Thursday, September 1, 2016

Home Is Calling My Name!!

7:55 a.m. I have had a REALLY nice morning! First of all, I managed to wake up to a QUIET house around 7 a.m. just after Aaliyah left, full of energy (probably from mashed potatoes I ate last night with Harmony a couple hours before bed.) I went out and did cardio for twenty minutes and started my morning off with cold water, NOT soda. I love talking about doing what is healthy, makes me feel really healthy.

ALSO, Paypal deposited my money which means I have actual funds in my bank now. (This only took six days to get from lindens to real money in my account, which is far less time than I estimated.) Now I am kinda debating with myself about the plan. I was gonna get forks and spoons BUT Maranda bought a plastic ones last night to suffice for the time being. I am SUPPOSED to go home for a break and sl stuff on Saturday BUT if I get it now, I wonder if I'm gonna come back and find them all gone (because that's just what happens around here.) The household doesn't really bother taking care of stuff, even important stuff sometimes and my sister hoards her stuff in her room, including the dishes she bought (although I kinda see why.) I mean, look why I am debating here.

For example, I gave Maranda two sports bras the other day, which she was in need of some when the underwire was hurting her. And then in the span of a day or two, they were both found carelessly discarded on the floor in random parts of the house. I wasn't too pleased about that. I stuck them back in my laundry basket.

I'm not saying I don't want to, I'm saying I'm reluctant to do it and then leave shortly after, only to come back and probably find they are lost or discarded when I get back. I'm staying in a house where that is a 'genuine' concern, otherwise this would sound ridiculous. No doubt it's gonna be on my mind. 

8:12 p.m. YAY! The weekend sales have begun. I hope it lasts, dude. Someone just spent 500something lindens and it pushed me up to eight dollars in earnings (five, after fees) which before fees is still like earning a little over a dollar a day without me actually being ON secondlife. Cool stuff. :D Praise the Lord for these blessings, AMENNN!!! I still plan on at LEAST making a new full perm template at home if Jen ends up letting me go there this weekend as she told me. Then I can earn more stuff! Woot! I WAS in the living room, by the way, then Maranda moved the hotspot to her I moved to Aaliyah's room. Woot woot.

8:31 a.m. I went GIF surfing again and found a great new background, yo. O.O TOTALLY speaks to me!

8:49 a.m. Started following SPN cast members and the link on Instagram, was a little bored lol.

9:28 a.m. The morning noise has started. I took Skyla out and sat and listened to nature for a little bit. I seriously need to get a hair brush next time I go shopping.

10:50 a.m. I'm essentially just stressing out over this house and really just wanting to go HOME!!! Part of me really actually hopes Jen doesn't pay me at the end of the month so I'll have an excuse not to come back.

12:14 p.m. I chatted with Rob and he made me feel better. Ate more macaroni before putting it up AND have decided to go through with buying the silverware after all. I could get a chance to get some things I need, like a HAIRBRUSH, which I LOST! Hopefully, it can be done tonight. I'm only buying them once, for  few dollars. If they get discarded or treated like nothing, then that is on them.

5:17 p.m. I had a nap and was woken up at 3:30 p.m. ish. We went to the Dollar Tree and I picked up styrofoam plates, bowls, and cups, and plastic utensils since the stainless steel ones were two utensils for a dollar and my budget was limited. Aaliyah got a playdoh toy and extruder so she was happy about that. Wanted to get Little Ceasers BUT the place was remodeling so it was closed. Cooked Digorno pizza when we got home so we just finished eating. I'm not having a healthy week.

6:05 p.m. The day is winding down but the kids are just as loud as they are in the morning....

6:35 p.m. Tried to let Skyla out but she went and scared the neighbor's dog and little pig which embarrassed me, I apologized profusely. Then I struck up a conversation with Debra and Shelby, Shelby's two year old was with her (thought she was older cause she's tall lol) so there was a silver lining.

I went in Aaliyah's room to kind of escape the noise and then wound up back in the middle of the noise for the internet signal and to write this post. Dumped the soda thankfuly, because it went flat. Good riddance, right? I drank 3/4 of it but it's not like I need more.

6:56 p.m. Hotspot is now dead along with the her phone, web surfiing was fun while it lasted. Can't wait until the kids are put to bed and sleep can finally be had because it is SOOOO noisy right now.

7:27 p.m. Net is back!!

8:48 p.m. THE MATTER IS SETTLED!! I can go home on Saturday and STAY there!! Jen tried to not give me the whole weekend off as agreed (which now she added this stipulation that it would only happen if a babysitter was available, which I recall nowhere in said agreement) so I stood up for myself for once and can go home, Yay!! I plan on paying DJ for a ride home Saturday night after watching Harmony. After that, I'm GONE for a LOOONNNGGGG time!!

