A Daily Diary: 2017


Tuesday, December 26, 2017


10:52 a.m. Anyway! So I'm back at Mom's again, her neighbor's pool house where I left off, to be exact. So I'm gonna try and catch up on what happened between then and now. :) It's gonna be fun!

So, at Dad's it wasn't too eventful before Christmas. I watched Netflix and chilled out most of the time. I spent a lot of time swapping stories with Anna in the kitchen and helping with the cleaning.

The next day, they got new, camo-covered recliners to enjoy. I helped take them out and bring the new ones in before the wedding ceremony.

The wedding was a brief ceremony and I took pictures for both Facebook and Instagram.

I was both the witness and the ring-bearer, and they received a lot of congrats on the internet. Dad even got her a couple of roses, which were very lovely.

Later on, we went out for burritos and quesadillas, and Dad picked up a new PS4 with VR bundle from a rental place, which he intends on keeping a lot longer than the two weeks he planned. ;) It was a trip playing with that VR, as it even made me feel kinda dizzy for short periods, but I got used to it. :) Dad spent all night setting it up and shopping for new games. Both free and a nice paid one he wanted. Then I finally went to bed late. I slept in afterward.

We also watched, briefly, National Lampoon on tv. Dad and I spent the day hanging out at the house while Anna got food ready for the Christmas dinner...so there was more trying out the VR stuff. By the way, I often have terrible memory so I'm relying on my huge amount of Instagram photos to remind me. :P

Around 4:30 p.m. Christmas Eve, people started arriving. I gave Aaliyah my old netbook and started teaching her stuff, including how to play MECC Opening Night, which she enjoyed for HOURS! :D Also showing her how to load the hand-me-down mp3 player I got her with music. So glad she loved it. We watched Armaggedon, Casper, and Guardians of the Galaxy Two, all the while the family gathered and conversated about this and that.

Gave out presents to DJ, Maranda, and the kids. Everyone ate a lot and just had a really good time. Even Uncle Pat and Zackary surprised us by stopping by!

As the night wound down, so did the crowd of family. Jen, the girls, Jeremi, and Zack were going to spend the night, and they did. The kids watched Polar Express until bedtime, and the adults hung out, swapped stories, and played with the VR.

Here comes the 'not so great' part. I took the usual back bedroom with the two kids, in the early morning hours, and I could not sleep. I also couldn't find my earplugs. :(

 Aaliyah, bless her heart, is a teeth grinder and lip-smacker in her sleep.

There was barely any air and the bed felt all the more crowded for it.

After around 5-6 a.m., I decided to go on my netbook, and that woke Aaliyah. We watched Once Upon A Time for a bit until I went to sleep and she continued watching. I got a couple hours in, dreamless sleep. Then more tossing and turning, and moving to the foot of the bed. Then Jen caught her and told her to turn off the netbook and go to bed, so she did....until she got hungry and decided to eat something with a crinkly wrapper...then got on her tablet.

So I grumpily, silently, moved out to the living room. Felt like fifteen minutes of blissful quiet rest, cool rest, until Jen wanted the tv on. I gave up.

I chugged down a caffeinated soda and ate my grumpy tired feelings in a big bunch of leftovers until I was full. I kept this all to myself of course. No need to be a 'openly' be a grump on Christmas morning.

A brief time later the girls got woken up, and they woke up Dad. Presents were given out by Aaliyah and unwrapped, very much enjoyed.

Anna gave me a huge box in a box in a box in a box surprise which led to my tablet! :D So yes, I got the tablet I wanted for Christmas and am thrilled about that! We all even got some stockings. Mine had little knick-knacks like beauty accessories.

Thrilled to also find I got an emory board and nail clippers, both while intended for beauty, are incredibly useful for the tablet nib hack I mentioned in an earlier post. If I knew I was getting nail clippers for Christmas, I would have saved myself a couple bucks buying it online. :P Grateful, though. :D

Anyway! Then it was time to pack, clean up, and head to Aunt Steffs! Zack took me. He offered to let me play my music on his radio but my cord was in my bag in the backseat. I tried telling him I have weird music taste anyway. :P

It wasn't until I got to Aunt Steffs I realized I forgot the massive art set Mom bought me, but Jen took it with her when she left later. :)

Anyway, at Steffs, I just played on the netbook until the kids got there. As I tried to plug my netbook in a spot behind the side table and couch, I accidentally knocked over her shades while I was there and had to fix it before anyone (besides a quietly amused Zackary) noticed.

There were also gifts everywhere and some cleaning up was needed. Marley and Lani were very much enjoying playing with their new toys. :)

Then the girls arrived with Jen, who also brought frozen turkey from Anna for me to take home, and there was more hanging about and chatting. Also, Aunt Steff got me a nice bag with more beauty stuff in it, as well as a little easy recipe book.  :) Jen and Mom got the same kind.

I had a little incident though where I was out of pads before and using toilet paper to supplement, only that bled through to my underwear and my pants, staining them. I had to wait like fifteen minutes, standing around and hiding this, until Zack could return from picking up Mom (My bags/change of clothes were in his car) and then I managed to change, and get a pad from Aunt Steff.

I signed Aaliyah up for Neopets. Her first account got almost immediately frozen after the username, which contained her name, was found to be too personal/revealing. So we made another and she tried it out. Then the kids played on the backyard playground.

After I came home with Mom and Zack, I went to bed until around 10 p.m. ish and woke to find Grandpa there. We watched Tomorrowland on tv. Mom showed up shortly after.

