Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

9:18 a.m. I apologize for the lack of updates. This thanksgiving week, I have been visiting my family.

I spent a couple days at Moms. I had a bingo night with her and she gave me sixteen bucks.

We attended Zackary's JROTC event all day, the next day. I don't envy how much work they had to do. Lot's of trials and obstacle courses in the hot sun (although the morning was pretty chilly lol)

Then we visited Moms friend Cheryl and their friends...we sat around discussing death and politics. (No joke.)

Cheryl's son was there, who I had not seen since early childhood. He grew up to be such a nice (and reallllly cute, shhhhhh!) guy. Don't tell anyone I said that, it's awkward cause he's like family practically, (though there is no blood/marriage relation.)

Then the next day there was the pedicure with Mom, Maranda, and Harmony. Harmony enjoyed it, I got a lot of pictures which I will share later. AND SHE BOUGHT ME ACROSS THE UNIVERSE!!

We couldn't find it at Wal Mart and I almost gave up checking the racks of random DVDs at Big Lots, but I turned around (after telling myself, 'Don't Give Up!') and checked for one more second, and there it was!

We watched the film with pizza and wings and she swore she saw it before, but it was great. OH! And she bought me galaxy leggings!  The next morning I came to Memas, accidentally leaving them behind. Instead I accidentally took her new 'Bridesmaids' DVD, lol.

Due to car complications, I never made it to Aunt Doris's, which is okay since it's mostly strangers and me quietly eating, lol.

Ive been dying to secretly say this, "You cant watch tv with the elderly, they tell story after story without skipping a breath."

Its been fine here, lol. Even had pizza, jalepeno cheetos, and somehow, wifi, when I couldn't get it working on other devices. Watched a LOT of Catfish marathons. I've been briefly on and off SL, saving lindens to cash out for Christmas shopping, and I've been on OkCupid. Deleted and restarted my account.

Watched the latest Supernatural episode last night on the CW app. :)

Had to block Caleb on Facebook again.

It was only a matter of time. He found yesterday was a great day to try to incite a debate over my Christianity. This directly after a guy on OkCupid wanted me to justify why I'm abstinent and said it made him feel like everything he would do would be wrong. Yesterday, men just stressed me OUT! Grrrr ......

I have a bad habit of ghosting men on OkCupid, admittedly. Its only because I lose interest, as well as avoiding an argument. What small percentage of guys will take no for an answer? Why risk it?

Onto a new subject, I'm helping mema prepare food this morning to take to Dad's, (I just recently paused writing to ice and sprinkle cupcakes) where I will be staying another few days. Then Mom's until my birthday on the 28th, then home!! P.S. Have not been able to reach April or Rob for days so I have to wonder what's up? More soon. Watching the Macys Parade. :D God bless, give thanks, Jesus loves, lives, saves!

Mema had to get onto me this morning. I waited sixteen hours to eat again this morning, having last eaten at 5 p.m. last night. Two breakfast sandwiches this morning...which as it turned out I was not supposed to eat. #awkward My apologies today for that.

On a bright side, considering I'm not eating every hour and them out of house and home, I'm not fat-shaming myself over it. Thank God. Don't need that today. Past couple days have been trying to be better to my body. More water, less soda haha. There! Now I THINK I`m caught up. This being done on an Android with a little touch keyboard. O.O

11:47 a.m. All packed, ready, and watching the myself. We've not left yet for Dad's but no rush. I took a couple pictures in the meantime. ^_^

I made a connection with a nice guy on OkCupid so here's hoping that goes somewhere, right?

4:11 p.m. I'm at Dad's now, all stuffed and tired, and watching Barney Miller. I held off on the wifi until mema and papa left. I want a nap soon. O.O

Also, Dad gave me a mini camcorder for my birthday so that's awesome! He forgot to give me a cord though. :P 

He and Anna also got me a hot pink overnight bag which I love!!! It was an early Christmas present since I won't be here for that (Spending it at April's parents.) Anywho, Hot pink is my favorite color. ^.^ So I was even more excited. I want to go set up in the guest room here in a moment.

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