A Daily Diary: September 2016


Friday, September 30, 2016

End of one issue, So begins another

5:24 p.m. This morning, through a forced Windows 10 update (before which I was trying NOT to have my computer shut down while on its last legs), my graphics card has officially kicked the bucket and is putting up with me no more! :(

Basically, it refuses to acknowledge my monitor exists. My monitor plugs just fine into the tower, but when in the graphics card it's a black screen even though the computer is on.

Without that graphics card, I cannot play either Secondlife, or the recently acquired Sims 3, and the computer is dramatically slowed with the monitor plugged in the tower. Secondlife will not even start. So!!

I can forget creating with it. My option for SL is my low powered XP Netbook or to resort back to using April or Robs computer to create with, God willing.

Either way, the graphics card is a lost cause and my computer independence is at best, "kabloom!!!"

On a positive note, that SL group fiasco is fully and officially resolved. I have chat rights again and can put this behind me, as well as guilty pits in my stomach. I expected they would forget about me but I was pleasantly surprised to find otherwise. :) Shows how much I know.

Although, said group tends to involve teleporting to graphic-heavy places, which I can no longer do with either the graphics-deficient computer or my netbook. Great news about the group, but the computer issue is the worst possible timing for it.

I have group gifts I was supposed to release in the morning. Now I don't know if I'll be able to do that. :(

On another plus side, my sales have been slowly coming back this weekend. If I'm smart, given what would be a delay in making new releases, Ill save what I can this time.

So here's today's good and bad news. Praise God Jesus anyway. Take care!! 

P.S. During my nap, Garbazo slept on my side...then a little on my legs. Him randomly plopping on my empty lap just now reminded me of that just now.

Edit: Computer remained useless throughout the day. The day otherwise went normally. The toast of the night was Rob's friends coming over. We snacked and watched Tarzan.

Also, I fell asleep on the couch and when I got up to move to Aprils room, I slightly jumped to finding her there, sitting at the computer, having not noticed she had come home. O.O she had a giggle.

I went to sleep in my own bed for what was probably the first time this week since it was sprayed because of an ant infestation. Yeah, that was a thing.

Read the next post to see the continuation. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves homies!!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

I Slept The Sadness Away

4:11 p.m. See the time? I literally JUST woke up. I slept away the dark cloud and pit in my stomach with lots of strange and forgotten dreams. Now I feel...content. :)

10:51 p.m. Well I wrote a meaningful post and blogger deleted it.

1. JRM and Mara are secretly wed and had a baby, congrats. Sue me, Im a fan. Happy for them!!! 
2. Secondlife leaves a pit in my stomach. Maybe it was the group drama in limbo until Im unmuted, or a lack of sales. I don't know. 

I just get a pit in my gut since I last logged out when I think about logging on again.

Could this be close to the end of my time on Secondlife? Hard to leave a big store and great friends behind. That's still holding me there.
3. I need to work on my relationship with God. I think my Spiritual life has been lackluster. What He thinks about that is...is what it is. He is with me.

This was all more in depth but line I said, deleted. Oi. Hopefully I'll feel better soon•  Perhaps depression hit and I'm in denial about it.

11:38 p.m. Supernatural finished on Netflix. It's no longer on Hulu so I will have to wait until Season 11 hits Netflix next month. Then again, Season 12 STARTS next month on Hulu!!

In the meantime, watching The Goldbergs on Hulu.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Today Was Not Great

10:22 a.m. My afternoon started with my chat getting muted in a group I shall not name, for modesty sake, over what I thought was a typo...but was told it was a comment I made. I was not told what comment, just a comment.

Fast-forward eating, Netflix, ranting to all who would listen, and hanging out with Rob...all with a lingering dark cloud on my chest...and then I petitioned enough to get forgiven and POSSIBLY allowed to have chat rights again on Friday..or later if they don't end up remembering. I just hope its at some point and permanent. For a while I'll be a lot quieter in said group, I believe, from now on.

This brings me to another thing. Letting something as small and meaningless as this ruin my whole day. I DO feel better that I apologized and was forgiven (I can't stand offending people, I'm one of THOSE people.)

I didn't even feel like creating although a highlight of my day was talking to my friend Anara on there, who cheered me up. Way up.

