Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sorry For A Lack In Updates

9:28 a.m. Sorry for the lack of updates. Not much on interest has gone on in the past few days. april left the other day for Virginia for the week and I've been playing Secondlife. I've been dreaming of JRM and Mara which has been REALLY weird for me...cause it's not like I know them.

One night it was a home video their wedding, and just now it was them with a blonde five-year-old daughter named 'Norfolk' as she told me, in a cottage. Then she turned into a VERY fluffy 'black?' cat as I started talking about my cats and started petting her, then slowly forgetting my cats names' while he tried to remind me. I started claiming I had a white cat, which I didn't, and then forgot her name and started listing my real life cats like Minxy.

Oh! And this other scene where I'm flipping through Mara's Instragram and he's having some sort of birthday party and the daughter yells 'Daddy!' while she's on a tricycle (and in blonde ponytails) in the background, then he mimics back (without looking back) 'Daddeh!' and smiles, which was really cute. ^.^

Also, in yesterday's dream, I had seemingly convinced myself we'd met before and I tried to get back in touch with him, and succeeded. Of course, I've never met the dude but it just seems dreams can convince you of literally anything!

I wish them the best though! A happy engagement, or if they are so private they are already married, either or, happiness and peace! Praise God Jesus~ :D hehe just found this at least worth mentioning.

2:50 p.m .Today, I have been on a Supernatural marathon and making new full permission order to dwindle my growing Pinterest to-do list. I also washed my clothes and CAREFULLY hung them on the clothesline. (the dryer is still broken.)

The line gets cluttered with little spider webs every couple of weeks because the cheap clothespins rot in the sun and make a nice environment for them.

I don't try to harm them or anything but all it takes is one spider bite (if it doesn't kill or injury me) to cripple me financially (more than I am, anyway) til' Jesus comes back. XD That's the American medical system for you.

7:49 p.m. Shockingly, the clothes still weren't dry, so they must wait until tomorrow afternoon to come off the line. Feeling a bit sleepy and just finished yet another Secondlife template tonight, featuring one of her ponies. I finally have an excuse to give her collaboration percentage, which i like because I've really been rooting for her to somehow earn lindens on Secondlife. So praise God Jesus for that! See ya!! :D About to crash....

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