A Daily Diary: 2017


Monday, October 9, 2017

Other Stuff Came First

It's obvious I haven't updated in a while. Other things came first. Last week, I have a lovely weekend with both the girls. We mostly hung out in the living room and watched tv, including the live action Beauty and thew Beast. Aaliyah played Sims. We didn't go out anywhere.

I gave her my wig (My hair grew out so I'm not inclined to wear it anymore) and she really pulls it off...so did Harmony. Those vintage-looking pics were perfect!

I got back into Neopets, (Lots'a pet training) and Secondlife, so I've been pretty occupied with those.

I'm way ahead of schedule on my novel so I'm giving that a break for a little bit.

Money has been tight, groceries have been low.

We've made quite a few trips out to Dawn's though, which meant people time for me..which is a good thing. They got a new puppy. ^^

 Outside of world news/drama, there's nothing really life changing that happened in the past couple weeks. I did manage to get a knot on the head the other night. I was lost in my own happy world again and hopped into bed, only for my head to come down on the wood base of the window frame. Had a 'cartoon character' sized lump that I prayed my way through with some ice before swelling went down the next day.

Health wise? Meh. I started drinking soda again, and eating more chocolate. *.* That time of the month just came and went.

Been watching the old episodes of Full House I found on Hulu, so that's been enjoyable. :) And while creating, been watching Supernatural, of course.

Um..Aaliyah's hotel birthday bash was cancelled due to the storm throwing things out of whack. I still managed to get my present to her through Jen, though. Just a nice barbie and a cute puzzle. Hope she liked them. ^_^

Oh! And burn pile got burned. Our own little leftovers from Hurricane Irma. (Aaliyah said she's fascinated with Hurricane study by the way, that and the Titanic.)

Last, but not least, there was this:

And yes, it went to a nice rehabilitation home. :)

Did I mention I'm happier than ever to be single? Just a random thought. Praise the Lord, God is able to do above all we ask or think! Jesus Saves. God forgives. You know I gotta say it. ^^

P.S. Gave away my Victoria Frances painting. Happy about that. It was just kinda 'lying' around. Still trying to sell my dressmaker but nobody is willing to come out here yet. *.*

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Being Home: An Update.

I've been in a serious writing mood. In the past couple days, I've been unable to resist spitting out chapter after chapter of my book. I normally try to wait until the designated day..it's just that I get these awesome scenes in my head for weeks and I'm finally letting them out. *.*
Um..I recently went through really old mix tape CDS and added some old school songs to my iPod. O.O
Believe it or not, I still don't have an ending though. I'm guiding my characters through the story still, with plenty of drama, and we'll see where my climactic point hits. It's still a hundred or so pages to fill up with plot. Still exciting. EDIT: More like 73.
I've been home a few weeks. After DJ's, I went to Mom's for a very brief time.
Power just went out. No internet. Decided to finally update using my beloved Zenwriter.
My buyer backed out of buying my dressmaker. Up until the day before he was supposed to show, he sounded thrilled, then he didn't show and started avoiding any texts. So yeah, it's back on the market.
I closed my Secondlife inworld store, to great relief. It wasn't profiting. So that's a thing, now. One less thing to worry about.
Due to the storms, the hotel party for Aaliyah was cancelled and her birthday party will have to be somewhere else.
My diet's been kinda average. Some healthy. Some not. Other than all this, things have mostly been uneventful.
My relationships in my life are uneventful and doing well. Been on indiegala and Neopets a lot, occasionally continuing my book. I played Tap Adventure and then finally, after too much playing, stopped.
My iPod has a teeny crack on it. It's under the warranty so anything larger can be fixed for a small price. But still, bummer. I blame the cats knocking it over, and a little bit of myself for having it in a place where they can knock it over.
Been watching Paranormal stories on Netflix, at time debating their belief systems to myself. XD Yes, I believe one thing, and they another. Can't judge. But also a person can't help but be reminded of their own opinions on things when someone offers an opposing view. I just like stories, though. People's stories. That's why I watch. :)
I've been getting ants in my bed. I end up with at least one ant bite a day, or night, now. It's all the flooding causing ants to want to come inside and make a new home. I can't even see them. It's like one or two wandering ants SOMEWHERE hiding in my big ole' blanket, biting me when I try to sleep. Frustrating.