Another one of my friends Alexandra advised me to next time turn my attention to something positive, not negative. It seems obvious but I wasn't very good about it.

I didn't turn to God about it, like I should have either. Instead just tried to fill the void with other things. Didn't work out so well, obviously. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day.

SPEAKING of better news, I finished my Ninja before bed this morning! Praise Jesus!

What should have taken longer, I crammed into nearly three days but it finished! THAT is the point! :D Totally worth it. 

See that? Smiley face.

12:23 a.m. Two hours flew by. U had a shower, glossed over Netflix, and ate a delicious meal Rob prepared.

Pasta with Alfredo sauce, bacon, hamburger, and corn!!!

April woke up frustrated at her own computer issues which went away after a restart.

I'm hanging out quietly in here room, although Im getting the impression she's more or less obligating herself to let me...considering I haven't been able to the past few days.

I'll put it this way. She does a thing with a certain group of people over Skype, and often Rob. This thing is against my belief system and she is not comfortable with me being around while she does it.

There were quite a few fights over it in the past. It is a tired argument. So I keep my distance from it and say nothing anymore (God forgive me) and I feel if she was ever giving it up, it had to be of her own free will. So yeah..a thing.


1:44 a.m. I think the real reason I got worry clinging is possible repercussions of telling certain people about this. >.> That's the weight I can't shake off my chest. This is nothing. Only a game. Not a big thing at all. It shouldnt be.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I Can't Even Remember Yesterday

9:45 a.m. Yesterday is a blur so let's go over today's events. Shall we? Wait! It's coming back to me.

I made, on SecondLife, a UK themed tutu AND shoes (for once) yesterday. Meanwhile, Zootopia played in the background.

 and started a project on a complete mesh avatar from Meli Imako.

Here's where I left off with the avatar last night (torso only, not the boots or hood:)

And here's what I've done so far after what was probably several hours of work this morning:

I say project because I anticipate there may need to be a few days work put into this before everything is completed. :) Still, I couldn't wait to repaint this thing. It wasn't easy getting ideas. I'm still brainstorming on how it should be designed.

My computer proved incapable of starting properly after a shutdown so for the time being, obviously, I am avoiding shutting down. It is, however, a rainy season for Florida so power outages in the future are to be expected.

Secondlife things aside, I've been internally bothered by the news that my Grandpa has been diagnosed with a 'leaking heart valve' and I'm worried for the worst here. He is one of the few people in my family who has always come through for me when I asked and I'm not ready to lose him. I never would be, obviously. I do need to call him today though. It's been a while and he'd probably wonder why he hasn't heard from me.

I need breakfast. O.O

12:40 p.m. I took a break and got to finishing the body part. VERY happy with the results, omg!

The hood is the next part of the project, and then finally, those funny looking boots. O.O

10:13 p.m. Today, I watched Netlix, ate food, and had a nap around 4 and woke up sometime around 7-8 p.m. I JUST finished the hood for this project so I am overall pleased. The final challenge will be designing those huge boots before this project is finally complete.

I'm calling it the 'Comfortable Ninja Costume' (note the jersey knit on the bodysuit)and plan to sell it low priced at 99L when ready. :D

God help me, I'm way too into this outfit. O.O

2:21 a.m. I didn't share that photos from our rainy shopping trip the other day:

I'm such a weirdo liking random rain photos, lol. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Uneventful Afternoon

6:01 p.m. The computer has been running smooth as can be today. I managed to complete two projects on Secondlife and I just fed the cats.

It's getting on towards evening. Besides this and Netflix, (3rd Rock from the Sun, Supernatural, and most recently Across The Universe.)

My mind is a blank on what to update with further until/unless I come back and say something like "Oh, and..!" etc. For now, just making macaroni..and later hot dogs to go in it. (Don't judge me)

For a moment, my iPod auto corrected macaroni as "macaroons" and all I can say is I wish I were eating those. Not sure I've ever tried one of those pretty desserts. Lol. 

As usual, God bless. Jesus loves, lives, and saves homies. Here's hoping for a wonderful evening.

6:53 p.m. Great news!!!! Rob found my two missing DLC's for Sims 3 (Sims Ambitions and Sims Supernatural) so NOW they are downloading. 

They had been sitting in my inventory this  whole time since TUESDAY (Today is Sunday evening) so!! That is downloading.

