Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Finally Making Progress!!

12:40 p.m. Both April and Rob were generous enough to lend me their computers recently so I could complete the four group gifts I finished yesterday!! On top of that, I've started my freebie group and can't wait to get new members. I also downloaded GIMP, after a fresh reinstall of Firestorm finally let me log in, and I got to work on a new clothing item on the laptop...where I am not worried about taking up someone else's computer with hours of work.

I started out making my Secondlife creations on the this big old laptop and I found that encouraging enough to give it another go, like old times, and it seems to be working out so far. I just finished one of the last four outfits I wanted to complete to minimally finish my 'Mama Bae!' Maternity line for Secondlife. I still have to make hangers and an ad for this one but no biggie, right? :) We'll see if the laptop can stand PACKING them first. O.O That is often the most stressful part, believe it or not.

In other news, I'm expecting BOTH Aaliyah and Harmony on Sunday (Today is Wednesday) and can't wait to give her the play-doh gifts. Like I predicted, my sister was not thrilled I got her daughter play-doh but she simply said not to do it in the future so it wasn't any argument or anything.

I slept well this morning because last night I think I actually went to bed at a decent hour, so that's positive news. :) I hadn't felt so energized since I tried to go vegan. Definitely no longer vegan, or even vegetarian, mind you. In fact, we will have to start dividing up the Tyson chicken meals, and the like, evenly because they keep getting eaten before another person in the house has a chance to get them. At least it's a compromise.

Today, I cleaned the bathroom a little and got my laundry going. I need to go hang it on the line here in a moment. Then when my laundry finishes, I can shower, dry with a clean towel, and wear fresh clean clothes. :D Jesus rejoices. That's all for now. O.O God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves. Take care, home nuggets. I'm out.

1:34 p.m. SL stuff is promoted and I just hung my laundry to dry. I always have to be really careful because spiders have invaded the clothing line, nesting inside the clothespins which have rotted in the sun. O.O P.S. Suddenly feeling sleepy.

8:30 p.m. I took a much needed nap until nearly 6 p.m. Slept straight through. Rain happened though, so my clothes are not dry and must wait until a hot tomorrow afternoon to come off the line.

In the meantime, I fed the cats, finishing off Season 11 of Supernatural on Netflix and made another maternity gown for the Mama Bae! line. Two down tonight, two more before I've reached my goal. :D I honestly think that the second one turned out better than the first. :) Super pretty!

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