Will update you when I think of more relevant news. O.O God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves.

Edit: Power's returned. :) I wound up calling Mom for a ride, but as soon as I got off the phone, the pwoer returned.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hurricane Irma: My Aftermath.

Some Floridians laugh about having to face hurricanes, like myself. Heck, we even throw hurricane parties...until we suddenly realize we might sit for three weeks in Florida heat with no air conditioning.
That's where I'm at.

The hurricane is over, thank God. I don't think Jose will hit us.

I shrug off hurricanes, at least until death or injury occurs, then I take it a bit more seriously. This is probably the first time I recall a hurricane affecting me enough to really bother me, though not on a devastating scale. Just an irksome one.

If there's one thing to know about me is I love one particular kind of existence. Quiet and solitary. I thrive on it. This week, I have neither of those things.

I moved over to my brother's house last week ahead of the hurricane. I haven't had a quiet day since. Between three screaming babies and two adults screaming at each other, (my brother and his girlfriend) it's been chaotic.

We had a generator..for a little while. Then the power came back and we lent it out. Then the air conditioner broke, got fixed, then broke again.

My house still doesn't have power and I had to postpone selling my dressmaker off of craigslist for another week.

So! To sum up: Staying in an un-airconditioned Florida home with both screaming kids and screaming adults,  (Not to mention the frequent F-bombs, my biggest pet peeve.) Day after day. My sleep...not great. My friends...not here.

Thankfully, April and Rob have found refuge at his girlfriend's house, who now has power and isn't very far from here. However, there is is no room for me (food and space wise) so I cannot be with them either.
I miss my computer. I miss Secondlife and my quiet existence.

I'm really quite convinced I don't want children and just want to live a solitary quiet life until I'm old and die.  This place is chaotic.

My iPod charger, my only one, wound up mysteriously missing from my purse and now I have to borrow Mom's. I've been binge eating from stress and boredom. (Worse situation to be binge eating in.) I'm moody as all get out from this on top of the dying heat.

Did I mention the lack of quiet? I NEED quiet practically to stay sane and content.

Oh, and not a complaint but we run internet here off of various hotspots from various phones from time to time. So there is the occasional Netflix and Hulu. I got Mom into LOST. Hahah. Not to mention, Stranger Things. I've been dying to show her it, and she loved that show to the end.

Anyway, very slowly and at a lot of times, I'm becoming something I don't like. Stressed and angry, and I get angry and frustrated, and a bit sad, about being that. I really hate being angry or frustrated. It does not suit me.

THANKFULLY, I brought my netbook as well as my iPod. This means I've still been writing, though not continuing my main novel yet. Just randomly get in the mood. So that's been helping.

Anyway, that's my update. I'm not writing this post-situation so even now, I'm still stressed. Every day has been waking up and spending a morning with crying children and high pitched cartoon voices. They kinda run amok....yeah. I love my nieces and nephew, don't get me wrong, I just REALLY miss what life was before all this mess.

I know people have it worse. My complaints are a bit arbitrary compared to worse ones, attributing to the devastation this hurricane had on other lives. I mean, there are people still without power. (Including my own house.) We got blessed, even though the air conditioner is busted. Sending prayers and healing up for those in need, in Jesus name, Amen!

Nonetheless, thanks for letting me rant and pray I get thankful.

At least it's supposed to be the last night tonight. I'm going to Mom's house, where it's quiet and the power is back. And there's an air conditioner. The problem is a food shortage there but I'll take it. I'll sleep through the hunger in a cold quiet place and be happy about it. :) The end. I'll let you know how that goes.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Goals, Goals, Goals.

11:01 a.m. I've been resisting writing until I had something to blog about...and I finally do. First of all, I am proud that I have multiple goals going on right now for this year and the coming year:

My savings challenge is still going strong, praise and thank the Lord.

We are coming up on week eight. In eight weeks, I've only spent (from my bank account) $20.93. Note: I said "bank' not cash. I've spent plenty of cash, mostly for food. But this challenge is for the bank savings so -thumbs up.- I won't disclose for security reasons how much I've saved so far.

365 days of novel writing.

I've hit the beginning of page 250 of my book 'The Life They Deserved' (working title) and I am SO happy with where it's headed. No spoilers...here.


