Wednesday, September 14, 2016


3:21 a.m. I slept okay, for the most part. The past couple hours not so much. The cats started getting hyper so I moved from April's room to the back room. After that, I kept experiencing this uncomfortable feeling, like something was crawling on different parts of my body but nothing was there.

I somehow did get a couple hours of REM sleep and even dreamt of following a path leading to an ocean where I was swimming and tried not to step on the clear stringrays in the night water. Then I got caught up in a current dragging me from the shore and this guy showed up, he started showing me to back pedal and I did make it out of the water.

However, after waking, a lot of praying was involved because the 'skin-crawl' feeling would not cease. I give it up to God and leave it there. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves!

I went to bed around 8 p.m. something so I HAVE had sleep, I just happen to be up early.

5:07 a.m. Been watching Across The Universe for the fact that I couldn't get it out of my head. I need to just buy the soundtrack already.

On another note, a small piece of my molar broke off, albeit painlessly, yesterday and left a jagged remaining tooth.

It's not too pleasant scraping against my sucking on chocolate is not as pleasant lately as it once was. 

Nor chewing sometimes. 

I do not like going to the dentist, folks. Several entire hands shoved in my mouth and spreading it open while I'm literally choking on water and fluoride, as they shame me about my teeth the whole time, not to mention the unbearably painful numbing shot followed by a long wait alone in the room beforehand. (They do not use gas where I've been.)Not at all pleasant...or cheap. It's more than just a phobia, it's a no. XD

5:56 a.m. The film just ended. I keep having a couple tears coming out of the left eye. (A single tear minutes apart) I think it means pain, according to google, but I feel pretty chill...aside from my tongue scraping the jagged back molar. Also, I'm kinda sleepy and for the moment, my skin does not feel crawly.

It has been a weird morning, bodily, hasn't it?

Hopefully today I get dishes, laundry, and more SL projects done. 

I haven't seen or heard from Rob since yesterday afternoon so I am concerned and hoping everything is okay. We'll see. 

9:30 a.m. So Blurb refused to mail my book, again, and I now have to wait for them to both recieve the book BACK and to send it to a new address. -headdesk-

Anyway, completed yet another sl project and need to rest. Also, Rob woke up and he is fine. :)

1:51 p.m. I slept longer than I needed to in order to get rid of a headache, that didn't work. I took my clothes off the line, finally dry, and painfully ate my lunch.

By now, this jagged tooth has made the back right of my tongue ache, along with being a JAGGED tooth, so eating was a painful experience.  I have a mountain of dishes left on my to-do list that's a thing.

1:59 p.m. So I called having Blurb (they say email service is speedier, it is not) and I'm having the book sent to my P.O. Box (albeit ONCE UPS returns the book to them) and i was told P.O. Box takes a bit longer to deliver but I can wait. I've ordered from before so this I can be patient about.

2:12 p.m. I called the post office and THANK GOD, they had not already sent the package back! I have until Saturday to pick it up though, or it will get returned to the sender. trying to secure a ride today.

I'm thankful for Donny's help. I was a little embarrassed but I went door to door and the one neighbor able to help said she had plans to go into town later but was cooking lunch right now so it may be a little bit. As long as I can manage it by four o' clock...or Saturday...a longer wait can be avoided. :)

4:21 p.m. The fabulous news is that the neighbor came through and I got my book now, before the post office could try to send it BACK!

The less exciting news is the massive amount of editing I have to do since the newer program reformatted the book and deleted the last couple sentences on every other page. Also cut off a teeny bit of the title. O.O Challenge accepted.

I can excuse it by calling the book a 'second edition' and in the meantime, save my lindens to cash out and afford it when it is FINALLY ready for sale. O.O Good Lord. Still! My book is here and that's the important thing...finally in print after all these years of work!

5:04 p.m. The revisions continue. Minor ones. I'm already at page 54 and need to stop to do some dishes. Pray for me, in Jesus name, amen! God is able to do above all we ask or think!!!

5:59 p.m. Dishes washed...all except a large pan and a jug really, but I was also feeling froggy and cleaned the kitchen. ^__^ Very very happy.

I also made pizza but due to mouth pain, will not be eating. It hurts just to swallow when drinking.

7:48 p.m. After suffering enough, I rubbed some clove oil on the painful area. It has since worn off. I could hardly stand a couple bites of pizza before I took it. Oh, and the power went out around 7 p.m. while I was watching 'Hope Floats' on Netflix. It was definetely resting time. I did however, edit a few more pages of the book. Slow, but steadily, it will be completed. God willing in Jesus name, amen!

9:34 p.m. I'm sitting in the dark (not because of a power outtage) watching a Supernatural marathon yet again on Netflix, meanwhile having songs from 'Across The Universe' stuck in my head.

At least the Internet is back.

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