Monday, January 2, 2017

Holding Myself Back

So, my brain is already brewing with wishes and ideas for 2017.

1. Set aside an average of $2.50 a day to fund getting a new computer in March 2017. Saved 61 dollars total to date so far.
2. 365 page novel. One single page for every day, already two days behind and no clue what the novel should be about.
3. Finish revising format errors for The Dream Doctor (once I get a working computer back.)
4. Creating a new outfit for Secondlife. (ties into number one.) I had particularly great sales this weeekend.
5. Probably health and reading the Bible more.

6. Make a Secondlife bedroom similar to my own....

All of which are perfectly able to be attempted today (except number three, lol.) but I lack physical motivation and have plenty of excuses. My feet are killing me, menstruation has me fatigued, Harmony just visited me for the weekend and I'm exhausted. Feeling kinda sleepy. O.O

6:29 p.m. Two goals down. First few pages of the 365 novel AND made 2.50 to put away, yay!!!!

Also, thank God and praise Jesus. He is able!!

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