Friday, September 2, 2016

Excited Day!!

10:31 a.m. I am excite!!!!! At LONG last I am considering buying my blog a custom domain name and have the PERFECT one picked out. I WILL NOT yet reveal what it is though until after purchasing because the last thing I want is someone to spot it and snatch it before I can buy it. It is a name that is very short, catchy, and easy to remember. And it's still only 12 dollars a year...which means I will ALSO be changing my header to suit it. So excited!!!

Adsense has not gotten back to me. I can only hope submitting a real domain name, not a sub domain's site, into the application will speed up the process. But Rob will help me out and I'm so thankful for that, praise Jesus!! NOT doing it today, it will have to wait until after I come home, but I am overall excited about this, like omg. Not telling April yet though, she was paranoid even of Adsense because she'd never heard of it, let alone something called Google Domains.

The blog began as a fictional blog in July 2011 and developed into a real life diary. I'm not doing it for the money but if it does help any business I may have down the road, then dude I am ALL for that!! Can I get a Praise Jesus?!! I'm doing this really because I just got back into this blog and plan to keep it going, and it is something very close and personal to me.

11:04 a.m. Looked more into it and still very excited. I have a LOT to be excited about, actually. I HOPEFULLY will secure a ride home with DJ TOMORROW and I can STAY home!! At long last, Praise the Lord! You have no idea how long these past two weeks have felt. I mean, seriously. The idea is sort of coming to me to develop a custom web page around selling my Dream Doctor novel, so fingers crossed on that. It will have to wait until it's finally complete, of course. Such a thing is easily purchased with Secondlife earnings down the road, God willing, and it's worth trying to see if I make anything in a year.

11:53 a.m. I'm bad. I gave a two year old orange soda, lol. XD Shhhhh...... Anyway, I let him watch a kids show after and have also found the PERFECT domain name for my book website once it's done being edited and released. God willing people would be willing to buy it directly from blurb though. O.O Still, pray for some sales in Jesus Name, Amen!! God is Able to do above all we ask or think!

12:47 p.m. I did some more research on domains and Adsense today. The internet is out, Brooklyn is playing and I'm very much looking forward to going home tomorrow, God Willing in Jesus name, amen!

2:04 p.m. Just sharing rants and stories with Maranda, just had some unhealthy pizza XD Internet still not working, oh well. We got so absorbed in conversation that she slighlty overcooked the pizzas, lol. She's the most fun I have over here and she was talking about how she might be the one driving me home, and I hope so because she is pretty fun. ^___^

3:09 p.m. Have internet back and Aaliyah is hommmee!! :D TGIF homies!

4:05 p.m. Just been chilling. Not much is going on. Net is off again...a bit redundant >.>

7:41 p.m. I took a nap and Maranda invited me out to McDonlads, claiming DJ is willing to forgo me paying gas money tomorrow. So I got a bacon cheeseburger (which I changed to one with no ketchup and mayo) and six nuggets. I forgot to skip the onions so I just scraped that off...I'm having a fat week, leave me alone. :P Plan on restarting the healthiness once I go home and all, properly, hopefully.

Skyla got out but thankfully, Debra wasn't peeved by it. Phew! After eating, DJ wanted soda so I took a gas station trip with Maranda, which we just got back from. They started arguing SO I am in Aaliyah's room, closed up and away from any sound of conflict. Can I get an amen?

SUPER excited about this domain name thing. Like, there are no words. :D Just going home tomorrow night unless Jen says she doesnt need me Saturday, which she likely will, but still HOME. Tomorrow. A LONG two weeks!!!!....ish. Feels like longer, just seriously dude. O.O

9:39 p.m. Just got back from yet another trip, this time to deliver money out to Mom and I am joyfully worn out. Cannot wait until around this time tomorrow night. Just one more night of babysitting and then I can go home...for a good LONG time! Paah-Raise the LORD!!! :D Super happy about that. I can't even put it into words, yo.

The road to Mom's was a bit flooded. That's Florida weather for ya.

10:20 p.m. Watched some of Metallica Through The Never, and I feel like chilling out.

10:40 p.m. I haven't said these exact words in a long time but End of Updates!! Adding to blogger and I'm out! Fingers crossed for tomorrow, my own bed, and home sweeeetttt home!!!!

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