We finished the movie and then she took the floor, I took the couch, and Grandpa took the bed. Until the early morning hours, I had a Chrisley marathon and enjoyed the faint wifi signal I picked up from next door. I also managed to write a part of the last chapter, having written a prior one while I hung out at Aunt Stephanie's house.

Then I myself, went to bed around 1 a.m. and slept until around 10 a.m. or so. Then got up, brushed my hair, brought my netbook to the pool house and did dailies on Neopets.

Then it took multiple attempts to log into blogger. At first because I forgot my password, then remembered. Then it would log in, then return to the sign in page, with both my admin google accounts for this blog. Didn't work again until I signed in with Aaliyah's account, then my own again.

And thus here we are in the present. Also, again, I hope to add photos later on.

It was decided at Dad's, as I forgot to mention, that I'm staying until sometime past New Years. Gas issues and convenience and whatnot. It'll be easier to be here for the New Years party we're having at Liki Tiki (I think that's what its called) in Orlando and then taking me home after.

This also means I can't use my new tablet until then but I will just have to be patient.

Also, Dad was a little unhappy this morning. He messaged me thinking I didn't get Anna a gift, which I did (A glass with the loofah, bath salts, and a candle) and they can't seem to find it. Jen and Mom took hers, and Anna's is missing somewhere apparently. We worked it out but Dad seems to think one of the kids might've run off with it. The important thing was to remind him I didn't forget to get Anna something, so that light fiasco was settled this morning as well.

So yeah! I will write later to catch up, God Willing, and see you soon! Mwuah! Christ's blessing had hope you had a wonderful holiday with your own family!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Not Quite Christmas.

11:57 a.m. So! I've made it safely to Moms house. I'm not getting the Chrisley DVD for Christmas after all, as it turns out it WASN'T stocked in Wal-Mart to the surprise of us both. (She went to three different ones) But no biggie. (She also said she got me an alternative gift :) )My biggest thrill this season is the time I'm gonna spend in the company of my loved ones (Yes, in all seriousness, cheesy as it sounds) and getting to give stuff myself.

On that subject, as far as shopping for the little ones this year. Until last night, I was under the assumption that I was only spending Christmas with Anna, Dad, Harmony, and Aaliyah...and that Mom and Jen were simply staying for like an hour and leaving. (And I'd give them their gifts then.)

Such is not the case. DJ, Brooklyn, Drake, (the baby) Zoey, and Maranda are joining us for Christmas as well.

As a result, while Aaliyah and Harmony already got several gifts from me this year, the other kiddos got one each. -_- I had assumed Mom would simply be passing it on but now I must give in person. Thankfully, Mom plans to come to my rescue and help me pick up a couple more gifts for Drake and Brooklyn at the last minute.

Funny enough is I made a similar oopsie LAST YEAR. Wherein I didn't realize until April pointed out, I played favorites and bought Aaliyah multiple gifts and the other nieces/nephew one. Like Mom is doing this year, April pulled me out of the fire last year and helped me buy more gifts to make up for it.

I love them all equally, I assure you. Last year wasn't that intentional. This year I just didn't know I'd actually get to spend my holiday with them (which is great.) XD I tried.

Anywho, yesterday was a normal day and I got stuffed packed alright. Mom arrived at around 4 p.m. after I took a shower. We went to Winn Dixie for turkey sandwiches, hot sauce, pie, and whipped cream. A guy was also playing Christmas music in the parking lot and I found a rather 'interesting' vehicle. (pictures later)

We came home and watched tv. DJ asked Mom to babysit Zoey and I went to sleep, like a BABY myself! It was so easy to fall asleep and stay that way..until I was awake at Midnight watching crime-solving tv and re-attempting sleep. I fell asleep again and then woke up around 8 a.m.

Watched 'Charmed' with Mom until around 10 a.m. and we were going to go to the casino together but her friend Samantha invited her and they planned to go somewhere after. I was okay with it. The casino is great for pictures, which I already got last time I went, and I wasn't interested in much else about it.

When she gets back, we are supposed to go to Wal-Mart and pick up those last minute gifts and I guess we'll be hanging out then until after 6 p.m. when I go to stay at Dad's house until after Christmas.

On another note, my new netbook did an annoying thing where I suddenly logged on to find my user was gone, and in place was requiring some 'homegroup' login, which had no password and refused to let me sign in. I had to pull a system restore -_- I really hope this doesn't become a regular thing. In any case, it worked. It's what I'm writing on right now.

After Mom left, I started out using her hotspot, which got iffy while I was trying to run Secondlife....so I migrated to the pool house area next door at Samantha's (her friends) and yes, I have prior permission. :P I have too many daily online tasks as it is in order to risk running Mom's data through the roof, anyway.

Yes, by the way, I can run Secondlife on this cheap little computer. Minimally, but just enough to do what I needed to do, which was collect advent items. :D I played Neopets as well and hope to get some writing done today after all my online nonsense is taken care of.

Oh! And my packages arrived while I'm gone. I already skyped April to pick them up for me (perhaps when she wakes or something) and I can open them when I return. :d Again, if I'm not getting a tablet this year, or right away, at LEAST I have the Wacom pen hack tools I bought handy for when I do get one, praise God. So that's fine.

Like most people, I have a wishlist. Don't need it, or require its fulfillment, but have one. So yes, if I don't get that stuff, it really isn't gonna matter. I get my family time, getting out of the house a while, to take a ton of new pictures (hopefully) as I love to do, home-cooked food, and giving stuff away. That's my best holiday expectation. Glorifying God while I do it, too, in Jesus name, Amen!