To be clear, THIS is the full written agreement that I've been talking about for two weeks, that I wanted agreed BEFORE I got here and THOUGHT we were agreed on:

Me: Jen, do you need a babysitter? I was talking to Mom and kinda desperate here but Sanford brown is closing down and they are offering loan forgiveness. I called and qualify BUT I have to get my load out of default by paying 130 a month  for three months, then my entire student loan debt is erased and credit restored to normal. Can you help me?
Her: Yea I do actually. I need help with LIYAH after school on the days I work.
Me: Okay, and you pay 130 a month to my bank so I can pay the loans for three months? Ill have to do something about transportation I know, even move in a short while.
Her: Yea but how are u gonna babysit way over there as also ai need a sitter o. Saturdays since I start school back next week
Me: No Im talking about coming to the trailer to do it. It has to be there so its easier for you
Her: O ok. Yea shouldn't be a problem. Can u start next week?
Me: Yeah
Her: Ok I'll pick u up Sunday then or Monday morning.
Me: kk.  Would it be feasible to also be allowed to come home a weekend every two weeks? I run a business online that makes me like 10 bucks a week and that will allow me to come back and manage it over a weekend. I just had to spend all my savings on food recently
Her:Yea I don't care. I'm gonna make a schedule and calendar and let u know which days I need u
Me: k. Just had some questions. Will there be a place for me to sleep over there? And also I'm vegetarian now so I can bring enough fruits/veggies/rice to last me one week but could you help me out the second week? idk when you grocery shop
Her: Yea u can sleep in aaliyahs room/ bed and yes u can bring whatever u want.
Me: Kk. Are you picking me up this Sunday ro next Sunday? or*
Her: I'm not sure Chelsea I'll let u know ok.
Me: No problem
Her: Hey Chelsea I might come get you tomorrow afternoon ok? Around 12-1. I have to be to school by 430 tomorrow. So just make sure your ready and we will talk about a schedule routine ok?
Me:  kk. If I'm there the first month though and at the end of the first month you're unable to pay me, I would be wanting to go home.
Her: Ok I gotchu. $130.
Me: kk
Her: I just can't have u crying to go home or having a break down when I'm unable to take u home or anything
Me: maybe at some point during the month set aside a little something just for gas money at the end of the month?
Her: I'll try my best. And I'll let u stay home a few days every other week. That's fine too. We will work it out.
Me: k. That's fair
Her: Ok. I know u don't wanna be here everyday all day I won't make u unless I really need u.
Me: Will be bringing my depression pills just in case and thank you, it's really important to me. I just get freakishly homesick so if I get to be home a few days at a time, it would make me happy.
Her: I completely understand and of course u will be home a few days and I'll try to make sure of it.
Me: Thank you, just glad to get all the ducks in a row before I go there and we learn that there are some things jsut no doable i.e. like the gas money situation.
Her: Exactly. But either way it'll be ok.
Me: kk. Quick question. Am I having Harmony all day today or just Aaliyah after school. Not minding, just curious.
Her: Half days
Me: K
Her: Are u ready for me to pick u up
Me: I need like an hour. Just woke up if that's okay.
Her: I'm already omw. I'll be there in 20 min
Me: I'd probably be done packing anyway by the time you come so Ill get ready.
Her: Ok
Me: I need room for my laundry basket and a few bags of food.
Her: There's room
Me: Kk

Okay, she was right about one thing. She did stipulate I could go home on the weekends only if she doesn't actually need me (which the way she put it just now was only if an alternative babysitter was available, which there almost never is even if it's offered like Maranda tried to do tonight.) Fruits and veggies were not bought for me as agreed, though. And then there is the part where after I got here she said she can't pay me the first month after all, or is unlikely to as she put it. So yeah, kinda not followed through so why should I? Either way, I should close this chapter and consider the matter over with. Maybe it'll all be behind me AFTER I'm home. I don't know.

I can go home and stay home. She doesn't seem TOO upset with me. Like the next time she exited her room after that kerfuffle, I avoided awkward eye contact and she simply asked that I turn off all the lights before going to bed. Tonight is Thursday, Tomorrow is Friday. At least I didn't wait until Saturday to declare my wish to stay home. *.* P.S. DJ is watching the Addams Family. :) Also, I have thirteen dollars, ten of which will be likely going to DJ to fund my ride home on Saturday. I can't wait. So pleased right now!! At LEAST I survived the two weeks, hard as it was. They are the ones who still have to live here.

9:17 p.m. Adding this blogger and ending my night folks. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, blesses, saves! Night!!!

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