Bonus is he's gonna give me 2,000 lindens if I wash the monstrosity of dishes us three millenial roommates have built up in the sink. 

BUT this means I can finally pick up some of my wishlist items without waiting for my usual stipend he kindly gives the beginning of next month! Win win.

I have 4K sitting in savings on another account but that's just what it is...savings..or to go towards creating. OR if I get the Dream Doctor finished with editing, can order the perfected second edition of it when a big blurb sale comes around.


Macaroni was great, ate as I laughed along to Third Rock From The Sun. More soon. :)

8:59 p.m. I played a little Sims as far as character making goes. Then I let the game idly run while I did the dishes (which I just finished btw.) Also, it turns out the Sims take great care of themselves!!! Who knew?

It's funny when you're washing dishes to headphones. You get so into it that not only are you hoping no one catches your embarrassing dance moves but that once you do finish the dishes you JUST KEEP GOING until the kitchen is cleaned as well. Mission accomplished.  Not only is there the satisfaction of a job being completed that desperately needed doing but that's 2000 lindens well earned! Pah-raise Jesus!

Following that, I just flopped on my bed and Carlo plopped on my stomach. Mr. Big King kitty is all warm and purry. Bonus points to my mood to end the evening. 

Can't wait for some SL shopping!!! Although, I will have to..Rob is asleep by now and thus can't pay me it until he wakes up.

An extra note about the Supernatural expansion pack on the Sims, it just made the game do much cooler!! It's like unlocking the gothic stuff you were wishing was there before (although it could use some dramatic ball gowns.) lol.

It wouldn't be unreasonable to imagine getting more in the future when another big sake hits, right? If I stick to the game, that is. G'nite!!

If I end up writing again, then I will. For now, the big cat is sleeping on my belly and I am pooped. What a day!!! And here I thought it was gonna be uneventful.8

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Slept Until The Afternoon

1:59 p.m. Last night, I hung out with April until around 4 a.m. I didn't sleep well due in part to feisty noisy cats looking for attention. Even food would not appease them.

I couldn't stop having dreams/thoughts related to computer games for many hours, including the Sims.

I do recall Garbanzo sleeping on my stomach at one point after they calmed down, as he often does.

When I finally did sleep normally, I had a dream I got into an argument with my Dad. We stopped at a convenience store and suddenly a man was robbing him in his car at gunpoint. So I shot and killed the robber.

Then the rest of the dream was about trying to get me acquitted for the murder because of self defense. I didn't put up a fight when police arrested me, cried at the sight of my huge cell with multiple roommates and shared beds, and became a national topic with loads of people wanting to come talk to me.

The question, at one point, came down to what I was doing carrying a gun in the first place. My response was just in case [I felt it was the day to commit suicide] mind you, RL, I have zero intention of killing myself. It's just a really bad dream.

I never had a part in the dream of going to trial, only the prison stay awaiting trial, or if I got acquitted so...yeah. That dream was a bit much.

We are SUPPOSED to go grocery shopping today. Rob is convinced that April will want to go, (Imho she stayed up later than me and would rather sleep) because of the tiny budget we had last time.

I'm still not so sure. We'll have to see.

I'm hopping on the computer soon. I've been hanging out with Rob since I woke up, albeit quietly, as he plays Fallout 4. I've had soy milk and cut up hot dogs..for breakfast.

Still no word from Steam about the missing Sims 3 DLCs. Ah well.

Last night I nearly swallowed a bug from my drink, it made it IN my mouth. I tried to shrug it off but I inevitably dreamt of trying to wash a pan for cooking and having to clean the bugs out first. That's also a thing.

More soon. God bless, Jesus loves, lives,  saves homies!! G'day!

8:00 p.m. Today I did Secondlife, Netflix, and grocery shopped with April. Just got home.

11:10 p.m. It took several hours but I finished adding textures to my newest dress. It will be available in 17 colors and I sued the same PSD as former dress from a long while back. Currently on a Supernatural marathon, hopefully finishing season ten (which just began) by the time season eleven hits Netflix next month. :D

12:39 a.m. So..my computer is broken.

Irony of ironies how that happened. I expressed concern about Garbanzo nearly knocking my computer tower off the desk TWICE.

So I turned my computer off and made a harmless move for it to go to the floor. Seemingly harmless.