Well, I seem caught up. More soon, God willing. Don't forget to take a moment for the Gospel message on the sidebar, if you're curious. :) Jesus is the reason for the season.

There's supposed to be my Dad's wedding too, on Saturday. I was told to wear something dressy but I forgot to pack it, so Mom's gonna help me out there, too. ;) Not much more to say on that subject.

Aaliyah's netbook is all set to go and I know she's gonna be thrilled. I wish Christmas Eve would come already so I can give it to her, and see the girls! :D I do so miss my little nieces/nephews...

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

She Who Hesitates, Disintegrates.

Scanning Neopets boards...as usual. My new hangout. :P
Anyone who really goes a lot on Neopets knows its surprisingly
MAINLY comprised of adults. Not many kids to be heard of.
It's a nostalgic center.
10:42 a.m. So, my 'Enter' key on my keyboard (on my main computer) officially died on me. I am using the onscreen keyboard to supplement until I get a new one, or by a miracle and grace of God, can get an old one from Rick. It's obvious I should have bought a new one when I had the chance, the money, but when the keyboard is running fine when I'm shopping for more fun things..it's hard to do. I put myself in a little hole.

Good thing is after tomorrow I won't have to worry about it until next week, as I'll be well out of town and on my netbooks, praise Jesus. Getting on Secondlife, however, to catch Advents may become an odyssey in itself though, not the good kind.

Earlier than expected i.e. tomorrow, I am going to Mom's to spend the night, then to Dad's to stand witness at his private nuptials with Anna. I'm all done with Christmas shopping officially, thank God, and my final orders of DVDs and tablet accessories have shipped.

There isn't such an official word, as I thought, on whether or now I'm getting a Wacom for Christmas. Nonetheless, now I know when/if I do, I'll have the supplies to freely replace easily wearing nubs. Note to self: When/if I get it, INCREASE sensitivity so there is less pushing on the nub.

Bonus is Mom said she got me the Chrisley DVD for Christmas so I can't wait to be entertained by that! :3

I really need sugar. The stress this 'Enter' key has caused me today has been ridiculous, which is one way to put it.

Hard to know how much you absent-mindedly use the enter key until you have to stop  and 'click' to use it.

So! Today I got a couple new chapters in for the book, with a couple more to go before the chapter is completed. It's really not exciting to write the dark parts of my characters, even of the supposed 'good guys.' Anti-heroes just kinda seem easy/more deep to write. The ones who go about doing the wrong things with the best of intentions, getting what they want, often at the expense of others.

I've drafted my to-do list as well. Subject to change. As for the packing, well, I'm a woman. Women don't just pack what they need, but what they need 'just in case.' XD Hence why this list has the potential to grow.

Anyway, lately hasn't been much new. I did give April and Rob their presents early and they loved them. :D I worked out the schedule with Dad where I go to his house on Friday and have to be there by 3 p.m. Been steadily pushing through Once Upon A Time.

Got a new Secondlife head, on sale for 2800L ($10.43 value), from Genesis Lab, which I j'adore! Called the Jade head. I do find it pretty to look at. :D

Most other heads from other places run as much as 5000L or more ($18.61 value) so this was actually a deal. No, I didn't spend real cash. It's just 'uncashed-in' currency I make from selling stuff on Secondlife.

Speaking of Secondlife news:

  • I'm saving up lindens again. In fact, going for a sort of one-year challenge.
  • At the same time, I have two 5KL heads I want. XD
  • I have been on a creating hiatus from Secondlife and don't know how long its gonna last.
  • I made my now-defunct group, CZ1, paid, (100L join) with the notice that it'll be no longer updated. If they all leave it, I can delete it...because in Secondlife, you can only delete empty groups. :(
  • I'm far more passionate about this stuff than I ought to be, in my own opinion.
Yesterday, I spent time adding more videos for Aaliyah's enjoyment to my old, and her new, netbook. :) I plan to add new music as well. Ideally, I want to make it as entertaining for offline use as possible given Chrome is slow on XP at times.

Image from Amazon.com
I tried to install an .iso of a very old game for her, but it wouldn't work without a CD. Rob said he knows the program that has the solution but I don't recall the name. Will have to find out later as he is sleeping right now....I think. EDIT: He's awake. Gotta handle this. See ya!

12:31 p.m. So the .iso worked. Now the game runs. If you want to know, I installed (MECC) Opening Night game for Aaliyah on the XP netbook. It's really a fun Windows 95 game (One April and I enjoyed immensely playing together in our teens) and makes me wish there was a more modern version like it.

 Basically it's like setting up a 256 color bit 2D play and you type and the robot voices speak your lines. Can't wait to teach her to use it, praise Jesus! I'd use it myself if it could work on Windows 10.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Latest Newneww...Newness. Lol Typo.

4:41 p.m. To start with, I got my long-desired Instagram album and I am thrilled with it. I also recently (due to a headache and boredom) completely re-arranged my room, which means the album now has a place atop my bookshelf. Praise Jesus for all this stuff, by the way. God is able to do above all we ask or think.

Straightened my hair today...for funzies.

Still training my Neopet for battle. Ergo neo-lingo, excuse meh.

As for the netbook, after some extensive searching in the house, I fixed the 'K' key and more recently, one of the mouse buttons that was also loose with Krazy Glue. :) No problem.

