies. Praise God. He does above all we ask or think!

Have been spending a LOT less time on Secondlife/creating (and being on the computer in general) then I used to, which is surprising as I thought it would be the opposite result of getting this new computer, which is still going strong, by the way, monitor and all. :) Praise God. 

Although, I'm still falling short with God. Lost my Bible and haven't gone looking for it yet. When not on the computer, I am on Netflix or sleeping...occasionally reading or messing with my iPod.

Recently attempted a yard sale but it fell through, and we are instead passing what didn't sell to donations. So something good came from that. Although, they did get soaked in the back of Rick's truck and had to be sorted through.

Still single. :/

Also, Rob's girlfriend's cat 'Dark' has been staying with us while her house gets bug-bombed. The baby is SO sweet and cuddled a lot with me yesterday. So, I am super happy about this arrangement, lol.

Saving for a new iPod, which is slow going but progressing. I may be able to afford an updated model by the time I save enough, God willing. lol. My current iPod is not dead yet, thankfully, but it's got a shelf life. Cracked beyond worth repairing, but still useful. Also, it can't download new apps and the camera is kind of weak (iPod 4G) BUT it's useful! :D

Got into this band recently:

And then Rob shows me the coolest music video I've seen in AGES:

Really feeds into my fascination with both the goth and post-mortem photography of the Victorian era. Not surprising since the lead singer used to me a mortician, lol.

An update on the photo orders I made last week, they came in and ALL were beautiful! 133 picture prints for about 15 bucks. 2 of which were from an ancient gift card, so otherwise would have been 17. Now, I need a thrift shop visit for a complete and empty photo album because all of mine are FULL!! I, knowingly even at the time, couldn't fit them all in so that has to wait.

I baked brownies twice in a week, in the shape of bread loaves. They kept getting eaten too quick by everyone. *.*

Throw in the car trips with April and backyard explorations and that pretty much sums up the past couple weeks. Just wanted to get that all in there before the girls get here and we get to fill up on more news!!!

P.S. Neopets account still going strong since being unfrozen, praise Jesus.

Also, this recent Facebook post:

Our new "Porch Sofa." Our porch is kinda 'not clean' atm but this thing is wonderful! I can come lay on the porch on a nice quiet day and chill with the cats. I admit I am a bit of a hoarder and occasional 'dumpster diver.' (It's the redneck in me) But our neighbors won't stop throwing out good furniture!!!! The sheet is ours and clean btw, but still. Someone threw another couch out last week (though it got ruined by rain) and once every couple of weeks someone is tossing chairs, mattresses, beds, lounges, crates, couches etc. Seriously, though, how do these people not run out of 

4:52 p.m. I just finished writing/editing my book and finally calling it a day. I'm a day ahead of schedule on my 365 novel, still officially untitled, and we can Praise God for that. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves! Good night all! I need a break..and hoping the girls come either tonight or tomorrow.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Summary of my Week.

After less than a month of almost daily pleading for my account back on Neopets, it has been returned. Let's just hope it stays that way.

I ordered over 130 photos because I need physical photos of my family, updated ones anyway. You can't trust technology not to wipe them out, after all. That was how I permanently lost all my photos I took in 2013. *.* At least a few are salvaged in my journal books.

I'm sick and miserable. The doctor required a stool sample, and a few weeks from now, a blood test. Just had a wide range of health problems this week...

Considering making a second Instagram book after years of posts since the last one.

Various car trips with April and Rob.

Haven't seen creating on SL much since I got sick.

Jurrasic Park trilogy marathon on Netflix, was supposed to follow that up with the fourth on DVD but have not gotten around to it yet.

I'm 200 pounds and counting. -_- I'm sick, it's freezing, and as much as I want to kick something and say I want to go exercise I am not willing at the moment. I wanted to kick soda and managed to for a while but my body seems to be resisting the medicine (practically feels like it works less than a placebo past a five-minute mark) and the carbonation soothes my throat better than any of the medicine I've been taking. 

Still need to write some more....

Just needed to update with this.

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