Saturday, October 1, 2016

Looking Up!

11:25 a.m. It's that wonderful day I was waiting on when things looked up again. April is willing to share her computer with me, for one thing.

She said she's gone most of the week anyway.

Also, I've started getting sales back on Secondlife, as well as praying more.

Then, of course, Im also still happy about that group kerfuffle being finally resolved.

I managed to get at least ONE of the three group gifts released before SL quit working with my XP netbook.

My next wish is to be able to get my computer going long enough to back up my precious files. O.O That would mean a lot to me, especially my much-needed PSDs for mesh templates. God willing. It doesn't look like its happening so far but we can hope for a positive outcome...

We are also supposed to go much-needed grocery shopping. I was gonna stay home to do SL stuff but I may have to go because Rob is sleeping.

11:49 p.m. Over twelve hours later. That moment after a week of crashing and burning, everything comes up sweet sweet roses. Pah-raise JESUS! :D Totally. Seriously. Definitely.

First of all, after fifteen minutes of fiddling randomly, the computer screen CAME ON!! Thus, I could start backing things up like crazy...except we were also rushing to leave. So all that had to be handled after we got back from grocery shopping.

Many hours were spent transferring the files from three flash drives (16 GB, 8GB, and 1GB while my other 8GB was missing!!) to an entire backup folder which was made on my netbook. Then followed hours of organizing and deleting of files because for months I was lazy and stuck files in folders that weren't very specific to them.

I noticed towards the end that on both of my computers, I had now completely erased my selfies from 2013. Not replaceable, unless there are some in my physical photo album, I don't remember, but hours were spent on recovery programs which did not find it to any avail.

A small break included hanging out with April and Rob and laughing at Youtube videos.

My last resort was seeking a laptop I knew I had some backup files on, which had been sitting atop the hall closet gathering dust for over a year. There was no guarantee it would even turn on. It wound up there in the first place because the mouse had stopped working. BUT I gave it a try. At first, it was completely dead. So I scuffled for the plug in the closet, which I found. To my elation, it worked! I could type and use a mouse and it felt wonderful!

The bad news is that missing folder was not on here with the old backup stuff (which I also no longer needed and deleted just now) and is thus considered forever lost. XD

However, I am typing this entry on said computer this very moment.

Also, unlike my netbook and desktop,  Secondlife stands a chance of running to some low degree on here. Not perfect, by any means, but maybe just enough for basic needs. Typing this entry is lagging so that is discouraging but we won't know. Also, the cord is acting more as a lifeline (staying at 0% instead of raising the charge) I have to beg the question if this is the right cord, or if over a year of neglect has caused this. Again, God only knows. :) Still thrilled! :D

12:56 a.m. Cleaned up the computer and doing a routine antivirus check. Also just chilling out and watching 3rd Rock From The Sun. Haven't tested out Secondlife on this recently restored laptop yet but looking forward to it. Just in a little bit of a snacking mood. O.O

1:54 a.m. So I was able to release the group gifts, so I'm happy about that! The bad news is I look like a ball of light so that may make creating out of the question. However, since April will be letting me share her computer, I can go on doing it...just when shes not here and on it, lol.

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