Sunday, October 9, 2016

Physical Excertions.

8:14 p.m. I don't recall much about what happened on the seventh, except babysitting that night and the entire next day and night following.

Most of it was fine. Some more than I could handle. Over 24 hours with no proper sleep. Made 35 bucks, 15 for groceries fund.

I went shopping today and then slept like five hours. Physically exhausted still. More on that when my iPod is not dying.

8:24 a.m. Let me try that AGAIN. I'm on my netbook now. I hadn't slept very well on Thursday, I must not have, because I was too tired to go grocery shopping with April and Rob Friday morning. Not only that, it was raining and there was only room enough in the cab for two, so I opted out.

Then, I slept so deeply that by the time they got back, it felt like they had only been gone five minutes. The day went relatively normal, then DJ called for a babysitter. With my foot down, I absolutely refused to go over there as I don't like that trailer. Love my family, just not the living conditions of where they live.

So April suggested Brooklyn and Drake, she is one and he is two, be brought over here to spend the night and they were SUPPOSED to get picked up the afternoon after. When they got here, there were a couple hours of light playing and putting them to bed.April had to help with that. They went to sleep at 11:30 p.m. ish. O.O

The next morning, 4 a.m., after being unable to physically fully sleep because my body refused to let me REM as long as children were in my care to physically worry about, Brooklyn woke up and I attended to her for several hours until she fell asleep again.

Then DRAKE woke up shortly after and I tended to him, with a little bit of April's help. There were a lot of cycles of one being asleep when the other was not, or the brief time they both were, but mostly times where they were both awake and had needs to tend to.

Then April fell asleep and I was left, on no real sleep, babysitting two babies on my own until around 8 'frigging p.m.' at night!! Some delay happened apparently and they didn't get there until that time.

In the course of it, I think I lost all my sanity for about two different durations, kind of like a roller coaster of emotions. I had nausea, a slight headache, NO sleep in around a 24 hour period, internally ripping my hair out, (when April woke up I lashed out at her, again after having no patience left) and there were periods where no matter what I did, I couldn't get Brooklyn to stop crying. [Turned out she was teething] I'm on my period, to boot. All emotions amplified when TWO babies are crying at once in my state. -_-

I calmed down at the end of the night after April helped me (this was also after I lashed out at her) and then TALKED, calmly, about my feelings and actions. I told her I was thinking of cancelling my post-birthday weekend with Aaliyah but she said that may not be needed. She says the younger kids are, the less I'm able to handle myself emotionally, which is true. Aaliyah is old enough to be less of a stress on me.

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Mind you, me acting like I've completely lost my mind in a single night, did not lead to a backlash on the kids.

On the contrary, Drake was actually very well behaved and listened to what he was told and Brooklyn, aside from periods where I couldn't fix her crying, was not so bad herself. It's not like I screamed at either of them or, God forbid, hurt them. I'm not a monster. (aside from my growling to myself occasionally, lol.)

Like I told myself, they are not responsible for my emotions, it's all me. I still tried to do my duties and saw to their care. Mostly all this nonsense due to was the physical wear on my body exacerbating what was inherently stressful to begin with. And the fact that my brother said it was only until the afternoon, not for the whole day and night.

But alas thank the Lord Jesus, it ended when they FINALLY showed and I got my sleep.

The next morning, I was feeling better and took a long walk up to the dollar tree for my early early Christmas shopping. Walking up there was not as hard as it usually is, then I got Mcdonalds breakfast for me and the roomies, and stopped in Church on the way before getting a ride home with a nice old man.

I came home and April helped wrap my presents and then I passed out for over five hours. I woke up, ate some food and watched Supernatural, and already I'm back to being sleepy and having no patience for typos in this blog post. Ridiculously, no patience. Oh, AND I got Aaliyah a belated 9th birthday gift. Play doh.

Jen might not be happy with that gift choice. There are close family members who have an aversion to children having play-doh in the house...all else fails, she can keep it here for here.

That is not the toy I would get the most flack for. You see, I got Drake's Christmas present as well, (just a first in what more could follow in the coming months should I acquire the funds) a HARMONICA. Yup!!! I bought his two year old a harmonica and I can't wait to have a huge grin on my face when his parents give me that look.

Here's the shopping haul (gifts are wrapped, so no pictures, sorry)
Aaliyah: Lisa Frank coloring book and pony stickers.
Harmony: Egg-shaped sidewalk chalk, six pack.
Drake: Harmonica. -grin-
Brooklyn: Plush pink princess wand with a bendable handle.
April: Mini hacksaw (she loves tools) and two white candles (she loves those too.)
Rob: Cookbook of chocolate recipes (he LOVES kitchen stuff and baking) and some gothic coasters that say 'Poison' on them and have skulls. Because Halloween has all the good stuff at the Dollar Tree.

I also lost the wide angle lens add-on for my iPod on the way so I simply bought another one. I bought a gothic-ish decorative kitchen sign.

This was the last photo taken before I lost the lens, lol.

Three sausage mcmuffins (one for each of us) plus a hash brown for April. She later told me she couldn't get past the mcmuffin breading but it was otherwise great.

ALL OF THIS FOR LESS THAN TWENTY DOLLARS!! :D I'll call that a good haul any day of the week.

I'd share pictures of the landscapes from my walk, the ones taken with that lens before I LOST it, [EDIT: added after the post was finished] but they are on my iPod which is busy charging right now. So yeah, that goes more in depth, I'd say. :) Jesus rejoices. I still hear those words in my heart from time to time so I just needed to write it. ^^

All Glory, Praise, Thanks and all things be to almighty God on the highest forever and ever in Jesus name, amen. God is able to do above all we ask or think!

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