Friday, September 30, 2016

End of one issue, So begins another

5:24 p.m. This morning, through a forced Windows 10 update (before which I was trying NOT to have my computer shut down while on its last legs), my graphics card has officially kicked the bucket and is putting up with me no more! :(

Basically, it refuses to acknowledge my monitor exists. My monitor plugs just fine into the tower, but when in the graphics card it's a black screen even though the computer is on.

Without that graphics card, I cannot play either Secondlife, or the recently acquired Sims 3, and the computer is dramatically slowed with the monitor plugged in the tower. Secondlife will not even start. So!!

I can forget creating with it. My option for SL is my low powered XP Netbook or to resort back to using April or Robs computer to create with, God willing.

Either way, the graphics card is a lost cause and my computer independence is at best, "kabloom!!!"

On a positive note, that SL group fiasco is fully and officially resolved. I have chat rights again and can put this behind me, as well as guilty pits in my stomach. I expected they would forget about me but I was pleasantly surprised to find otherwise. :) Shows how much I know.

Although, said group tends to involve teleporting to graphic-heavy places, which I can no longer do with either the graphics-deficient computer or my netbook. Great news about the group, but the computer issue is the worst possible timing for it.

I have group gifts I was supposed to release in the morning. Now I don't know if I'll be able to do that. :(

On another plus side, my sales have been slowly coming back this weekend. If I'm smart, given what would be a delay in making new releases, Ill save what I can this time.

So here's today's good and bad news. Praise God Jesus anyway. Take care!! 

P.S. During my nap, Garbazo slept on my side...then a little on my legs. Him randomly plopping on my empty lap just now reminded me of that just now.

Edit: Computer remained useless throughout the day. The day otherwise went normally. The toast of the night was Rob's friends coming over. We snacked and watched Tarzan.

Also, I fell asleep on the couch and when I got up to move to Aprils room, I slightly jumped to finding her there, sitting at the computer, having not noticed she had come home. O.O she had a giggle.

I went to sleep in my own bed for what was probably the first time this week since it was sprayed because of an ant infestation. Yeah, that was a thing.

Read the next post to see the continuation. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves homies!!

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