Thursday, September 15, 2016

Serious Mouth Pain!!

11:50 a.m. Today, I woke up with an extraordinarily sore mouth. I've spent the day getting a lot of bed rest so far, with a side of prayer.

I just woke up and I brushed my teeth. Spitting has never been more painful in my life!! 

Terrible tasting though it is, I applied clove oil to the painful areas for momentary relief. Of course, it starts a floodgate of salivating until the numbing kicks in and then there is some relief. Swallowing is still painful, even saliva buildup in the mouth. 

The culprit to begin with is that jagged back molar, which constantly scraped along the right side of my tongue near the back, making it sore. 

In some weird form of desperation, I tried picking at the tooth with my finger in hopes to "file down" the sharp point. This action which is probably what spread an infection to more of the inside of my mouth. Not a smart idea, I know.

So yeah, I'm in pain. I can't eat or drink anything so far. Barely talk. Swallowing SALIVA is painful and spitting is twice as much. I'll live, I guess.

I had some weird dream involving grocery shopping and was gonna buy a pizza (in a line where everyone else was buying healthy food) then I realized I didn't even want the pizza that much so I put it back.

I also dreamt I had 50000 lindens lol. XD I wish I could cash out that big, man.

Also in the dream, there was a game of sorts for winning STEERING WHEELS!! Anyway, the timer was ticking and the guy had his hands on some plain black steering wheel and he couldn't jerk it.

He started to panic and then gave it one final twist, just in time, to suddenly have his hands on a very large steering wheel with a tan leather cover and a single matching large clothes button on it for some reason.

The man was cooing and definitely pleased with his prize and how it would suit the vehicle he had planned for it.

Also in the dream, Jensen Ackles went to high school with my Mom and they almost dated. Really weird. Before we were even at the store, they raced their motorcycles and competed with stunts like riding on one leg.

Mom crashed, which freaked me out and I screamed, but she wound up being okay. 
Anyway....the rest of the dream is forgotten or I will wish to forget. Later home nuggets!

God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves! I am on bed rest today and blogging from my iPod. :/

2:10 p.m. After playing with my iPod, mostly Pinterest shopping, I got out of bed. I painfully drank water and ate a banana with slow chewing. I TRIED to get on Secondlife but the internet kept cutting it off...only when the program ran. Shady, no?

I, instead, edited my book up to page 71. My goals taken care of yesterday, today is more of a free day...within the limits of my mouth pain. It only hurts when I swallow..anything.

2:17 p.m. Donny is randomly burning dead palm leaves in the fire pit this afternoon. Kinda took me by surprise.

2:24 p.m. Today, this internet is being very biased against Secondlife. The internet runs JUST FINE until I try to log onto Secondlife. How frustrating. -_-

5:51 p.m. Rob and I just got back from some early grocery shopping on a one hundred dollar budget, which the food should last us for nine days. :) Mouth still hurts BUT we picked up some tooth stuff so I'll get to try that out.

10:31 p.m. I played Secondlife a bit, but most recently, I have a story to share. I had gotten to a point where I could not eat, unless by chewing in very slow motion, without pain. I got desperate and googled. The only instant solution that seemed possible for me at the moment was filing the shard of tooth down.

So, I searched up and down for an Emery board (I asked April where her's was but she was not online) and by some miracle, I found one. Not a diamond one like I wished, but I will take anything. And I did. Two emery boards later, the back molar has been filed down.

It will take much longer for the mouth and tooth pain to go down but my mouth feels even somewhat relieved. I imagine also with it filed down, the tongue can heal from the scraping damage a LOT quicker. Praying for a full recovery in Jesus Name, Amen! In the meantime, I am basically drinking ice water, holding it in my mouth until it's warm, swallowing and repeating. THAT also helps. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves homies! Good night!!!!! P.S. Will fill you in on progress as it..progesses...hopefully positively.

1:07 a.m. Supernatural marathon on Netflix. I will say this: Holding ice water in your mouth before swallowing makes it a LOT less painful when it's still sore.

Like I said, the tooth is better now but the mouth infection and scraped tongue damage is done and may take a, hopefully small, while to heal before I can eat painlessly again. God bless it in Jesus Name, Amen!

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