Friday, November 25, 2016

Post Thanksgiving

2:09 p.m. I started my morning at around 8:30 a.m. I took a long walk down to the library to see what time they opened, not until ten a.m. Then I went up and down the street trying to find that yard sale I saw yesterday.

All the while, this sweet pit bull followed me around. I went into the post office to call animal control, and they said she belonged to a nearby trailer. I insisted I didn't know the area and she pointed out a white trailer.

I can see why she thought the dog belonged there. It was a white mobile home with a big yard, fence and no tresspassing sign enclosed, and an open front door.

I called out and about six pit bulls busted through the door, barking wildly. That got their attention. But alas, the dog was not theirs but noted that despite lacking a collar, she was clean and well fed. So she belonged to SOMEONE. Dad said that was also why I shouldnt let her follow me around.

I let her follow some more and she lost me after I stopped to rest at a nearby park. A lone kid there pointed me in the direction of the yard sale. I thanked him and walked there.

I came away with an unopened girly board game for four bucks (for Aaliyah for Christmas) and a hair straightener for me for only a buck!! AND THE STRAIGHTENER WORKED!! :D Beautifully, I may add. :) Did a wonder on my mop, lol.

The rest of the day has just been TV, Netflix, snacking on my cheetos and checking the library one more time, only to find they are closed for the day. I also briefly accessed Secondlife via netbook.

Now just hanging out with Dad until we go to the bank. He's got an errand to run.

2:34 p.m. Once again, I write a meaningful post and blogger deletes it. Anna and I were sharing stories and we talked all night last night and she shared tales about my parents from back when they were married.

They divorced when I was a baby. My sister was about two. And her stories filled in a blank in my memory. I have one memory of my parents "together" and that was the night my brother was born, when I was five.

Niether of them wanted to be married but their families insisted. Dad partied too much, 18 year old Mom buckled down.

They divorced when I was a baby but he came back when DJ was born since a father wasn't in the picture. He was studying for a degree, Mom was messy, and three kids was too much noise for him. So they called it quits. He was still in our life and to this day they are friends. It does explain why I have this one memory of them together, though they were divorced.

She shared other stories, too, but that was the most significant for me.

#thanksnothanks to the Blogger App making me rewrite this story. -_-

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