A Daily Diary: November 2016


Monday, November 28, 2016

It's My Birthday!

9:10 a.m. I started out my day with a little Secondlife, which is still running, and doing something I've been wanting to do for a long while now. DESIGN A FONT IN MY HANDWRITING~! Praise Jesus, what an age to be alive!

I did it in both normal handwriting and cursive, a reputed dying art. I love it! I can't even...-sigh- Happy day and later we bake a cake from scratch with confetti sprinkles and m&m's. Gonna be a nice day, today, I tell you what. I do need something to eat though, just wanted to say this. Praise the Lord, God does above all we ask or think!

2:09 p.m. Perks of being an artist: I can see a cute picture and say, "Ohh! I want to draw that! Then whenever you draw it you own all the copyright, mwuahahah! XD

I also did this today for practice with April's tablet, but honestly I like the kitty better, which felt like it only took 20 minutes to finish. Key word: Felt!

I also used said 'cat image' to try to further convince Mom to get me this for Christmas:

If not, I have every intention of earning and/or buying it myself. ^_^ Then I wouldn't need to sneak on April's Wacom like I'm doing today. Well, not so much sneaking, I told her I'm using it. O.O Asking for forgiveness rather than permission, still though.

8:53 p.m. So today was awesome! I finished up ANOTHER painting, followed by a dinner from Rob, bacon cheeseburger with fries, and April baked me a cake.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Now I'm Home!

10:17 p.m. Praise Jesus! I'm home again! The major highlight of yesterday though was this amazing book haul I had. ALL for four dollars! :D I read the bogie one and am already started on 'To Marry An English Lord." #winterreading.

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I have also restarted my Tumblr tonight, after watching Rob scroll through his. If you recall, I deleted both Tumblr and twitter, chocked full of junk previously and have only recently decided to reboot them both, fresh. The fun part was trying to get my feed the way I wanted it, just for starting lol.

But anyway, I'm skipping ahead by mentioning that. SO! When I had Mom come get me this morning, she took me to Walmart and got me the cake mix and frosting I wanted for my birthday TOMORROW, as well as some Aussie hairspray and Axe-female-esque kit in a cute faux white leather bag. :D I've had a seriously good week.

This is the loot I brought home, with the personalized luggage set being an early Christmas gift and what I didn't buy myself, were birthday presents from my parents. :D Thanking God/Jesus as this is an enormous blessing, there was also the hair straightener I got for a dollar from the yard sale yesterday (and above mentioned huge can of Aussie spray.) Fabulous! :D

I ALSO, tonight, finally brought that little desk from the garage and washed it off 'in the shower' since we do not have a water hose. Seriously. BUT, it fit in my tiny space and ultimately, I am pleased. :D

Anyway, that's the MAJOR news for now. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves as always folks, good night! P.S. Pray for me, been having major heartburn lately. #notfun

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Post Thanksgiving

2:09 p.m. I started my morning at around 8:30 a.m. I took a long walk down to the library to see what time they opened, not until ten a.m. Then I went up and down the street trying to find that yard sale I saw yesterday.

All the while, this sweet pit bull followed me around. I went into the post office to call animal control, and they said she belonged to a nearby trailer. I insisted I didn't know the area and she pointed out a white trailer.

I can see why she thought the dog belonged there. It was a white mobile home with a big yard, fence and no tresspassing sign enclosed, and an open front door.

I called out and about six pit bulls busted through the door, barking wildly. That got their attention. But alas, the dog was not theirs but noted that despite lacking a collar, she was clean and well fed. So she belonged to SOMEONE. Dad said that was also why I shouldnt let her follow me around.

I let her follow some more and she lost me after I stopped to rest at a nearby park. A lone kid there pointed me in the direction of the yard sale. I thanked him and walked there.

I came away with an unopened girly board game for four bucks (for Aaliyah for Christmas) and a hair straightener for me for only a buck!! AND THE STRAIGHTENER WORKED!! :D Beautifully, I may add. :) Did a wonder on my mop, lol.

The rest of the day has just been TV, Netflix, snacking on my cheetos and checking the library one more time, only to find they are closed for the day. I also briefly accessed Secondlife via netbook.

Now just hanging out with Dad until we go to the bank. He's got an errand to run.

2:34 p.m. Once again, I write a meaningful post and blogger deletes it. Anna and I were sharing stories and we talked all night last night and she shared tales about my parents from back when they were married.

They divorced when I was a baby. My sister was about two. And her stories filled in a blank in my memory. I have one memory of my parents "together" and that was the night my brother was born, when I was five.

Niether of them wanted to be married but their families insisted. Dad partied too much, 18 year old Mom buckled down.

They divorced when I was a baby but he came back when DJ was born since a father wasn't in the picture. He was studying for a degree, Mom was messy, and three kids was too much noise for him. So they called it quits. He was still in our life and to this day they are friends. It does explain why I have this one memory of them together, though they were divorced.

She shared other stories, too, but that was the most significant for me.

#thanksnothanks to the Blogger App making me rewrite this story. -_-

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

9:18 a.m. I apologize for the lack of updates. This thanksgiving week, I have been visiting my family.