I've been organizing/backing up files to my flash drive, all the while hooking Aaliyah up with my music and some videos to go with her new/old netbook she's getting. :) Sadly, the iPod I gave her broke, and Windows Media player stubbornly kept making duplicates, so she will get what she does from the laptop. :P

I reached the 365 page goal of my novel 17 days early, with a few chapters left before its actually finished. Praise Jesus. SO happy and can hardly wait to finish my first official draft.

I've been binge-watching Once Upon a Time and munching my fair share of peanuts, almonds, and chocolate.

I gave out Christmas stockings early to my roomies, cause why not. :)

Made pasta and danced to music last night, so that put me in a great mood.

I'm counting the days until I go to Dad's in one week, and in one week, he will actually be marrying Anna, in a private ceremony. 

They've decided that they wanted me to be there as a witness, so I shall in both the Christian spirit of mercy and love. :) I can't wait to spend time with the girls, too, thereafter. They light up my world, as I love to say.

Anna Facetimed on Facebook yesterday seeking advice at Wal-mart on some collage frames she wants to get for Jen's Christmas presents. That was a fun time to laugh and catch up..until her phone died. :P

I recently redeemed fifty dollars I earned from Secondlife, which is rather quickly gone. 

It started when I siezed my chance to get Magix Vegas Studio (normally worth hundreds of dollars) for only 20 bucks on Humble Bundle, bundled with some other awesome music/photo mixers. :D They've been extraordinarily slow to download, but what I've played with so far when it installed, I liked. A lot.

Some product keys I didn't use at all yet. One for the Vegas, like an add-on, but the popup to add the key won't show up.

Another is a second Music Mixer, hip-hop themed but I already have one I like (eighties-themed) and can't download/activate it without it un-downloading the other. -shrug- My main interest was Vegas and I finally got it. No more relying on the old-reliable Windows Movie Maker....hopefully.

And...I did a little shopping...for me. Anna and Dad are definitely getting me the Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet for Christmas (whether or not it arrives by Christmas is NOT guaranteed) but I'm still planning ahead. While the tablet is (somewhat) affordable, the nubs notoriously, according to reviews, wear down easy. There are extras, but those will eventually wear down as well, I expect, and you only get a small pack for ten dollars...which adds up..to replace them.

Thankfully, last year when I was interested in this, I tracked down a hack for that. :) I managed to find it again, by the grace of God, even after forgetting the username.

And...I invested in the supplies for it. Best of all, they are cheap and may just save on 'thousands' of dollars worth of nub-replacing. ;)

All else fails, I hear spaghetti straw works, too. Yet to test the myth, though. Obviously.

I bought 80 ft. of trimmer line for about four bucks, a few cheap sheets of sandpaper, and a two dollar nail clipper. Fingers crossed, yo. That better last. ^_^ I may not even need to test the theory if my nibs work out after all, hmm?

The rest of my money, in order to fulfill Amazon's $25 free shipping thingy, was spent on getting DVDs of some of my favorite childhood films. Firestarter (Most excited for that. I can't find it in retail stores.), Casper (On Netflix and watching now, but God only knows for how long.), Pagemaster (Gotta love the little Mr. Culkin. I also used to watch it with little Aaliyah when I lived at Mom's house.) annndd I got the Look Who's Talking/Look Who's Talking Two set. (I care more for the first film, but hey. It's a classic. That intro practically taught me firsthand about where babies come from.)

So that's how I spent nearly fifty dollars in just a couple days. I kinda worry sometimes that I actually 'prefer' being broke just so there's little need for a voice in my head going 'shop. shop. shop.' I'm a sinner, and I'm sorry for it. God forgive me in Jesus name, amen. :P

So yeah!! December's been the month to give, and now and then cash in on a few dream items. Praying I do better for the new year, eh? At least, so far, I opted out of renewing Neopets premium...heavily tempting though it was. >.> I know full well Secondlife won't always be there, making me money like it is now, and the only reason it is because God blessed it that way...and more. Always gotta give it up my Lord, ya know? :)

When am I gonna suck it up and get responsible, is the question. Giving does help me feel better about the spending, truly. Its when I decide to treat myself that I start to get a little worried I could make up excuses to let it get out of hand. This will pass. Life ought to be enjoyed, within reason of course.

I came across an old Facebook post from years ago where I thought spending only 80 dollars on DVDs was 'smart shopping.' I kinda had to scoff at the old me. So that kinda says something, I guess.

Back to the Wacom thoughts, though. If I had more money, I think I would have considered getting a protector screen for it, but alas, I did not have enough. If I ever decide to, it'll have to wait. :)

In a final note, I wish there was a working/free iOS app for Blogger. That'd be useful, wouldn't it? You'd think since it's owned by Google and all, it'd be a thing but..whatevs.

Oh! And we got Assassin's Creed: Black Flag for free the other day! I downloaded, but have yet to play it. I don't even know if I will...but who's gonna pass it up when it's free?

April tried it but she said she didn't like the controls, it wasn't how she liked it in the third game. -shrug- Oh well.

I couldn't even log in at first until I could get the beaten-up old Android to take a charge, since you need the Google Authenticator app to log in. -_- I eventually managed, Praise Jesus.

Anyway, until I think of more to say, that's my news. Praise God. Praise Jesus. It's all I can shout right now and all that jazz. :) I'm unabashedly Christian, I get it. -throws on her shades- It is who I am. It is what it is, yo.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

New Flash. I'm Less Than Perfect, After All.

