Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016: Year in Review

This account of my year in review is a collective of all my statuses, pictures, and memories from various social media....because my memory is not all that fabulous.

January 2016
Started the Oi Bae! Facebook page.
Anna's mother passed away. :(
Drew a Hello Kitty drawing for Jen and turned a sketch into a digital painting. Started practicing 3D modeling with my Oi Bae! store sign.
The government cut my food stamps off.
Got halfway through making an audio version of my novel, The Dream Doctor.
My niece Brooklyn was born. <3
Attempting my graphic novel.
All the re-attempts of trying to get back in a relationship, and failing. :/

February 2016
I installed a profanity filter on my browser. :)
Fell in love with the song, Salted Wound by Sia. :D
Getting my own computer and my own space with Mom's help.
Coot died.
Dad gets engaged.

March 2016
Still practicing 3D modeling.
Attending my niece's and nephew's beauty pageant! :D
Yet another diet, lol.
My favorite Thrift Store burned down. :(
Wonderful park day with Aaliyah.
Patty Duke dies. :( At least she's in Heaven.
Walking closer with God.

April 2016
Visiting Mom's AMAZING backyard for the first time, her little piece of paradise.
Dryer broke.
Got an influx of donated groceries from friends of April's Mom.
Joining ipsy and then later regretting it the next month when I realized I got nothing useful to me from it except the bag. XD
Getting glasses.
Nostalgia Critic. Enough said. :P
Painted an avatar likeness of myself in secondlife.
Bought a new webcam! :) and ordered the 'This Fabulous Century' series.
Got into

May 2016
Took a rare Coldstones trip with the family. :)
Harmony turned THREE!
Computer starts breaking.
'White Rabbit' by Jefferson Airplanes becomes my favorite song.
Zackary had a military ball.
Took quite a break from a lot of social media like Blogger and Instagram all the way into around August. O.O
New wig!! :D

June 2016
Harmony came over for a wonderful weekend to remember. :)
Drake's Chuck 'E' Cheese party for his second birthday, also memorable!
Casual practice with 3D modeling.
Drawing again.

July 2016
Dad hip-hop dancing with their daughters were my favorite viral videos.
Tried actually drawing again.
Cloverfield being the most intense film I ever watched in my life. But at least Mom bought me 'Grumpy Old' Men.' :) Love Jack Lemmon and Walter Matheau.
Took my first up-close photo of a butterfly.
Attempting, but never finishing, a digital graphic novel of The Dream Doctor.
'Considering' veganism.
Newly into Panic at the Disco.
Rob fixes my computer.
Moved my bedroom to the living room.
Attempted and failed to try making loan payments.
Cracked my iPod. Still works.

August  2016
Mema starts having mental problems.
April and I get in more arguments.
Wrote a chapter to a book I never continued.
Made Booksmart up to date.
Working out more often, losing weight. Running into a cute alligator in the meantime.
Digitally painting myself.
Deleted my congested Tumblr account.
Deleted congested Twitter account: Tud0r.
Attempted signing up for AdSense.
Blog overhaul.
Made a single comic.
Editing The Dream Doctor.
The long stay over at Jen's house. O.O At least I met the sweetest cat, Binx.
Mom gets me a lava lamp. :D
Nightmare toothache.
A lot of cashing out from Secondlife to buy my own food while away.

September 2016
Marley's birthday party.
Across the Universe becomes my favorite film of all time!
Rob buys me a new domain:!
Editing the Dream Doctor before it can be ready for publishing.
My allergies start flaring up. :(
Long walk to the Dollar Store for some fun shopping!
Ordered 'The Dream Doctor' and notices some problems with it after.
Found my glasses after they went missing for ages.
Adele's 'Send My Love (To Your New Lover)' becomes my favorite song.
Learning the clothesline is home to spider families. O.O
A piece of tooth broke off, leaving a jagged edge cutting up my tongue. I eventually filed it down with a nail file.
Blurb refuses to send my book (and plans to send it back) so I get a ride from the neighbor tog et it from the post office before it's too late. I then started revisions.
The size of my store gets expanded in Secondlife. :D
Rob buys me the Sims 3!!!
I watch a lot of Third Rock from the Sun, Sims, and Across the Universe.
My computer starts messing up again.
Getting muted in a certain Secondlife group and then struggling to be forgiven and get back in.
I learn JRM and Mara marry, yay! :D
Hulu gets rid of Supernatural. :/
After a Windows 10 Update, my graphics card kicks the bucket and my computer stops acknowledging my monitor.
Computer comes back next day.

