Monday, October 17, 2016

The Latest Stuff!

8:56 a.m. The 'nice' guys seemed uninterested or revealed their true, often perverse, intentions. Where are all the sane men in the world who don't treat women like the meat they think they are entitled to a piece of? O.o And they wonder why women short, once again I disabled OkCupid.

I've just been going through the motions this week. Heavy sleeping or Secondlife, playing the livestream of a satellite view of Earth in my room 24/7. April is still here and sick...still. Poor dear. They have been kind enough to let me borrow their computers but I don't use it much lately for something as heavy as creating.

HOWEVER, yesterday Rob paid me 2K lindens to wash dishes and I went on a heavy-duty ultra fun shopping spree. I'm getting close to a few conclusions.

1. Once again, I need to stop buying new mesh so much until I've run through the ones I already have.
2. Go back to NOT gaining weight, because over a month after quitting, it shows and the confidence slips day by day.
3. Read more of my Bible.

I DID finally catch the Supernatural premiere...after days of wondering why it wasn't aired on Hulu yet. Turns out they lost rights to air it, permanently, so now I must catch my show on the CW with commercials once a week. It was an intense first episode.

For funzies, I've recently restarted the series on Netflix for the umpteenth time. :D

Oh! Also when April and I went grocery shopping, we ran into my family. April pointed out these people that 'looked' like them and we paused at first before we realized. I called after tham and Aaliyah heard me. They were leaving our Wal-Mart. (They aren't usually shopping at one out this far) and before I could really say hi, Mom reaches in her wallet and hands me a 20, lol. We really needed it anyway as since April has been out of commission, we were lower on grocery money. They were on their way to Sea World for Aaliyah's birthday..the whole gang was there except for Jen.

We said hellos and goodbyes. April also had a doctor's appointment which we got to. Other than that, not much else to report. Just eating pizza and chilling out.

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