Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Lot of Change In The Past Couple Months.

There's a lot of ground to cover. The year 2017 actually felt like it was going pretty well, for the first couple weeks. Then there was reason to start battling depression again. P.S. Taking a recent hiatus from Secondlife, as far as creating seems to go. But more of that soon...

Maranda is pregnant with my brother's third child, God bless it. No telling yet if this will be a new niece or nephew, and excited either way!

I've been keeping up on my new novel to date, surprisingly, though it is still Untitled. It is based in the eighteenth century, which is a time period I've always wanted to write about but was not sure how. I can't say too much about where it's going, because I don't know, but it's got SO much drama and I love it!

I'm now taking a step back to take this in chronological order. Puggy died, whom I have fond memories of visiting in my childhood with my Dad. That was pretty sad, though I hadn't seen or heard from him since that night I almost lost my Dad to a drunken motorcycle accident, which was quite a few years ago.

Following that, I managed to have Harmony over for a weekend visit, so that made me happy.

Uncle Pat held good on his word and bought me a brand new bike! Which I have ridden a few times since and plan to do so many times more. 200 bucks but soo beautiful! Grandpa was there to help me pick it
out, too. ^_^

I've recently developed a fondness for Dry Shampoo, and later a snuggie which we've had around for a WHILE but only recently got attached to, lol. It was momentarily sad when I lost it, then found it again.

I made another long trip to Mom's. My 19 year old distant cousin, who I never met in life, died tragically in a car crash. Little did I know at the time that her funeral was the last time I would see my Mema happy and well, too. More on that in a little bit.

Following that, I stayed at Mom's. Soaked in the hot tub, took my long-desired five-six hour mall trip and had a blast. Took a ton of photos on my Instagram. Broke my iPod even more, twice in the same day. -_- Still runs but excessively cracked. Also had a wonderful bingo night with Mom and her friend.

On one of these pictures, my mema made the comment 'What are you thinking of?' which would be the last thing she ever said to me. After ten days and me making a couple final hospital visits to her, she went home to be with the Lord.

April got my into Twenty-One Pilots, this after she got me into Panic! At the Disco and Fallout Boy. She's slowly adding to my music taste in a way I never expected.

Neopets deleted my ten year old account account without warning, while I was away for a week, and I sent in a ticket, but them getting back to you takes anywhere from weeks up to years. No joke. YEARS. Because they did this to SO many people due to a security breach and those without recently changed passwords lost access their accounts, they are backed up with God knows how many tickets, probably thousands or more I'd guess with and growing more by the day, with a small handful of staff to handle them. O.O so yeah....that has not been fun.

Only a couple days later, April's mother also passed in her sleep. April asked me not to go over there, as she didn't want me to see her Mom like that, and I respected her wishes. She's holding up okay, she doesn't tend to mourn outwardly, otherwise going on with a seemingly normal life.

Even more recently I posted this to Facebook, two days ago:

So cat owners may get this. When your beloved pet sneaks up behind you and you trip over them by accident. My poor poor baby! Mine came up behind me quick and I accidentally stepped on it's paw and kicked it as it jumped! It all happened in a matter of a couple seconds. I felt sooo bad and went to comfort him immediately, and he forgave me, purrs and all. :) NOT realizing then I was leaving a light trail of blood from my big toe which got cut in the process. Ouch! gonna smart the next few days. ;( I am hoping more that the cat is okay, though.
Yesterday, April got the truck and we did a lot of driving around. Shopping and visiting Rob's girlfriend and her family, and April also bought me Poltergeist. I bought the dorkiest hat at the thrift store, which I LOVE~!

Mom gave me 200 bucks towards a new computer, plus a dryer which Grandpa came and installed. I saved up 130 dollars. This went towards a new computer build Rob ordered for me. The cat's killed my precious 25 inch monitor, much to my unhappiness, knocking it over in a  flurry of panic so many times. So that was 200 bucks from last year's purchase now lost to me. -_- I'll have to re-buy it again, cheaper, someday, since by now it is not so new and is much more affordable. Thankfully, April said I MIGHT be able to have her Mom's old monitor but we'll have to see.

My diet habits in the past couple months leave something to be desired. I ate Mcdonalds twice in a day yesterday, both times having both a McChicken and plain McDouble with pickle. Thus today I've begun a water fast, for however long, to jump start a retrying of living healthier. Even back to the beans, veggies, rice thing. :)

Ultimately from there, I MUST try to make this last longer than a month as that seems to be the point where for some reason or another, I give up on the diet. Throwing a bicycle into the mix should make things interesting. 
Been having to go to the bathroom a lot today as a result, incidentally though, I have to go now but Rob infamously takes a long time in the bathroom. I think he's been in there since I began writing this post, so that says something, meanwhile my bladder is BULGING. O.O

Yep. Gonna try getting healthy....again. Fallen off the wagon with barely a care a few too many times. Starting with a Water Fast. I tend to fast several times a year, I think. Ideally, for 24 hours to start but if I go longer, we'll see. I guess you can call these my 'before' shots to start with. Left: now. (minus last night's bloat and a lot of water) Right: Last night. Sooo yeah. After the fast, its onto healthy food. Exercise may be necessary. :) I have tried SO many times to go healthy, but it never seemed to last much longer than a month for some reason or another. Every time I try, I gotta hope its gonna be different and be a real lifestyle change. Praying so in Jesus Name, Amen! P.S. Spam/marketing/promo comments are instantly blocked/deleted. Please, don't bother doing it here. Massive tags are less for promo and more like quick links to inspiration stuff. #weightloss #fitness #health #waterfast #intermittentfasting #fasting #herewegoagain #startingweightloss #lifestylechange #weightlossjourney #walkwithGod #waterfast
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