Sunday, September 25, 2016

Uneventful Afternoon

6:01 p.m. The computer has been running smooth as can be today. I managed to complete two projects on Secondlife and I just fed the cats.

It's getting on towards evening. Besides this and Netflix, (3rd Rock from the Sun, Supernatural, and most recently Across The Universe.)

My mind is a blank on what to update with further until/unless I come back and say something like "Oh, and..!" etc. For now, just making macaroni..and later hot dogs to go in it. (Don't judge me)

For a moment, my iPod auto corrected macaroni as "macaroons" and all I can say is I wish I were eating those. Not sure I've ever tried one of those pretty desserts. Lol. 

As usual, God bless. Jesus loves, lives, and saves homies. Here's hoping for a wonderful evening.

6:53 p.m. Great news!!!! Rob found my two missing DLC's for Sims 3 (Sims Ambitions and Sims Supernatural) so NOW they are downloading. 

They had been sitting in my inventory this  whole time since TUESDAY (Today is Sunday evening) so!! That is downloading.

Bonus is he's gonna give me 2,000 lindens if I wash the monstrosity of dishes us three millenial roommates have built up in the sink. 

BUT this means I can finally pick up some of my wishlist items without waiting for my usual stipend he kindly gives the beginning of next month! Win win.

I have 4K sitting in savings on another account but that's just what it is...savings..or to go towards creating. OR if I get the Dream Doctor finished with editing, can order the perfected second edition of it when a big blurb sale comes around.


Macaroni was great, ate as I laughed along to Third Rock From The Sun. More soon. :)

8:59 p.m. I played a little Sims as far as character making goes. Then I let the game idly run while I did the dishes (which I just finished btw.) Also, it turns out the Sims take great care of themselves!!! Who knew?

It's funny when you're washing dishes to headphones. You get so into it that not only are you hoping no one catches your embarrassing dance moves but that once you do finish the dishes you JUST KEEP GOING until the kitchen is cleaned as well. Mission accomplished.  Not only is there the satisfaction of a job being completed that desperately needed doing but that's 2000 lindens well earned! Pah-raise Jesus!

Following that, I just flopped on my bed and Carlo plopped on my stomach. Mr. Big King kitty is all warm and purry. Bonus points to my mood to end the evening. 

Can't wait for some SL shopping!!! Although, I will have to..Rob is asleep by now and thus can't pay me it until he wakes up.

An extra note about the Supernatural expansion pack on the Sims, it just made the game do much cooler!! It's like unlocking the gothic stuff you were wishing was there before (although it could use some dramatic ball gowns.) lol.

It wouldn't be unreasonable to imagine getting more in the future when another big sake hits, right? If I stick to the game, that is. G'nite!!

If I end up writing again, then I will. For now, the big cat is sleeping on my belly and I am pooped. What a day!!! And here I thought it was gonna be uneventful.8

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