Sunday, November 27, 2016

Now I'm Home!

10:17 p.m. Praise Jesus! I'm home again! The major highlight of yesterday though was this amazing book haul I had. ALL for four dollars! :D I read the bogie one and am already started on 'To Marry An English Lord." #winterreading.

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I have also restarted my Tumblr tonight, after watching Rob scroll through his. If you recall, I deleted both Tumblr and twitter, chocked full of junk previously and have only recently decided to reboot them both, fresh. The fun part was trying to get my feed the way I wanted it, just for starting lol.

But anyway, I'm skipping ahead by mentioning that. SO! When I had Mom come get me this morning, she took me to Walmart and got me the cake mix and frosting I wanted for my birthday TOMORROW, as well as some Aussie hairspray and Axe-female-esque kit in a cute faux white leather bag. :D I've had a seriously good week.

This is the loot I brought home, with the personalized luggage set being an early Christmas gift and what I didn't buy myself, were birthday presents from my parents. :D Thanking God/Jesus as this is an enormous blessing, there was also the hair straightener I got for a dollar from the yard sale yesterday (and above mentioned huge can of Aussie spray.) Fabulous! :D

I ALSO, tonight, finally brought that little desk from the garage and washed it off 'in the shower' since we do not have a water hose. Seriously. BUT, it fit in my tiny space and ultimately, I am pleased. :D

Anyway, that's the MAJOR news for now. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves as always folks, good night! P.S. Pray for me, been having major heartburn lately. #notfun

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