Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Wake Up Call.

4:53 p.m. So I literally just slept in the entire day, quite purposefully. I enjoyed the dream world, what can I say? It was more interesting. I got out of bed around five minutes ago. I went to use the bathroom and the moment I flicked off the light, the power went OUT!! This is Florida, so even a light drizzle like it is now can kick power, but I can't help but wonder if I accidentally did it in my first minutes of waking up.

It also meant I couldn't eat a hot meal for breakfast so I sat outside for some air and ate a protien bar. Garbanzo tried to sneak out past me but the porch door was closed off. I stuck him right back in the house, having none of his nonsense.

So the power is still out and I'm just typing this on my netbook because it needed to be let out. I had weird dreams, being on an island with two U.S. presidents (one was G.W. Bush for sure), and a couple dolphins (one a protective mama who like to nip people) and I remember trying to write about it while on the beach. I was elated, because I actually thought this scenario was REAL!   

Another was me preaching about the ease of Christianity and it's mercy from God, passionately, while outside where my family (including my Mom) and some stranger were. Then followed several celebrity parties, including the actor who played Harry on Third Rock From The Sun.

I'm certain there were more but these dreams but all I could remember were in the later part of my sleep duration. Ironically, I also just woke as my two roommates were going to sleep so while they pass out, I'm going to be wide awake. O.O WHAT an interesting morning.

Oh, and April's schedule changed! She is only going to be here on Wednesdays and weekends. The former schedule was just her being here Tuesdays and Thursdays. She stayed home today because she had a migraine. This also means I THOUGHT I would be on Secondlife tomorrow but it turns out not. Ah well. I will have time in the meantime to earn a little linden from sales and finally get back into creating...while I wait for the mega sales to release during the Full Perm Fair on SL. :D It's what I've been saving my store credit up for with Mesh Agency. Woot!!!

Life is strange, yo. I also went to bed around 6 a.m. ish this morning. I've nearly finished the first season of Stranger Things. Its still like a cross between Stand By Me and Super 8. There's also this character who looks like a perfect blend of David Bowie and Norman Reedus, so much so I thought I had seen him in other stuff before but according to the filmography on IMDB, I actually have not. XD

This is appearing to be a lengthy entry to start the day but that is due to the power being out, which means no internet. It's timing is also terrible as it is going to be evening soon and-----the power just clicked back on. Surprisingly, so is my desktop with the screen normally being an issue. So, that outage only lasted like 16 minutes but went kinda fast, wow.

5:13 p.m. Update. April IS going Wednesday because she was supposed to go today and did not. She is also refusing to sleep from now until tomorrow because she...said she will just sleep and wake at midnight then be too tired for her Mama's. Strange logic. Nonetheless, the power is back.

5:22 p.m. So Banzo just tried to escape again when Rob reacted to all the smoke from the fire pit creeping up the porch. Everything seems to be fine though. I'm just chilling out with April, at the moment.

6:15 p.m. Surfed all the little social network things, including Pinterest and even Neopets, where I'm waiting to turn my pet Magma. That'll be in like, an hour. You just never expect these kind of days, huh? April is Minecrafting, and I, and being my quiet boring self. P.S. This past week, I've given up on Adsense accepting me. Oh well.

10:28 p.m. Been on a 3rd Rock From The Sun marathon and been chatting up some online friends. 

It took a reinstall to run Firestorm for the moment, on the lowest graphics, so..that's all there is to talk about. In a little bit of a snacking mood. 

1:19 a.m. Rob made tacos and I just finished Stranger Things. I was SO into it in the last couple episodes, cringing and whining and begging at the tv. Good stuff. Just chilling now. :) See you next entry? Unless something interesting happens.

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