Tuesday, October 11, 2016

SL Inhibited Ambitions

4:35 a.m. AGHH!! -shakes fist in a non aggressive manner- There seems to be a trickle down effect from a single innocuous decision. That day where I moved my computer to the floor to save it from getting knocked over by the cats, and thus put the nail in my graphic card's coffin, led to me trying and failing to get SL to work on the laptops. I get to borrow April's computer to do so SL things, and that works for a while, until I take on a babysitting job that made her sick. This also means less grocery money from her this week because she can't earn it.

My head fills with all sorts of ideas, then I get excited to wait until I can borrow her computer the next day (mind you every VERY literal waking hour, not exaggerating, she is on her computer when she is here)....but thus I am unable to do it. I took on a babysitting job that unintentionally made her sick yesterday, and today, so I am squirming with a little impatience and anticipation.

Current secondlife goals:

1. Complete my maternity line. Still have four more outfit to complete my MINIMUM goal.
2. FOUR group gifts that have to be done by the end of October.
3. All the work that goes into a freebie group. Uploading the signs, recruiting, making the group gift for it (see number 2) and promotions.
4. I had an idea to FILL my store with free gifts, one for an example of my work for the styles I offer beneath the vendors. I still need to count how many. Not only that, but it's a wonderful hard working business promotion opportunity. WORD. OF. MOUTH. It'll bring in new customers.
5. Not to mention keeping up with major sales only happening Inworld.
6. Finish the last nine Advent calendar gifts.

And all of the delays to get on with what I need to do was because I unintentionally ruined my graphics card.

Netflix and sleep....God be with is. -_-

Mind you, she is not aware of any of this. I'm not going to go up to her desk and be like, "Hey, you said I can borrow your computer, and I think I'm entitled to do it whenever I want even if you're on it right now." I mean she said I need to mention these things, but that's what I think I will sound like if I ask to borrow it while she's here. So let's not blame her, either. I just need to have patience. O.O Lest I really have to close my inworld store because the upkeep I want to do is no longer possible.

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