I spent a couple days at Moms. I had a bingo night with her and she gave me sixteen bucks.

We attended Zackary's JROTC event all day, the next day. I don't envy how much work they had to do. Lot's of trials and obstacle courses in the hot sun (although the morning was pretty chilly lol)

Then we visited Moms friend Cheryl and their friends...we sat around discussing death and politics. (No joke.)

Cheryl's son was there, who I had not seen since early childhood. He grew up to be such a nice (and reallllly cute, shhhhhh!) guy. Don't tell anyone I said that, it's awkward cause he's like family practically, (though there is no blood/marriage relation.)

Then the next day there was the pedicure with Mom, Maranda, and Harmony. Harmony enjoyed it, I got a lot of pictures which I will share later. AND SHE BOUGHT ME ACROSS THE UNIVERSE!!

We couldn't find it at Wal Mart and I almost gave up checking the racks of random DVDs at Big Lots, but I turned around (after telling myself, 'Don't Give Up!') and checked for one more second, and there it was!

We watched the film with pizza and wings and she swore she saw it before, but it was great. OH! And she bought me galaxy leggings!  The next morning I came to Memas, accidentally leaving them behind. Instead I accidentally took her new 'Bridesmaids' DVD, lol.

Due to car complications, I never made it to Aunt Doris's, which is okay since it's mostly strangers and me quietly eating, lol.

Ive been dying to secretly say this, "You cant watch tv with the elderly, they tell story after story without skipping a breath."

Its been fine here, lol. Even had pizza, jalepeno cheetos, and somehow, wifi, when I couldn't get it working on other devices. Watched a LOT of Catfish marathons. I've been briefly on and off SL, saving lindens to cash out for Christmas shopping, and I've been on OkCupid. Deleted and restarted my account.

Watched the latest Supernatural episode last night on the CW app. :)

Had to block Caleb on Facebook again.

It was only a matter of time. He found yesterday was a great day to try to incite a debate over my Christianity. This directly after a guy on OkCupid wanted me to justify why I'm abstinent and said it made him feel like everything he would do would be wrong. Yesterday, men just stressed me OUT! Grrrr ......

I have a bad habit of ghosting men on OkCupid, admittedly. Its only because I lose interest, as well as avoiding an argument. What small percentage of guys will take no for an answer? Why risk it?

Onto a new subject, I'm helping mema prepare food this morning to take to Dad's, (I just recently paused writing to ice and sprinkle cupcakes) where I will be staying another few days. Then Mom's until my birthday on the 28th, then home!! P.S. Have not been able to reach April or Rob for days so I have to wonder what's up? More soon. Watching the Macys Parade. :D God bless, give thanks, Jesus loves, lives, saves!

Mema had to get onto me this morning. I waited sixteen hours to eat again this morning, having last eaten at 5 p.m. last night. Two breakfast sandwiches this morning...which as it turned out I was not supposed to eat. #awkward My apologies today for that.

On a bright side, considering I'm not eating every hour and them out of house and home, I'm not fat-shaming myself over it. Thank God. Don't need that today. Past couple days have been trying to be better to my body. More water, less soda haha. There! Now I THINK I`m caught up. This being done on an Android with a little touch keyboard. O.O

11:47 a.m. All packed, ready, and watching the parade...by myself. We've not left yet for Dad's but no rush. I took a couple pictures in the meantime. ^_^

I made a connection with a nice guy on OkCupid so here's hoping that goes somewhere, right?

4:11 p.m. I'm at Dad's now, all stuffed and tired, and watching Barney Miller. I held off on the wifi until mema and papa left. I want a nap soon. O.O

Also, Dad gave me a mini camcorder for my birthday so that's awesome! He forgot to give me a cord though. :P 

He and Anna also got me a hot pink overnight bag which I love!!! It was an early Christmas present since I won't be here for that (Spending it at April's parents.) Anywho, Hot pink is my favorite color. ^.^ So I was even more excited. I want to go set up in the guest room here in a moment.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


That moment when you look as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside:

#selflove #bodypositivety

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Got It Done!

8:52 p.m. I spent the entire day creating on Secondlife. I got my group gifts finished and stuff up for sale, which already started selling so I'm pleased with that. ^_^ I just tweeted about it. The new twitter account has zero followers so we may as well think of it as a mini-archive.

Apparently, I'm going to have a A LOT of traveling this Thanksgiving holiday. On the 18th I go to my Mom's, then my Aunt Doris's, then Mema's, then Dad's, then BACK to Mom's house, then home. This will be quite the Thanksgiving/Birthday week, no?

I'm kinda beat. I tweeted while blogging. Really trying to get back into twitter but I can't say I would stick with it long, as the pattern is I dive headfirst into something and use it to death for like a week and then end up leaving it alone a lot. Hey, add me @ProtagonistLex. :)

I wound up using my Games Fortune cookie I've been saving for a 5X play today on Neopets, which is celebrating it's 'own' birthday so that was a nice bonus this morning.

