Monday, September 19, 2016

Not A Great Start.

7:21 a.m. I woke up particularly crabby. I'm on about three or four hours of sleep. Garbanzo has developed a new attention habit of knocking glass to the floor and this morning all the cats are acting wild, even though I fed them. Not to mention, I woke up from a horrendous dream.

Yesterday was nice. The people who own the land for my store expanded the size of it yesterday (if it was in real world terms, it'd be the size of Wal Mart!) I spent the entire day re-arranging it to my liking.

Nothing else of import over the past few days. My mouth is in slightly less pain every day. The pain scale is down to about a one or two..just need to wait until it hits zero. Meanwhile, eating a big plate of macaroni for breakfast because I'm stress eating. -_-

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