Saturday, September 24, 2016

Slept Until The Afternoon

1:59 p.m. Last night, I hung out with April until around 4 a.m. I didn't sleep well due in part to feisty noisy cats looking for attention. Even food would not appease them.

I couldn't stop having dreams/thoughts related to computer games for many hours, including the Sims.

I do recall Garbanzo sleeping on my stomach at one point after they calmed down, as he often does.

When I finally did sleep normally, I had a dream I got into an argument with my Dad. We stopped at a convenience store and suddenly a man was robbing him in his car at gunpoint. So I shot and killed the robber.

Then the rest of the dream was about trying to get me acquitted for the murder because of self defense. I didn't put up a fight when police arrested me, cried at the sight of my huge cell with multiple roommates and shared beds, and became a national topic with loads of people wanting to come talk to me.

The question, at one point, came down to what I was doing carrying a gun in the first place. My response was just in case [I felt it was the day to commit suicide] mind you, RL, I have zero intention of killing myself. It's just a really bad dream.

I never had a part in the dream of going to trial, only the prison stay awaiting trial, or if I got acquitted so...yeah. That dream was a bit much.

We are SUPPOSED to go grocery shopping today. Rob is convinced that April will want to go, (Imho she stayed up later than me and would rather sleep) because of the tiny budget we had last time.

I'm still not so sure. We'll have to see.

I'm hopping on the computer soon. I've been hanging out with Rob since I woke up, albeit quietly, as he plays Fallout 4. I've had soy milk and cut up hot dogs..for breakfast.

Still no word from Steam about the missing Sims 3 DLCs. Ah well.

Last night I nearly swallowed a bug from my drink, it made it IN my mouth. I tried to shrug it off but I inevitably dreamt of trying to wash a pan for cooking and having to clean the bugs out first. That's also a thing.

More soon. God bless, Jesus loves, lives,  saves homies!! G'day!

8:00 p.m. Today I did Secondlife, Netflix, and grocery shopped with April. Just got home.

11:10 p.m. It took several hours but I finished adding textures to my newest dress. It will be available in 17 colors and I sued the same PSD as former dress from a long while back. Currently on a Supernatural marathon, hopefully finishing season ten (which just began) by the time season eleven hits Netflix next month. :D

12:39 a.m. computer is broken.

Irony of ironies how that happened. I expressed concern about Garbanzo nearly knocking my computer tower off the desk TWICE.

So I turned my computer off and made a harmless move for it to go to the floor. Seemingly harmless.

The monitor plug came undone and I couldn't get it back in its original place, the graphics driver. So, I plugged it into the tower.

The tower made the wrong display settings for my large monitor. So I asked Rob to fix it. He plunged it into my graphics card and then it started booting up wrong, to a black screen called 'CD Boot Priority 35.' Then stayed there.

He did a thing and we thought it was fixed. Then....

It would get as far as the login screen and then restart and basically it would never make it to my desktop screen.

Now Rob is doing a system restore and I, am writing this entry on my iPod. Thank God Rob can keep calm because I genuinely worry about stumbling blocks to continuing my Secondlife business.

1:16 a.m. I'm gonna try NOT to move/secure the tower.

P.S. Excuse my sloppy desk. Garbanzo ALSO knocked over my lava lamp on PURPOSE. Thankfully, it did not land on the FLOOR but it landed on the tower and even more thankful it did not BUST for that reason. Phew!!!! 

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