Thursday, September 8, 2016

Catching Up. Wow....

1:41 p.m. Yesterday I spent a long time getting more advent calendar gifts going, I FOUND MY GLASSES on the living room floor by the magazine shelf, and also decorated my SL Inworld store for Halloween...whilst telling the owner of the Arcania sim I've rented on for months that I am leaving, to save lindens for cashing out.

Those lindens wound up going towards Halloween decor and textures for creations. >.> Tried to make something new today BUT the mesh didn't quite work out. I left a detailed critique on the review, nonetheless, taking into account they were a new mesh maker..and it was her first mesh.

Today, I am watching Across The Universe for the first time, and it's probably one of the few greatest films I've watched this year, up there with the intense film Cloverfield.

Minxy, our black cat, first cuddled with me and I fell asleep. Right after I woke, he peed on me. -_- Changed clothes, cleaned up, and then I replaced both of the litter boxes.

Dad sent me a perplexing picture of his teeth (the inside roof of his mouth) then said he was making a play on the words "laugh out loud."

7:58 p.m. So blogger deleted my update. :( SL and Addams family, some dishes, and watching Across the Universe again.

More news soon..

10:34 p.m. I DID watch it again and made a chicken pasta dinner tonight. I've finally been clearing out my Netflix list and narrowed down to my faves and stuff I want to watch when I'm feeling nostaglic for it.

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