A Daily Diary: January 2017


Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 Still Going Famously!

6:50 a.m. So, best news of the past few days. I got a new bike!! Uncle Pat and Grandpa helped me pick it out, and who knew they were such experts on what a great bike needed. Then, we came back to the house and Grandpa helped it get all set up. :D

The next day, I tried it out and it road easily and fast, like a dream. Much different to the bike I was riding for many years before and a real breath of fresh air.

After years of waiting, I finally saw Boyhood when it came on Netflix. It was a great movie, except for the profanity and pornographic/sexual stuff that came up which kinda ruined it for me. Otherwise, I'd watch it again and again. The aspect of watching them grow on screen was really awesome and unique. 

I also completed a mini-dream of mine and recreated my real life bedroom in Secondlife using pictures and 3D objects, because that's what you can do in Secondlife with God and enough ambition.

I've still yet to manage to maintain a lifestyle where I can simply incorporate SL into my life and still get my other goals done, as SL tends to take over life where it shouldn't. But I'm giving it a shot. 

Still praying and reading my Bible more. Continuing writing a new novel, which is going nicely, thought some characters are a tad dark. 

Starting OkCupid AGAIN. God I need to date, get married, and get on starting a family XD. I'm twenty-eight years old and will be thirty before I know it! Your eggs start going down after thirty, they say. I want kids someday. Is it so hard to find a guy who won't offend me?

Still depositing a couple dollars away a day to withdraw in SL, (so far having saved up about 50 dollars, woot!) 

Now with the bike, just a little more exercise, still need the will to eat right though and struggling there. I love chicken and chocolate. *.* Though have cut down on the soda in favor of apple cider vinegar water, so that's a start.

Even started creating a little again in SL, stuff to sell. 

So...yeah. That's what's up so far. P.S. Bananas are no longer intolerant to me, yay! Praise Jesus!

11:10 a.m. It actually took five hours but I added pages for today AND got my entire outline planned out for where I want to go, how I want to flesh out my characters, etc. etc. SOO much drama!!! I think I'd be really happy with if it goes as planned.

11:40 a.m. Added more, tying it off the way it needed. The entire summary, in detail, itself goes on for over two pages so it's pretty lengthy but it REALLY helps. Praise Jesus! Definitely a tragedy, though. :( 

12:40 p.m. SO! I watched some Kardashians and got back from a light bike ride, light though I'm panting because I'm out of shape, as usual. Still drinking apple cider vinegar and water instead of soda, just need to remind myself of why apple cider vinegar is beneficial. April used up all the honey when she got sick and we have no lemons, so I have to drink it nearly straight like that. O.O

Friday, January 6, 2017

Thanking God for Another Day.

1:19 p.m. Today is a nice day. I already am able to put away a couple dollars for tomorrow to continue this new goal of saving for a computer. So...yeah, I'm happy about that. Also, looking forward to getting a bike because why not be! Next I need to write another page in my novel, so I'm also continuing that goal.

3:50 p.m. Even better, bike shopping got pushed to tomorrow. Mega excite! P.S. Going grocery shopping today as well, as we are out of a few things and it's near the weekend, anyway. As for the bike, pray for good health and lots of regular travel/use! :D

Also, Rob got April and I Assassins Creed I, II, III, Liberation, Assassins Creed Chronicles: China, India, and Russia and a DLC for the Assassin's Creed III. Altogether for only eight bucks! God have mercy on my soul in Jesus name, amen!

P.S. Wrote my page for the day. Here's an excerpt from the first chapter:

Elizabeth kept her eyes lowered as she obeyedbeing the typical slave to her duty and ceremony. Another gesture no doubt pleasing to her mother, but something far more ominous in intention. 
"You have raised a humble courtier, my lady Sheeks. She will not even glance at me," He chuckled, "unless I ask, of course." 
Elizabeth resisted rolling her large tired blue eyes, but her mother saw the unmistakable twitch.  
"Yes, you must always remember yourself," her mother hinted. 
Elizabeth thought, "I only remember the woman who you wished me to be. She is not I. To know the woman whom I would call 'myself', is an impossible matter, if not treason to you." 
Steel extended his unwelcome hand towards her. "My lady, you may raise your eyes. Will you do me the honor of this dance?" 
"No," she thought, as she reluctantly placed her hand, covered with a simple white glove hiding her new scars, into Steel's. She met his gaze. His equally blue eyes warmed as he glowered at her like a new prize, making no effort to hide his desires. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 is BLESSED so far!

I just accidentally did what I didnt want to do. I deleted my post. In short, blessed 2017 by God.
1. Writing a couple pages a day of a new novel. The last few times I attempted writing one, the theme seemed to be a rebellious period-time rich girl bored with her priveleged life while her mother is a social climber trying to make her an advantageous marriage. So I'm going with that so far,

2. Saving a couple dollars a day for a new computer. This even after my faith and patience was tested with a couple days of slow sales following the biggest surge of them I had seen in a while. O.O

3. Paid SL rent. Got two months paid up with Rob's help. :)

4. I got favorite SL skin (one I had been thinking of getting in Secondlife for a very, very long time and more than any other skin out there) which looked like Cara Delevinge AND it wound up delivering the wrong item at first. So I felt out 490L ($1.91 US value) with not getting the item I wanted. Even that wrong delivery item had no skin it! SO! I wrote the creator and it took all day for her to send but it was well worth the wait. I'm in love with it. It's everything I need it to be :D



She kinda looks like she's taking her own selfie, haha. XD Loving the new buzzed look on her, too.

5. Sunday, I go with Grandpa to get a new BICYCLE from my Uncle. WHAT a great surprise! I need at least a basket and a big seat for comfort on extended trips. Giving God the glory, thanks, and praise for this! Amen in Jesus name!

Saves a two mile walk into town carrying stuff, too. Back when I rode a bike all the time, when I lived with Mom, I took for granted the great shape I was in. Would like to travel like that again. Need to re-acclimate to long bike trips for an easy pop back into shape.

6: Been on a Kardashian marathon, up to season nine now, when not creating stuff for SL like this vintage 'Clueless' inspired 90's tee and cami:

P.S.  Heard JRM and Mara had a baby boy named Wolf Rhys Meyers! Really interesting name and congrats to the happy couple. Forever a fan, yo. Always in mah prayers! :D

Monday, January 2, 2017

Holding Myself Back

So, my brain is already brewing with wishes and ideas for 2017.

1. Set aside an average of $2.50 a day to fund getting a new computer in March 2017. Saved 61 dollars total to date so far.
2. 365 page novel. One single page for every day, already two days behind and no clue what the novel should be about.
3. Finish revising format errors for The Dream Doctor (once I get a working computer back.)
4. Creating a new outfit for Secondlife. (ties into number one.) I had particularly great sales this weeekend.
5. Probably health and reading the Bible more.

6. Make a Secondlife bedroom similar to my own....

All of which are perfectly able to be attempted today (except number three, lol.) but I lack physical motivation and have plenty of excuses. My feet are killing me, menstruation has me fatigued, Harmony just visited me for the weekend and I'm exhausted. Feeling kinda sleepy. O.O

6:29 p.m. Two goals down. First few pages of the 365 novel AND made 2.50 to put away, yay!!!!

Also, thank God and praise Jesus. He is able!!

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