Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Real Entry

10:33 a.m. This has been quite the process. I left the book to upload last night, but it didn't do it, thus I had to handle it again this morning..and edit it a little further. All in all, I'm excited. I'm hoping God will bless me with some happy books sales as now I have 30 cents left to my name just to upload the book. -fingers crossed-

I wish I could remember what year it all really began but to tell you the truth, I don't recall it. It may have been around five years ago...I'd have to scan my past journals for the date. The original draft is almost nothing like the final product, in fact it started as a screenplay and not a novel, with a completely different outcome of events. That's writing for you. At long last, it was time to stop editing and accept it for the form it ended up in, lest I spend another few years fixing it. Alas, I'm pretty happy with it and hope readers will be as well.

The next step is to buy the domain name for the book website, but that will have to wait until I'm no longer broke. *.*

Then comes saving to get it listed as an Ebook, on Amazon, and wherever else I can put my novel out there and hopefully, Lord Willing, after enough hard work see a payoff bigger than I imagine. That's the big goal, of course. Right now, though, we are at the beginning of revealing the final version of the book to whoever stumbles across it.

EDIT: The book is no longer being promoted. I noticed minor typing errors here and there and I don't feel right promoting it with errors. Unfortunately, I cannot fix these errors at this time without paying to reupload the book. :( Ah, well. I'm still happy a solid proof copy is on it's way to me.

4:21 p.m. Elmo Documentary, watched something else after, then took a long nap. My phone dying 'beep' transferred over into my dreams and when I woke..wasn't sure if I was imagining it first but it happened again and I got out of bed and dealt with it.

I've been drinking soda throat has been a little scratchy and the bubblies make my throat feel nicer, Both a good and bad thin, I suppose.

7:58 p.m. Finally!! Made a new release for Oi Bae! Full perm and meanwhile chatted up a good sl friend of mine. The evening, I would say, has gone quite well. I also watched The Year Itch with some Digornio Pizza and am now relaxing. My goals are slowly being checked off, I should say. P.S. deleted the book blog. Won't be promoting it, as I said, for a good while.

12:41 a.m. Since Saturday, I've been thinking of those goals I set and here's the progress so far!
Bold ones are COMPLETED tasks!
Red means the task incomplete as of yet.
Scratch through is cancelled.
Italics are additional notes.

Update my blurb book with the past weeks' worth of entries.
Make three SL group gifts to be released next month. (Halloween Themed)
Make more Advent Calendar gifts for December.
New SL release. Both full perm and non full perm.
Finish editing The Dream Doctor. (technically completed)
Publish the Dream Doctor.
Buy a domain for the Dream Doctor site and completely redo its current page for selling the book. Deleted the page until I start promoting again. ^^^^^^
Finding my glasses, which I forgot at home and are STILL missing.
Chill out man, sleep in, get healthy, and get plenty of quiet rest.
Becoming a morning person again.

God bless, Jesus loves, lives saves! Been a great week folds. I'm watching Back to the Future, feeling thirsty, and taking a break from SL.

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