The monitor plug came undone and I couldn't get it back in its original place, the graphics driver. So, I plugged it into the tower.

The tower made the wrong display settings for my large monitor. So I asked Rob to fix it. He plunged it into my graphics card and then it started booting up wrong, to a black screen called 'CD Boot Priority 35.' Then stayed there.

He did a thing and we thought it was fixed. Then....

It would get as far as the login screen and then restart and basically it would never make it to my desktop screen.

Now Rob is doing a system restore and I, am writing this entry on my iPod. Thank God Rob can keep calm because I genuinely worry about stumbling blocks to continuing my Secondlife business.

1:16 a.m. I'm gonna try NOT to move/secure the tower.

P.S. Excuse my sloppy desk. Garbanzo ALSO knocked over my lava lamp on PURPOSE. Thankfully, it did not land on the FLOOR but it landed on the tower and even more thankful it did not BUST for that reason. Phew!!!! 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Who Feels Like Blogging? ME!!

1:58 a.m. Sum it up!! Secondlife, Sims 3, 3rd Rock From The Sun, Supernatural, Across The Universe, Sleep, Food, and Friends just like its been the rest of this past week. I wish I had more to say.....

>.> Ah well. Settle for these GIFS from 'Across the Universe' which have me pleased. :D 

I recently bought the song to it, "Helter Skelter" by Dana Fuchs off of iTunes. I guess there is something new to share. Praise Jesus! God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves! Night folks~!

Oh, and another thing. My mouse has recently been frustrating me. It would do a thing where if I click once it acts like a double click, or if I try to highlight more than one object at the same time on SecondLife, it makes me click to wear it instead.

I have my mouse at the lowest TOLERABLE speed and my double click speed is at 0. Still happens. Still frustrating, like profanity-inducing frustration, so sorry to me and God about that...

Also, Titanic is coming back to Netflix in October. :D I am happy about that.

Also still need to return to editing The Dream Doctor at some point. would like it ready in time to catch some amazing Blurb sale to get the book at a super low price again.

2:11 Another note, I'm concerned about the fact the Garbanzo nearly tipped my computer tower off my desk about a half hour ago. It's scary that he could succeed one of these days.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I have really not filled you in!!!

Okay!! Rob got me the Sims 3 (two of the three expansion packs did not send but we are waiting on that) and around 11 hours in the past two days since have been invested in it.

The other hours involved sleeping in until the afternoon, food, Third Rock From The Sun, smaller bursts of Secondlife playing, and hanging out with my roommates. 

God bless, Jesus Loves, Lives, Saves!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Where My Weirdness Comes From.

12:45 p.m. So this is what I wake up to: Dad randomly sending me this:

If that is not the Daddiest 'Dad' picture of all Dad pictures, I don't know what is. 

Days earlier, he sent me this one:

I love my Dad. XD

Anyway, sorry for no update on yesterday. I got some sleep and calmed down. Then, I made a dress in fourteen colors on Secondlife and a vintage magazine/DVD rack. Not making a lot of lindens these days but still creating. Chatted up friends, laughed SO hard at Third Rock From The Sun on Netflix, and ate food. Yeah, my life.

April was SUPPOSED to come home yesterday after being gone a week but she spent the week at her parents. We will likely be seeing her tonight, then.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Not A Great Start.

7:21 a.m. I woke up particularly crabby. I'm on about three or four hours of sleep. Garbanzo has developed a new attention habit of knocking glass to the floor and this morning all the cats are acting wild, even though I fed them. Not to mention, I woke up from a horrendous dream.

Yesterday was nice. The people who own the land for my store expanded the size of it yesterday (if it was in real world terms, it'd be the size of Wal Mart!) I spent the entire day re-arranging it to my liking.

Nothing else of import over the past few days. My mouth is in slightly less pain every day. The pain scale is down to about a one or two..just need to wait until it hits zero. Meanwhile, eating a big plate of macaroni for breakfast because I'm stress eating. -_-

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Serious Mouth Pain!!

11:50 a.m. Today, I woke up with an extraordinarily sore mouth. I've spent the day getting a lot of bed rest so far, with a side of prayer.

I just woke up and I brushed my teeth. Spitting has never been more painful in my life!! 