"The happiest people are often the saddest."

I don't recall who first said that quote, but it really resonates with me sometimes. More on that, later.

Just noticed 'Emperor's New Clothes' by PATD on that screen.
aka 'The Monster Song.'
Dad said she's been playing it over and over for a half hour.
She may be only four, but its her favorite song...and she sings
along. :) 

To catch-up:

  • I spent pretty much the whole day sleeping. 
  • My blurb book package was delayed and is due on the 11th. 
  • My netbook got here yesterday and it runs great! I had to hop in the bike to get it. The 'K' key is loose too but it works, so its tolerable.
  • April's Christmas gift, a fabric Rick and Morty poster, from wish.com, came in, too. ^^ 
  • Playing a lot of Neopets.
  • Playing 25 rounds of gacha on Secondlife for a bonus prize, costing me 1250L (equivalent to $4.70 USD) I got to gift stuff, so that made it all the more worth it.
  • In my virtual worlds, between Neo and SL, definitely enjoying the virtual advent calendars galore.
  • Wrote another chapter for my novel last night. SO close to the ending, praise God!

Aaliyah accidentally found out she's getting my old netbook, so she's happy about that. She and Harmony are at my Dad's right now and I think that makes me miss them just a little more. :P God Willing, I'll be joining them in a couple weeks. :D Can't wait~!

Also, Dad sent me some adorable 'never before seen by me' childhood photos.

Never saw this before. (top) 
I scarcely recall a time in childhood where I got to keep my hair long. Didn’t even know it could’ve been me at first! 😂 P.S. Dunno who the baby is either. :P If I HAD to guess, I’d say it was my cousin Dustin.

I posted them to my Instagram, of course. These different fonts represent their captions.

The blonde is my older sister. (Harmony and Aaliyah's mother. See the resemblance?) 

I recall those days we dressed up like that. I remember that dress she’s wearing vividly. The princess hat came from one the many times we went to the Renaissance Faire. Pic below is us with our Dad. 

All of this really seems to dim the fact that I was actually sobbing unhappily at my computer like 15-20 minutes ago. 

In short, I'll post the conversation, cause it sums things up. Mind you, this all started with the fact that April and Rob tend to keep dirty dishes in their room, instead of taking them to the kitchen, which leaves me without dishes to use.

Rob made dinner tonight, stew, and they went to eat. I had nothing to eat with. They gave me their crusted dishes. They weren't coming clean.

I, essentially, got fed up with it. I complained to Rob, as I am tired of complaining at April for things the multiple times I did this month.

He got mad back at me. I got sad at my anger and well...this conversation with April is what ensued. (I did wind up apologizing to Rob btw so we're reconciled and all.)

I think this conversation gives real insight to how I am inside, ya know? My mindset? The side not many other people realize exists.

In any case, as expected, I've overcome. The sadness just fizzled out into contentment, and will have to again in the future. 

'Kitchen Sink' by twentyonepilots is a really strangely comforting song to hear when sad. 

I've just been sitting here praying, chilling, and listening to my favorite songs. 

I also ate sour gummy worms..and drank sweet tea. I gave into the sugar comforts of sadness.

Thank God for the few friends I got though. I need to be able to speak up about my feelings. 

I don't really feel like I can confide in family about this due to my 'past events' which may make them think I'd take take to dealing with my mild depression to extreme or even dangerous measures....which I never would, to be honest. I'm a God-fearing Christian, to start. But I also know the importance of enduring and letting this pass...so it all gets better. It always gets better. Know that, if you're reading this.

So...yeah. Another thing is I'm glad I started with the happy stuff, so perhaps I can have a happy part of my life to reflect on and be thankful to God for. :) Thank God he has it in my heart to write diaries, after all these years of doing it, cause it really helps. It really feels like what I was meant to do from a very very young age. He gave me a very creative and loving heart.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Having An Awesome Month!

Well, I'm back to being broke. Not unhappily so. :) For some reason, when I save, then start to spend, I get this inkling to kinda spend until I'm back to the beginning, just for a clean start. I have eight dollars right now plus thirty something saved up, uncashed in, for Secondlife.

 I got a new netbook coming in soon, Dell Latitude 2120 Laptop (85 bucks on Amazon.)  which means I can pass my old one to Aaliyah next time I see her (unless I like my old one better, she can have the new one.) Either way, she's getting a netbook and she don't know it yet. :P That was kinda one of my goals this year and happy to see it fulfilled. She's ten now and I think she may be old enough to handle having her own computer. :)

The new one has It's got 250GB, Windows 7, 10.1 inch screen, and 2GB of RAM, plus a higher-powered processor than it's earlier version. I mainly intend on using it for writing and light web browsing, so I don't need a whole lot of power, just a tolerable amount. Portability is my main reasons for netbooks, too. I needed a new OS for sure, though, and it was cheaper just to get a new netbook. Refurbished, technically.

My current one has lasted me several years now (who knows how much longer it will last in a ten-year old's hands.) It's also a netbook. Asus 1005HA, which I bought for a hundred bucks off a customer while I was in my final days of working at McDonalds.

It's also Windows XP, 1GB of RAM, and less GB than the new one. Like 160 GB. Also 10.1 inch like my new netbook. It's starting to run Chrome slower, despite only having like three programs (two being browsers, and the other my adored Zenwriter.) Age is just getting to it, I guess. :P It was MUCH cheaper to just get another netbook, again I say, than to upgrade this one like I originally planned.