Working my way through 237 unused 'full-perm' meshes left (for repainting/re texturing) Forgive the SL lingo, not sure how else to put it. I started with well over 300 to work on. Some I threw away, but the larger majority of them were used.

I finished my advent calendar. 24 gifts in a little over two weeks praise Jesus. So happy about that.

Binge watching shows.

Since Supernatural, Stranger Things, and The Goldbergs haven't started new seasons yet...and I finished off Buffy/Angel, I've started America's Next Top Model. Don't judge me. :P On season four by now. Not sure what date I started but it feels like it was within the past couple weeks.

I am still behind on a few things in life. Proper diet and exercise for one. What even happened there?

I'm in and out of depression. Mostly because I get a little 'too' lonely sometimes. My friend April is going through a lot right now and I'm trying to give her some space. She says I'm worrying too much over it, I don't doubt that.

I've been eating boiled peanuts more often than I should again. >.>

I redid my 'Oi Bae!' Secondlife store and am happy about that. Took care of that over the weekend.

Speaking of weekend, I've been trying for weeks to get my nieces back over for a visit BUT something always comes up with my sister. -__- I miss those girls, yo.

I'll let you know when I've got more to chat about, mmkay?

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Writing Feels.

Wahhhhhhhh!!! I lost my story. My favorite one. I accidentally deleted somehow, at some point. Granted, I didn't really intend on finishing it and only wrote a couple chapters, but they were really good chapters, dude. It was that one about the time traveling boom box. I don't know. I'm not too mad. A little disappointed. I get the feeling God let it happen for a reason. Perhaps so I could write a better version of that.

Speaking of writing, I've been doing quite a bit of it today. Some spent writing, some spent wishing I was writing, and some spent surfing Instagram for things related to writing. Very indoorsy day.

Got a free game with DLCs from someone on steam today, so happy about that. I might actually play it.

But back to my book, oh my God! I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE where my story is heading. Elizabeth just lost her niece and is about to be forced to marry Steel. Gregory's dead, of course.

She thinks Melanie is dead. And that she has no family left. Just saying, she never saw Melanie's body. It was never said that she was the body Gregory watched in the pyre. Someone is poised for a comeback. :D

Also, my main character. Elizabeth. I've decided she has to go blind, very soon. Very very soon. Thus that should make for some interesting
writing from her point of view. That girl just can't catch a break, can she?

Another reason I love my book. All the drama. The intertwining I've done with my character's lives. I have a deep-seated love for this story. It's like my own fairy tale. Insert a big smile here. It is my original fairy tale...with a little more realism. Lol.

My favorite genres are the princess ones. Toss something 18th century at me and I'll run with it.

So! The dream book I've yet to write:  An eighteen-century tale of two modern gothic-looking time travelers and their time machine boom box which travels via screamo music that spooks the locals. The box breaks and they have to find a way back to their time period.  The plot sounds totally silly, but a dream is a dream, right?

I felt sad losing that story by accident but writing this blog post makes me feel a hundred percent better. No joke.

Not to mention I've been posting story excerpts lately and been enjoying reading the same scene over and over, falling in love with it more and more each time.

I want my entire book to be like that. Every scene has to be worth reading over and over and over and not get boring. That'll take a lot of work when/if I hit 365 pages. O.O Patience, patience, patience. God only knows what's to come.

I'm writing this in Zenwriter and listening to Disturbed's 'The Sound of Silence' (a HUGE inspiration for the mood of my book.) and I'm being as relaxed as possible. Writing this, and my book, has been the highlight of my day for sure. It makes me happier just knowing I'm genuinely happy.

I've also realized how much I want to support small-time indie writers myself. Even planning to purchase an indie retelling of Cinderella here soon to support one. Couldn't be more thrilled, God willing. See the link. (I hope the writer isn't going to mind, but I wanted to share.) I'd really love to read this. Best of all, there will be a print version as well as a kindle edition. :)

I've often thought of a full novel retelling the classic tale of 'The Girl with the Yellow Ribbon.' It's a VERY short children's story, so there's a lot of gaps to fill, but it's another writing dream.

So yeah, this started as pouty post and ended with a beaming me. Talk about character development. ;) P.S. Took a break from Secondlife today, for once, and totally not regretting it.