October 2016
Moved bed back to my bedroom and spend a long time leaving a livestream of space up 24/7.
Moved files to April's computer, which would later prove very useful indeed.
Got into 'Stranger Things.'
Graphics card calls it quits again.
Drake and Brooklyn come and visit, and incidentally, unintentionally, get April sick, who gets Rick and her Mom sick.
More exercise.
Another little shopping spree for early Christmas gifts. :) Lost my wide angle lens for my iPod though and had to buy another.]
I took the old laptop from the top closet, which went up there for over  a year after not having a working mousepad and it worked PERFECTLY! Praise Jesus!
Had an exciting run in with my Family at Wal-Mart while they were on their way to Sea World for Aaliyah's birthday. before Mom even says hi, she reaches in her wallet and hands me twenty bucks, lol.
OkCupid fails.
Jackie is remembered on what would have been her 20th birthday. R.I.P.
Garbanzo jumps on top of my door for some reason. O.O
The famous 50L mega-shopping spree in Meli Imako's SL store.
Getting back in touch with Caleb.
Cat gives me a scare when I think I hear him peeing on the Christmas presents when really it's another cat in the litter box.
Uneventful Halloween.

November 2016
'Dumpster diving' with the kids, lol. Don't judge me. Having Aaliyah and Harmony over was a really good time.
Supporting Zackary at his JROTC competition.
Visited Cheryl and saw her son for the first time since he was little.
Vacation at Mom's beautiful backyard paradise, including getting a pedicure with her, Harmony, and Maranda.
Visiting Mema's house, then Dad's (seeing him for the first time in two years.) Did more Christmas shopping and got a personalized luggage set as an early Christmas gift and a camcorder for the bday.
Sweetest dog followed me around and I tried to find it's owner but couldn't. Hope it's okay.
Learned more about my parents back when they were together.
Also, straightened my hair for the first time in AGES!!!
Then back to Mom's again.
Got my first pair of leggings and found Across the Universe by a miracle on DVD. :)
Rebooted a new Twitter and Tumblr page.
Drawing practice.
Cats dropping dead squirrels on the porch and scaring the daylights out of me.
Found April's old Android. :D Been attached ever since.
Politics. -_-
Got back into Neopets.
Blocked Caleb....again.
More OkCupid fails.
Turning my handwriting in a font.
Heavily getting into drawing with April's tablet, wishing for my own.
Drinking more water.

December 2016
No update from Blogger.
More fitness and water drinking...for a short period.
Tablet wishing.
Planning hosting Christmas dinner for the first time, despite my skepticism that anyone would show.
Start an intolerance to bananas, as they hurt my stomach now.
Finding old negatives of Aunt Heaather and Zackary and scanning those previously lost photos.
Computer officially dies, for good. Beginning saving for a new build. -_-
Christmas dinner ends up becoming one of my fondest memories and all on tape, some of it even shot by the little ones.
However, days before, April and I got colds. For her it developed into bronchitis, then pneumonia. I am getting better though, by God's grace and mercy in Jesus name, amen! Cause God can.
Did a lot of Christmas traveling which was an opportunity for more home movies and memories.
Been continuing working on my Secondlife store while Rob had been away the past couple weeks at his girlfriend's house. Also, he got me a Supernatural coloring book .Very awesome!
Marthoning the Kardashians, trying to see every episode.
Anticipating a new year. Decided to do my year in review. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, and saves! This has been long and exhaustive. Later home nugget!

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