All that tech talk. Rob's taught me a lot about what to look for to get the most bang for my buck, within my budget, what I can settle for in a 'cheap upgrade' (an older OS like Windows 7) and what I can't (1GB of RAM, lol.) It was for my own memory's sake, now I'm moving on...

My Instagram album will be here tomorrow.

8x10 dimensions. 370 pages. Well over 3000 photos (Mostly nine insta-photos a page and a small few are full sized.) Full Color. Twenty-two bucks (including shipping) after a 30% off coupon.  I cannot beat that.

Insert Neopets-lingo here. 'Stocking Stufftacular' starts November 7-8th, and that means I get 25 days of virtual stuffs, and possibly a bonus item for eighteen bucks. I get 225 NC at the end too since I've spent more than I should've sanely done for virtual items. Gulp. Thirty-five dollars. This month. 

-walks away and hopes to laugh at this later.- I won't divulge too much more, but at least it wasn't all for selfish purposes. :P

Blurb book, my book version of this blog, still has fourty more pages to go before I'll call it complete. The entries in it date back to May 22, 2015.

Mom got me an AWESOME belated birthday gift! A Betsey Johnson purse. She accidentally left the 50something dollar price tag on. :o (In case you didn't know, it's kind of a rule not to leave a price tag on the gifts in my family.) I can laugh with her about it, tis okie. :) I'm already putting it to good use. :D 

 Not to mention it also came with a fun birthday bag and snazzy mylar balloon. The balloon is hanging out in my room and after it deflates, I plan on shoving it in a box with all my other mementos. :)

I recently went shopping and got a cute new outfit. I do need to get myself back in a little better shape for the pants though. They are kind of a thin material and thus, you can see my lumpy self. Ugh. I hate to say it but I don't know a truly clean way to describe it. 

Still, the pants are super cute as is the 'super soft' sweater, which reminded me of Tara's iconic blue one from Buffy the Vampire slayer..ya know, her death scene.

Five bucks for the whole outfit. :)

Mom just told me we'll be going to 'Liki Tiki' in Orlando for New Years Eve, so I'm over the moon about that, too.

I'll have to look more into that as I have no idea what that place is. :P EDIT: It's a Hotel Resort. SA-WEETTT!! :D

I'm going to Dad's for Christmas and the thing I'm looking forward to most is spending time with my family, especially Harmony and Aaliyah. It's like they are my two favorite little people in the world and they're a joy to be around. :D I've no doubt they think the same of their cool aunt. It's been a while since I've seen them anyway. 

We are all going to be staying at Dad's house and I arranged for Mom to take me over there on the 23rd. So we got a few weeks between now and then. :) It'll be worth the wait for sure, though.

Well, as they say though, you have to take the good with the bad. I've had a couple pitfalls this week as well. 

For one, Carlo, our cat, has made a new habit of expressing his displeasure by going to the bathroom in the kitchen. He PEED ON THE STOVE and now anytime you cook with it, the kitchen reeks of the strongest cat urine odor you ever smelled. I doused it with some bleach and perfumed spray, hope it helps. Unfortunately, I wound up regrettably taking my frustrations out on my roommates, for one reason or another, but that passed.

My keyboard is breaking and now and then needs the computer to reboot to use it again. I keep getting close to buying a new one, while my keyboard is still functioning for that moment, then I keep not buying it. It's strange.

I still have allergies. :/

Thanking to God there's not more bad news. 

Anyway, that's all I can think of. Praise, Thanks, Glory to God. P.S. Dreamed I cast demons out of my head last night. It involved some sort of nightmare with Abbadon, from Supernatural, I think. All sort of fuzzy. I literally walked in a room of fast swirling black smoke and said, repeating, 'I believe Jesus Christ is Lord and God Raised Him from the Dead.' Screaming ensued. I said to get out. Annnnd that was the end of that. Success. So yeah.

I get my share of demon dreams, sometimes they go for a lot worse, but it's always ALWAYS the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that gets me out and through those nightmares. Works every. Single. Time. God is real. :)

OH! By the way, the house has been put on a soda fast, Praise God! So that is another bonus about this month. ^^ I hope it lasts because even I was starting to get out of hand with it. *.*

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

My Birthday!

In short: 
I went shopping...a lot. I kinda splurged.

1. I got a new 'second' Instagram Album ordered just now, filled with photos from 2014 to present. The first one was bought years ago and has photos in it from before then. 

This second one was only 22 bucks with a 30% off coupon! (I almost always buy from blurb with a coupon if I can) That's over 3000 photos in an 8x10 full color book. Including shipping. :D Couldn't pass it up. Not on my birthday. I'm 29, by the way.

2. More X-mas gifts for Harmony and Aaliyah. Dolls. Not a major brand.
 A wood people toy set for Harmony.

Plus an Elsa pup-tent that the cats quickly tried out.

A post shared by Victoria Anne Marie (@chelsmith18) on

3. Pads. Not so much a fun thing but I needed them. April helped.

4. A giant purple bowl. We needed one.

5. Super glue. Paint. Some double sided markers.

6. Jumanji DVD.

7. 100% Acetone. I THOUGHT we had some here but we didn't. April had to drive me back to the dollar store get it, and I bribed her with McDonalds for her and Rob. I tried to find spray sealer but sadly couldn't find it. I already had the other art supplies I needed for my project. (See below)

8. An autobiography about an old fifties movie star. I forget her name, haha. 
My bookcase is slammed.

EDIT: Picture.