I'm still planning on taking on the challenge of finishing a book in a month. That is a real challenge. Not only working on two books at once, but the new one has to be one I'm gonna REALLY stick to until the end. O.O 50,000 words minimum preferably.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tiring Day

It's been kind of a big day. I started out by going out shopping a little. That meant taking my bike and finally putting in a little exercise. Dollar Tree put out their Halloween decor (Yes, it's only the end of August) but I've yet to buy any. Instead, I bought a second little rack for my closet and another rack to hang above my bed..to keep some stuff from crowding my computer tower. So...yeah.

Then I went to the thrift shop. There was a sales rack outside the store and some stuff was 0.50 cents a piece. I came away with some jackets and sweaters. One suit jacket I didn't realize had shoulder pads at the time. *.*
I bought a movie classic, or rather movie(s), I've been wanting for a long time now, A Little Princess and the Secret Garden. I don't know how many times I was shown it back when I was in school, lol. I do know I've always loved Maggie Smith's line 'You heard nothing of the sort.' Brilliant.

I got halfway through A Little Princess but for some reason, when the story took it's dark turn, I was itching to do something else. I went on Secondlife and created until it went offline, for hours.

I watched the Goldbergs until it came back. I started creating a second item.

Then we went to Dawn's. Then Taco Bell. I came back and worked on my new SL project some more, but not for long, and felt the strong urge to nap. So I did, until eleven. Then I  got up and ate bananas and black forest ham. NOT together, lol.

I hung out with April and Rob for a little while, then came back and completed my writing goals for today. I love car rides. They are almost always giving me new plot ideas.

I came back and wrote my character's scaffold scene. He was a former torturer who hunted down my main character, Melanie, for revenge, only for her to give him her child as she laid dying from childbirth. It was her effort to replace the family she took from him.

His opinion of her reformed, but not before he has killed the doctor who got in the way to save her life moments earlier. He nearly killed her. The king ordered him to kill Melanie, though he'd already intended on killing her. After my other main character, Elizabeth, confronts the king in public rage about it, he denies his involvement. He orders Gregory's return and immediate execution.

The baby is taken away from Gregory after he is arrested. He named her Mercy, in honor of her mother's final act. The child is soon to be in Elizabeth's hands...for a very brief period.

So yeah, drama.

I used to be so gung-ho for those period drama novels but it seems like, as I observed today, I'm not really interested in buying new ones while I've got the one of my dreams unfolding. I know. I know. A writer is supposed to read, a lot. Especially in the genre and target audience scheme of things. It's just how I feel and am hoping my writing doesn't suffer for it. By the way, this blog is no reflection of the writing standards in my novel. Just so we're clear.

I still have 128 pages of plot to fill before my first draft is complete. Then the real fun begins. Editing. Little hint of sarcasm there. I shouldn't be surprised if this book takes one year of writing and three more of editing before it's finally done. lol. Lord knows The Dream Doctor took ages and while it's a complete story, the editing, even after years of editing and rewriting, is quite mediocre. I'm learning though.

Edit: I realized I had more to say.

I bought a small storage container because I want to start saving up my change. This is as well as what I'm already saving up in my bank account. BUT since I long to save money outside of my bank, and have no access to my bank out here in the boonies, I have to make due.

More ever, can you BELIEVE that I did all that shopping and couldn't find one piggy bank? I had to settle for a pop-top little Tupperware thing. But it's better than nothing.

I also bought A Knight's Tale at the thrift shop. My Mom has that movie and I couldn't ask her to keep it. If i keep asking to have her movies, she might not have many left. Sooo..I bought it. Great film. My favorite of Ledger's, to be honest.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Not A Great Morning.

I'm stressed out this morning, dude. :( I stayed up too late begin with. I tried going to sleep at around 1 or 2 a.m. Spent the next three hours mentally battling old demons from my past...until the point I was weeping and praying. And apologizing to God. 

I got it bad, dude. 

I got up to feed the cats, then came back in my room with a plan to lighten my mood. I said, grabbing my headphones, "You know what? We should meditate. [I know we stayed up late and all] but it'd be good for me. 

Then something caught my eye. 

