Thursday, October 6, 2016

What Is Life? XD

11:52 p.m. Kind of a late post but just sharing what the past two days have been like. First of all. I've got SIX clothing items done for the Mama Bae! brand, in five colors each. That's thirty new clothing items in two days and I am really broke on SL, lol.

Finally released a Facebook freebie for the store and added some lucky chairs, as well as a sit and win. If you get SL. you get what I mean.

As for the real world, Sims DOES work on my computer, praise Jesus!  And...I'm on April's pretty much the whole time she's at her Mom' she is right now. The weekend crept up on us and is what it is.

Aaliyah's birthday is coming up. I've been trying for weeks to get her to have a weekend over but Jen always has other plans for her, and I'm sure her birthday weekend will be no exception. I really want to teach her to play Sims, lol. I think she'd REALLY like it, you know?

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