9. Thrift shop clothes, some I know won't fit but might be giftable. Need to be washed first. All fifty cents, except for the red wrap dress I just 'had' to have. THAT was three bucks.

10. The coup de grace? (Besides the new album.)
My Five Dollar Monster High doll head (with case) I spent most of the day repainting. Redid the hair and cut it, too. Softener and baby powder which de-shined and softened the waxy locks.
Excuse the Insta-typo.

P.S. Glad I wrote this down. Part of me was baffled how I spent over sixty dollars and on what. I'm feeling a bit better that it was just on a bunch of stuff and not just one or two things, lol.

Anyway, when I went thrift shopping, I asked for a big bag. They gave me a garbage bag, which was a little awkward walking to the Dollar store on the other block with. I had the clerks put it behind the counter as I shopped. 

April dropped me off and she picked me up later.

Also, Mom said she's got a gift for me and is bringing it Saturday. I have no idea what it could be and I love that. ^^ I've been throwing too many gift suggestions out to the family about Christmas, its nice to let myself be surprised.

I ate my pie for breakfast. Worth it. April and Rob were invited to help themselves as well.

NOW! About yesterday. We had a late Thanksgiving at Ricks with April, Rob, Rick, and Dawn.

They cooked, we ate, and shared a bunch of stories. Then packed it up and took our leftovers home.
Not much else to tell there, but as always, it was a good time with my friends.

The food I brought home from Dad's is already almost all gone after a day.
I guess April and Rob thought it tasted that good. April loves Anna's frozen cooked lasagna.

My Dad and Anna are engaged, by the way, rings and all and plan to elope privately.

I also added significantly to my novel, which is taking a turn even I found uncomfortable to write...I still even..to think about. Steel is a bad, bad villian. Ugh. I have plans to humble him though, but not in a very nice way. Still, he'll change for the better. He may seem past saving, but he's not. 

Anyway! It would seem I am caught up. Yet another grand birthday chronicled and I don't find the day ordinary or wasted. :) Pray God I make it to the big, three-oh!, eh. Until then, mwuah!

P.S. It's long overdue to update my blurb book with these entries and photos. I may or may not be inclined to get it ordered at some point too as after years of writing. God willing in Jesus name, Amen! :D 

Patience is a virtue.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

:D Spend much?

2:05 p.m. So, I've decided what I want to spend my savings on. ^_^ After we ring in the new year, hopefully. A blurb book, with over 3000 Instagam photos I've taken between 2014 and 2017. My second one since 2013. I mean, I 'could' very technically, just purchase prints, but why do that when I can include that many, for cheaper, all in one book...and for probably around thirty bucks..if i can't hunt down a coupon first. ;)

Today, I also caved on the Steam Holiday sale and bought Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure. Yes. I'm 29 years old in a few days and still have a heart for Disney princesses. Don't judge me. I did 'sleep' on it though, rather than just impulse buying. Not only that, it'd be exciting for the girls to play with when they come visit. I also got an extra education game for Harmony to play. :D

So! I went to Dad's after all. Good food, then taking allergy meds til I passed out. Netflix, pets, and all around just hanging out at the house. Did some netbook playing and wanted to go get my traditional discount books at the library but they were, sadly, closed. Came home early, since a vet trip was needed and I didn't want to be at the house alone all day with a barking chihuahua *years later and the poor girl is still fear-ridden of people, including me, so I don't blame her*)

Dad and I did actually talk about the fact that we only see each other about once a year, or longer.

I'm okay. I am. We talk all throughout the year online and there is no strain or tension, no grievances in our relationship. It's just that I live so far away..which is true. I mean I only see my Mom once a month, now, sometimes. And he said it is more than a relationship he got with his own 'biological' dad, who left him as a kid. He met him again in adulthood but they don't have much of a relationship. Yeah, the biological gramps barely knows his grandkids. I've met him a couple times. Anyway, we're cool. I'm coming back for Christmas THIS year, praise God, so THAT is a bonus. ^^ Will be happy to see my nieces again soon. They're coming over there, too.

Also, he got me a gift card for my birthday. Visa. Didn't work. I was almost frustrated to tears. *Didn't want to cry at my birthday gift.* But Dad got me what I wanted with a real card instead. 25 dollars in iTunes which I happily spent on an old twentyonepilots album, and some other songs.

Oh, and there was my favorite frozen Ms. Smith chocolate pie, which I enjoyed a few slices of. Diet, schmiet. Right?

Oh, and speaking of kids, I got a NEW COUSIN! Born last night, a first child for my Uncle Pat and my new first cousin. Scarlet (gorgeous name) Nancy Fogg. Middle name named for my late grandmother. R.I.P. Sure she's got a new baby to watch over now.

If there's one thing I appreciate the most about writing about my life, practically covering all my twenties by now..getting there..it's the births I get to write about..and if I see the kids enough..writing about them growing up.

It is something cool to leave behind when I die one day..hopefully very old, in my sleep. Going straight from a pleasant dream and walking into Heaven like I imagine happens when you die in your sleep. Likely, better. God knows, right?

P.S. Also got another chapter in on my book today, so Huzzah!! Ahead of schedule until December 4th and only 27 pages until the ending! :3

So yeah, that's what I wanted to write about and also thanking God I got back into blog writing long enough to mention this stuff. :D Hopefully, I'll write about my birthday as well on the day ;of.' lol. Anyway, I'm off. Praise God, Jesus, Lord. See ya! Bye.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

This Past Month. Lots'a pictures!