A big flippinspider..and I'm not exaggerating, crawled on top of my computer tower. What do I do? I THREW MY BIBLE AT IT! O.O Killing it. Also knocked some stuff off the top of it, which I've been hesitant to pick up. 

Yeah, that felt sacrilege, on multiple accounts. First of all, I spent all the time in prayer, only to kill one of God's creatures with my Bible. Now its carcass is just sitting there by my computer tower, curled up and unwillingly guilting me about my action. 

Not to mention my bug phobia is bad. Like, I get scared of the 'dead' ones. Worse, the BIGGER dead ones. 😕  It's ridiculous, I know. I'm reluctant to sit at my desk it seems until I can con someone to collect the dead spider off of it and get it away from me. Nobody is awake. 

On TOP of this, I tried to calm down with some music. To free space, I had some of my iTunes songs converted to 128kbps. 'Trees' by twentyonepilots, was intolerable like that. 

Tried to undo it. iPod insists it doesn't have the space, even after a restore. So I had to do a 'factory' restore instead of a backup and restore, which is in progress now. 

ANNNNDDD on top of THIS, I am writing this entry in Zenwriter on my netbook because my computer is busy AND my netbook can't even handle Blogger anymore with it's XP self. So, yeah. :/ 

Le sigh. Le pooh. I can't even with all this. Not a great morning. I'm partially scared to sleep on top of the insomnia because all I can think is I'm gonna wake to a spider near my face (would NOT be the first time.) Partially considering moving back into the living room if it gets worse enough, eh? 

Playing Trees again. Doesn't seem so bad, now. 

This netbook is testing my patience with its lag. :( 

Oh! And the spider thing? Comes one night after Rob said a big wood spider got in his room. I responded, in now all irony, that I hope the same didn't happen to me. I'd be inclined to sleep in the living room for days. Although now I'm hesitant to sleep even there. 

iPod is almost done restoring. Big relief there, eh? As soon as I said that the Sia song starts mysteriously skipping. Big surprise there, huh? What's with the hours of bad luck? O.O  

One positive note? Dawn cleaned the kitchen. SOO sweet of her. Really. :) 
Carlo just spooked me by jumping on my bed. Jesus forgive me.  

I feel like I'm gonna be up an extremely long time now...like until my body can't stay awake. This isn't good, guys. Not good at all. I'm all kinds of anxious and stress and gyaahhhhhhhrrrrrr. 

My netbook still won't go through with Blogger. I'm using One Drive now, for the moment...which it's barely tolerating. This thing is old. Oi. I just really don't want to be sitting next to the big dead spider right now. :(

Edit: Controlling the good computer from my bed. NOT sitting at my desk, but can finally add this post. Praise Jesus. My eyes are warm and blinky, and I'm resisting sleep.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sweet Dreams

11:29 a.m. Sweet dreads...sweet dreans...nope. Sweet Dreams! That's me trying to tile this. Hahah.

Anyway, God gave me some awesome dreams as I slept in today.

One of them is I was in France and walking a stone promenade alongside a river. The promenade broke off at the end, literally, and these medium sized waves crashed against it. It splashed as I entered the restaurant at the end.

Now, I read somewhere (Real life) that there is some restaurant that seats you with strangers instead of your own booth. So, in the dream, that's what happened.

I walked in, not knowing much french (besides my numbers and a few words as I later would point out) and raised a finger to signal I was a party of one.

I said hi and one of them leaned in and told their coworker 'American.'

They seated me with a young American couple and when they took my order, I asked for a cheeseburger to start. A few seconds later, a very limp McDonalds cheeseburger was in my hand. I don't remember receiving it, it was just there.

About the couple, one looked of Middle Eastern descent and the woman was a blonde young woman. They were in winter gear, the kind you would wear after skiing in the Alps or something.

So I started conversating with the other Americans. I asked if they could recommend anywhere to stay, and they couldn't think of anywhere that wasn't expensive.

The next thing i remember, fuzzily, is our serve broken down in the corner. Apparently, she was stressed from not being able to get my order from me. I think I said something, then I walked away while another server said 'McDonalds.' (I know I said nothing to do with McDonalds, that much.) So yeah, that was a wild one.

Another one was where I met Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Mara Lane, and their baby. I took a photo with them and for some reason afterward, Jonny had a printed copy and cut me out of a photo (with just me in it.) I recall asking what he was doing that but I can't remember.