P.S. I've since migrated to my room as April is playing Cards Against Humanity. Not the game for someone like me, obviously. And no, that was not sarcasm.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Two Weeks Since

3:37 p.m. Latest update on the Caleb thing, I can only say it's been a peaceful reconciliation. His memories of our past relationship were a bit different than mine (He did not seem to recall just how bad things really got back then) but that is water under the bridge. I did tell him about finding that Facebook page and he was surprisingly kinda excited about it, not creeped out.

Thanksgiving plans were made and settled. I go to my Mom's on the 18th of November, in four days, and then my Dad picks me up from there. I am staying there until around the 24th and I am hoping to get some birthday time with Mom squeezed in after. All in all, I am expecting it'll be close to my birthday by the time I get home.

I've been heavily heavily hinting, or more outright begging, for a graphics card for a hirthday present this year. Anything to get me back to having Secondlife and Skyrim on my OWN computer. Speaking of which, I still have two group gifts to do for Oi Bae! within the next four days. Sounds easy, sure, but motivation is needed. Advent calendar got finished, inworld store redecorated tastefully, so I am pleased with that.

I had a wonderful weekend with my nieces as well. :D We went to the park, I taught Aaliyah to play Sims 3, and we baked homemade brownies. Oh, and Harmony wore my wig, lol.

We also, ahem, 'dumpster dived' (a term, not actually digging inside a dumpster) on this huge pile of stuff my neighbors threw out on the side of the road. Don't judge me! We got three toddler sized bikes which we washed and they worked perfectly fine, one doubled as a stroller which was convenient for the long park walk. I'm still sore from it, nonetheless lol.

Anyway, we just happen to keep getting neighbors who throw out a lot of good stuff. Computer desk (still needs hosing from the spider webs) which will fit nicely in my small bedroom. In the past, we got a couple small bookshelves and a sturdy wood-based couch both still in use.) as well as several porch chairs.

I can't believe it's been two weeks. Feels like way longer. I voted Hillary, Trump won. Wasn't my choice BUT I have to trust God has a plan so I need to not complain and accept that. :)

Rob's Mom took us. And the sheriff ran unopposed, but Rob disagreed with him so in the blank option below he wrote his own name in for sheriff! He should have told me as I would have written his name in, too. lol. And we also had a nice Mcdonalds trip. I ate one of those mega versions of a Big Mac, Grand Mac or something, and it tasted okay. I don't like the sauce and it was too much bread, other than that it was great. Very filling and calorie dense, haha.

I met Rob's new girlfriend, who was very sweet. She even made a gesture of buying us all hunting pocket knives for 'protection.' I do not think in the case of any assault, I would have the gall for murder. I shall never kill or even stab a person, obviously, even in self defense. From a more practical standpoint, it is a decent sharp object to clean my dirty fingernails with, lol. Don't tell but I already did that with April's knife. >.>

Rob and I grocery shopped yesterday after April and her stepdad had a huge argument, and though it was settled down he stood her up this morning (either intentional or not, we don't know) to take her over to her Mom's as she typically would have gone today.

It was over the incident weeks ago where I watched my brother's kids, niece and nephew, and thus April got sick and then got her Mom and stepdad sick. And after my sister's kids had left, he asked if they had been sick or if she was sick and she said no, and he advised to be careful not to bring them over when they were sick and she took it to mean 'banning them' which he says he did not mean and it just blew up into a whole big thing. Thus, he did not come because he did not want to take a chance on her being sick and bringing an illness back over, even though she claims she is not...which she isn't.

Drama much? Sorry about that. >.> Anyway!

As for the grocery shopping, we ran into the most enthusiastic sample lady I ever met. She said in a sweet southern accent, as we passed, 'Ya'll come on over here and try some of this!' It was this little pack of Italian meatballs and she had us try two different types. Whatever she's doing, it worked. We bought the little pack of meatballs, fancier brand to us than usual, for about five bucks with a coupon. :) Nice lady.

That old Android April gave me has been lost for months and conveniently, it's been on Rob's desk the ENTIRE time! Just in time for me to use Twitter. I made a new account after deactivating the other one, Tud0r, a long while back. Only my iPod is so old it can't download the app, so Android to the rescue! I have to remember to bring my busted tablet over to my Dad's for fixing when I leave as well. The charger is charging that Android phone nicely for now.

I've very blessed by God and want to thank Him right now for this and everything else. I have an iPod, Android (now found) a netbook, a tablet (that needs repairing) a desktop computer, a borrowed laptop (which miraculously works after sitting a year atop the closet), and access now and then to borrow two desktop computers from my roommates. I am VERY thankful. :D Praise Jesus, God is able!

Just think, though we've kept in touch, I've not seen my father in about two years!! I certainly don't hold it against him, not that I would ever hold anything against him. I love my Dad far too much and I live far too long away, and it was always something that got in the way of a simple visit but this is much needed. It's sad but celebratory at the same time.

I feel like that about covered the highlights of the past two weeks, aside from bad eating habits which will need to get under control sooner rather than later, admittedly. Also, Garbanzo is allowed outside now and that cat couldn't be happier...though days later I was greeted with a fresh dead squirrel outside the front door. >.>

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