A Daily Diary: 2017 is BLESSED so far!


Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 is BLESSED so far!

I just accidentally did what I didnt want to do. I deleted my post. In short, blessed 2017 by God.
1. Writing a couple pages a day of a new novel. The last few times I attempted writing one, the theme seemed to be a rebellious period-time rich girl bored with her priveleged life while her mother is a social climber trying to make her an advantageous marriage. So I'm going with that so far,

2. Saving a couple dollars a day for a new computer. This even after my faith and patience was tested with a couple days of slow sales following the biggest surge of them I had seen in a while. O.O

3. Paid SL rent. Got two months paid up with Rob's help. :)

4. I got favorite SL skin (one I had been thinking of getting in Secondlife for a very, very long time and more than any other skin out there) which looked like Cara Delevinge AND it wound up delivering the wrong item at first. So I felt out 490L ($1.91 US value) with not getting the item I wanted. Even that wrong delivery item had no skin it! SO! I wrote the creator and it took all day for her to send but it was well worth the wait. I'm in love with it. It's everything I need it to be :D



She kinda looks like she's taking her own selfie, haha. XD Loving the new buzzed look on her, too.

5. Sunday, I go with Grandpa to get a new BICYCLE from my Uncle. WHAT a great surprise! I need at least a basket and a big seat for comfort on extended trips. Giving God the glory, thanks, and praise for this! Amen in Jesus name!

Saves a two mile walk into town carrying stuff, too. Back when I rode a bike all the time, when I lived with Mom, I took for granted the great shape I was in. Would like to travel like that again. Need to re-acclimate to long bike trips for an easy pop back into shape.

6: Been on a Kardashian marathon, up to season nine now, when not creating stuff for SL like this vintage 'Clueless' inspired 90's tee and cami:

P.S.  Heard JRM and Mara had a baby boy named Wolf Rhys Meyers! Really interesting name and congrats to the happy couple. Forever a fan, yo. Always in mah prayers! :D

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