Well, my savings challenge is a couple weeks behind BUT I managed to get all the Christmas presents. I can't wait to see my Dad's reaction to mine. I think it's like a bull or steer skull. I got it for SEVEN bucks at yard sale! I soaked it overnight in a plastic crate of water/peroxide, another day to dry, and then glossed it with Mod Podge. Good to go. And today, I wrapped.

Aaliyah is getting a custom mini baking set. Mini cupcake pan, chocolate cake mix, chocolate frosting, measuring cup, and a frosting bag. There's another reaction I can't wait to see.

Drake and Brooklyn get a pair of water guns. :) Fun fun.

Baby stuff. One for my niece Zoey, barely a year old and yet to be born cousin, my Uncle Pat is having. Both girls.

DJ and Maranda get a door alarm.

Did a Pinterest thing for Mom, Jen, and Anna's gift.

 Image result for sundae pinterest bath

Above image from Pinterest.

Jen gets a sequin keychain and a cute yet fuzzy framed photo of Me, Harmony, and Aaliyah.

Got April, Rob, and Dawn a gift on Wish.com. It should be here after Christmas, but no biggie. :) Not like I don't see them often, lol.

I got all the stocking stuffers and Lord, are they stuffed. *.* So much candy! You can thank God, and the Halloween discounted stuff, for that. ^^ Even got candy vampire teeth in there. lol. Must resist eating mine until Christmas now when the choc-cravings hit.

Still happily single and loving it.


Tried Neopets premium for the month. Loving it and MAY consider extending it. ^^ Still battledome training my Neopet. Doing a plot, and a games challenge.

Got Neocash, about twenty bucks worth, I think, and bot training fortune cookies and faerie quest cookies. Kinda had to stop blowing money on it right there. Lol. Virtual stuff is not a sensible thing to waste money on, very admittedly. 

Got a Space Faerie code off Ebay, which now accepts credit cards and not just Paypal, thank GOD! and I struggled to use it at first, but it eventually worked. Now if I can just win against her...someday.

Rob gave me $25.00 credit on Steam for my Birthday. Borderlands Two and a bunch of DLC went on sale. Got it. Played once with Rob, nuff' said.

'Chrisley Knows Best' is officially my new favorite show. That, and 'According to Chrisley.' Oh, the sass!

I also bought Sonic CD. I needed to upgrade my account status by spending five bucks. Worth it.

After all this, you can see why the first paragraph is what it is.

Can I just say I'm GLAD my family doesn't read this blog? No spoilers with the gifts! :D

April's new thing is Rick and Morty. It's the new Harry Potter. Lol.

Writing goals are, at least, for the moment, ahead of schedule 
and we are closing in on an epic ending!

A 'fan' of my work on Secondlife. Ahem, I find the term fan blush-worthy when thrown at me willingly by someone, anyway. That was how they introduced themselves. :P 

Anyway! On Secondlife.  Offered me free rent to rebuild my store, only to donate once in a while, and I'm super blessed about that, in Jesus name, Amen! Been making a lot of ballet themed stuff, because I love ballerinas...as well as the opera. What a combo. :)

Mom doesn't care for opera, and probably find it strange that I adore it.

Anyway! Made this recipe recently, and it was SO delicious!

Got some Buy One, get one free pies in my favorite flavor a couple weeks ago for my birthday! It's my tradition that if I get nothing else, at least have a pie or cake on my birthday. Will get to nom on that when I get back from Dad's at Thanksgiving. They're frozen, so still good.

 Hoping to God he shows, though. It looks like he will this time.

I love my Dad to death. 

I haven't seen him since probably last Christmas. For real. We've made constant arrangements to meet since then, only for him to come up with some excuse out of nowhere that he can't come. Got to a point where I stopped expecting him to mean it when he said he would come over and just shrug when he gives me the excuse.

This all sounds sad. It does. 

It doesn't make him a bad father, to me. 

I've just grown up, we both got our own lives. It's just how stuff goes in adulthood. 

There's no strife there. Anyway, fingers crossed. Even if the plans get cancelled, April and Rob (who are doing Thanksgiving on Sunday as they both are kinda miserable right now) are my Plan B.

Boy, I just killed the perky mood, didn't I? XD

Anyway, I'll be private live-streaming on my Youtube of home, so that I don't get homesick. :)

Also, how can I forget! I spent a week at Mom's (where I fell in love with mentioned show above) and went to the Hard Rock Hotel for the first time in years. My! How its changed. Also, Mom got me a free umbrella. ^^ Should probably bring it with me when traveling as the weather is not great today.

Other noteworthy moments from my past month: 

Over and over and over. My heart melts at this rendition.

My character, the Lady Elizabeth Sheeks. :D Based off of a promo picture of Annabelle Wallis for the Tudors.

Yeah, our neighbor got a goat. Now he's the friendly neighborhood goat. :D One day he got all tied up on his rope and another neighbor and I had to work together to untangle him .^^

That wonderful day April and I split tiny cupcakes. :) Ultra sugary, but oh so delicious!

So yeah. This month has been enormously blessed. Praise and Thank Jesus Christ for that. :) Hope it continues and you all have a wonderful holiday! Will be happy to add any new past 'noteworthy' events if I can think of them. P.S. My allergies have it in for me today. *.*

My favorite song this month.

Warning: it could get stuck in your head. It's catchy. *.*

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