Monday, November 14, 2016

Two Weeks Since

3:37 p.m. Latest update on the Caleb thing, I can only say it's been a peaceful reconciliation. His memories of our past relationship were a bit different than mine (He did not seem to recall just how bad things really got back then) but that is water under the bridge. I did tell him about finding that Facebook page and he was surprisingly kinda excited about it, not creeped out.

Thanksgiving plans were made and settled. I go to my Mom's on the 18th of November, in four days, and then my Dad picks me up from there. I am staying there until around the 24th and I am hoping to get some birthday time with Mom squeezed in after. All in all, I am expecting it'll be close to my birthday by the time I get home.

I've been heavily heavily hinting, or more outright begging, for a graphics card for a hirthday present this year. Anything to get me back to having Secondlife and Skyrim on my OWN computer. Speaking of which, I still have two group gifts to do for Oi Bae! within the next four days. Sounds easy, sure, but motivation is needed. Advent calendar got finished, inworld store redecorated tastefully, so I am pleased with that.

I had a wonderful weekend with my nieces as well. :D We went to the park, I taught Aaliyah to play Sims 3, and we baked homemade brownies. Oh, and Harmony wore my wig, lol.

We also, ahem, 'dumpster dived' (a term, not actually digging inside a dumpster) on this huge pile of stuff my neighbors threw out on the side of the road. Don't judge me! We got three toddler sized bikes which we washed and they worked perfectly fine, one doubled as a stroller which was convenient for the long park walk. I'm still sore from it, nonetheless lol.

Anyway, we just happen to keep getting neighbors who throw out a lot of good stuff. Computer desk (still needs hosing from the spider webs) which will fit nicely in my small bedroom. In the past, we got a couple small bookshelves and a sturdy wood-based couch both still in use.) as well as several porch chairs.

I can't believe it's been two weeks. Feels like way longer. I voted Hillary, Trump won. Wasn't my choice BUT I have to trust God has a plan so I need to not complain and accept that. :)

Rob's Mom took us. And the sheriff ran unopposed, but Rob disagreed with him so in the blank option below he wrote his own name in for sheriff! He should have told me as I would have written his name in, too. lol. And we also had a nice Mcdonalds trip. I ate one of those mega versions of a Big Mac, Grand Mac or something, and it tasted okay. I don't like the sauce and it was too much bread, other than that it was great. Very filling and calorie dense, haha.

I met Rob's new girlfriend, who was very sweet. She even made a gesture of buying us all hunting pocket knives for 'protection.' I do not think in the case of any assault, I would have the gall for murder. I shall never kill or even stab a person, obviously, even in self defense. From a more practical standpoint, it is a decent sharp object to clean my dirty fingernails with, lol. Don't tell but I already did that with April's knife. >.>

Rob and I grocery shopped yesterday after April and her stepdad had a huge argument, and though it was settled down he stood her up this morning (either intentional or not, we don't know) to take her over to her Mom's as she typically would have gone today.

It was over the incident weeks ago where I watched my brother's kids, niece and nephew, and thus April got sick and then got her Mom and stepdad sick. And after my sister's kids had left, he asked if they had been sick or if she was sick and she said no, and he advised to be careful not to bring them over when they were sick and she took it to mean 'banning them' which he says he did not mean and it just blew up into a whole big thing. Thus, he did not come because he did not want to take a chance on her being sick and bringing an illness back over, even though she claims she is not...which she isn't.

Drama much? Sorry about that. >.> Anyway!

As for the grocery shopping, we ran into the most enthusiastic sample lady I ever met. She said in a sweet southern accent, as we passed, 'Ya'll come on over here and try some of this!' It was this little pack of Italian meatballs and she had us try two different types. Whatever she's doing, it worked. We bought the little pack of meatballs, fancier brand to us than usual, for about five bucks with a coupon. :) Nice lady.

That old Android April gave me has been lost for months and conveniently, it's been on Rob's desk the ENTIRE time! Just in time for me to use Twitter. I made a new account after deactivating the other one, Tud0r, a long while back. Only my iPod is so old it can't download the app, so Android to the rescue! I have to remember to bring my busted tablet over to my Dad's for fixing when I leave as well. The charger is charging that Android phone nicely for now.

I've very blessed by God and want to thank Him right now for this and everything else. I have an iPod, Android (now found) a netbook, a tablet (that needs repairing) a desktop computer, a borrowed laptop (which miraculously works after sitting a year atop the closet), and access now and then to borrow two desktop computers from my roommates. I am VERY thankful. :D Praise Jesus, God is able!

Just think, though we've kept in touch, I've not seen my father in about two years!! I certainly don't hold it against him, not that I would ever hold anything against him. I love my Dad far too much and I live far too long away, and it was always something that got in the way of a simple visit but this is much needed. It's sad but celebratory at the same time.

I feel like that about covered the highlights of the past two weeks, aside from bad eating habits which will need to get under control sooner rather than later, admittedly. Also, Garbanzo is allowed outside now and that cat couldn't be happier...though days later I was greeted with a fresh dead squirrel outside the front door. >.>

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