In the next scene, I'm at dinner with an African American woman (who was supposed to be Mara) and her friend and April. The woman was in tears and we were trying to comfort her. I guess because he'd been a gone a long while and it was starting to bother her. That's all I remember.

In yet ANOTHER dream, the beginning is fuzzy. It was almost like a rooftop cookout and I remember pointing out that it was day on our side, but when we turned and looked, there was an area in complete night with sparkling stars overlooking a big town.

We all whipped out the phones. I wound up disappointed because I realized I couldn't save these awesome pictures to keep for real life...hard though I tried.

I walked to some sort of edge, then quietly dove off and flew over the town for a while. Then there was a lot of flying around some more, some praying off the devil, and that's what I recall. So yeah.

I've been told I dream quite vividly. Personally, I'm just thankful to God for dreams that aren't dipped in sin. IF that makes sense.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


4:48 p.m. I'm having mixed reactions right now, though.

Adsense has APPROVED my account! Praise Jesus, hallelujah! Finally.

It took some fighting with this however to get Blogger to recognize that, so I had to add my Adsense email (different from the one used to make this blog) as administrator for this blog.

Then I started trying to add ads.

For me, they show up as blank spaces, whereas on mobile, I can see at least one advertisement.

My adblock is NOT on...to my knowledge. Nope. Not. So this is perplexing. I get the feeling like my site could actually be covered in ads right now and I can't even see it. Ya know?
So yeah, bittersweet.

I've spent my whole morning working on SL. I ran into a new fan of mine. She's...chatty. :) I kept working while she was complimenting my stuff. People are sweet...I just...I'm not really into being flattered.. much. None. None is good.

Also, to combat having to include copywritten reaction gifs on my blog. I made my own, less impressive, ones. Ya know..stuff I own rights to?

I don't look like the fancy celebs in actors in those, but this gets the job done.

Update: Alright. Here's how things look on mobile, when I view a web version of the page:

It still doesn't show up on my Chrome browse BUT because of the above, I'm gonna leave it alone and call it a success, mmkay?

9:00 p.m. So I had McDonalds and watched the Goldbergs on binge tonight. Plus side? I bought fruit!! OOOHHH my body was so happy about actually eating nutrients again. You see, my grocery money set aside for healthy stuff got lost last week while I was away at Mom's. April misplaced it somewhere. Anyway, so we had non healthy food this week. Now I get to eat healthier again! Yay!

I made more stuff on Secondlife...a lot of jackets, fur, and velvets lately. Oi.

Something was on my mind, again and again, so I may as well say it.

I refuse to do commissions on Secondlife. Someone asked me if I would recently and I had to turn them down.

The reason this is, is I never had a problem with it until I did one for one of 'those' picky people. It was like over a year ago, I think. I ran into him on Secondlife. He asked me to texture some meshes for him, and in exchange I wanted a mesh made for me.

He wanted another texture made. And another. And one more. And another. And sometimes he'd politely request I fix one...and have me do it several times over..because he found 'white pixels' from the AO map that I could barely see but apparently bothered him.

This was starting to cost me lindens, too. Since he'd approve, I'd send it, and later he'd disapprove because of two or three pixels and needed them removed. 

P.I.X.E.L.S. bothered him. 

It got to a point where I threw my hands in the air. 

I didn't even take a mesh in return like we agreed because I was SO desperate to get out of that commission. It was making Secondlife very 'not' fun. It started to feel like a chore.

 And when it stops being fun, whatever you're offering in exchange for my services isn't worth it. 

Granted, he kept insisting I did a great job, while still asking even gentler to fix the pixels he'd find...again and again and again...etc. I even tried to teach him to do it himself but his excuse was something like he couldn't do it like I did. Something or other like that.

Some time later he came back and begged  me to do another commission. I pushed myself into giving in again, then immediately backed out before it began. Because I got the 'worst' feeling after accepting. Huge dread and unhappiness. I don't think we talked much after that.

So yeah. No commissions. From anyone. Ever again. I politely decline them all.

I think this is coming up because, and I don't recall his name, to spare his feelings I told him he wasn't the reason I won't ever do a commission again, when he was. So..I openly repent that. I am sorry I lied. So yeah...that came up. Glad I wrote it out.

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