Terrible tasting though it is, I applied clove oil to the painful areas for momentary relief. Of course, it starts a floodgate of salivating until the numbing kicks in and then there is some relief. Swallowing is still painful, even saliva buildup in the mouth. 

The culprit to begin with is that jagged back molar, which constantly scraped along the right side of my tongue near the back, making it sore. 

In some weird form of desperation, I tried picking at the tooth with my finger in hopes to "file down" the sharp point. This action which is probably what spread an infection to more of the inside of my mouth. Not a smart idea, I know.

So yeah, I'm in pain. I can't eat or drink anything so far. Barely talk. Swallowing SALIVA is painful and spitting is twice as much. I'll live, I guess.

I had some weird dream involving grocery shopping and was gonna buy a pizza (in a line where everyone else was buying healthy food) then I realized I didn't even want the pizza that much so I put it back.

I also dreamt I had 50000 lindens lol. XD I wish I could cash out that big, man.

Also in the dream, there was a game of sorts for winning STEERING WHEELS!! Anyway, the timer was ticking and the guy had his hands on some plain black steering wheel and he couldn't jerk it.

He started to panic and then gave it one final twist, just in time, to suddenly have his hands on a very large steering wheel with a tan leather cover and a single matching large clothes button on it for some reason.

The man was cooing and definitely pleased with his prize and how it would suit the vehicle he had planned for it.

Also in the dream, Jensen Ackles went to high school with my Mom and they almost dated. Really weird. Before we were even at the store, they raced their motorcycles and competed with stunts like riding on one leg.

Mom crashed, which freaked me out and I screamed, but she wound up being okay. 
Anyway....the rest of the dream is forgotten or I will wish to forget. Later home nuggets!

God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves! I am on bed rest today and blogging from my iPod. :/

2:10 p.m. After playing with my iPod, mostly Pinterest shopping, I got out of bed. I painfully drank water and ate a banana with slow chewing. I TRIED to get on Secondlife but the internet kept cutting it off...only when the program ran. Shady, no?

I, instead, edited my book up to page 71. My goals taken care of yesterday, today is more of a free day...within the limits of my mouth pain. It only hurts when I swallow..anything.

2:17 p.m. Donny is randomly burning dead palm leaves in the fire pit this afternoon. Kinda took me by surprise.

2:24 p.m. Today, this internet is being very biased against Secondlife. The internet runs JUST FINE until I try to log onto Secondlife. How frustrating. -_-

5:51 p.m. Rob and I just got back from some early grocery shopping on a one hundred dollar budget, which the food should last us for nine days. :) Mouth still hurts BUT we picked up some tooth stuff so I'll get to try that out.

10:31 p.m. I played Secondlife a bit, but most recently, I have a story to share. I had gotten to a point where I could not eat, unless by chewing in very slow motion, without pain. I got desperate and googled. The only instant solution that seemed possible for me at the moment was filing the shard of tooth down.

So, I searched up and down for an Emery board (I asked April where her's was but she was not online) and by some miracle, I found one. Not a diamond one like I wished, but I will take anything. And I did. Two emery boards later, the back molar has been filed down.

It will take much longer for the mouth and tooth pain to go down but my mouth feels even somewhat relieved. I imagine also with it filed down, the tongue can heal from the scraping damage a LOT quicker. Praying for a full recovery in Jesus Name, Amen! In the meantime, I am basically drinking ice water, holding it in my mouth until it's warm, swallowing and repeating. THAT also helps. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves homies! Good night!!!!! P.S. Will fill you in on progress as it..progesses...hopefully positively.

1:07 a.m. Supernatural marathon on Netflix. I will say this: Holding ice water in your mouth before swallowing makes it a LOT less painful when it's still sore.

Like I said, the tooth is better now but the mouth infection and scraped tongue damage is done and may take a, hopefully small, while to heal before I can eat painlessly again. God bless it in Jesus Name, Amen!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


3:21 a.m. I slept okay, for the most part. The past couple hours not so much. The cats started getting hyper so I moved from April's room to the back room. After that, I kept experiencing this uncomfortable feeling, like something was crawling on different parts of my body but nothing was there.

I somehow did get a couple hours of REM sleep and even dreamt of following a path leading to an ocean where I was swimming and tried not to step on the clear stringrays in the night water. Then I got caught up in a current dragging me from the shore and this guy showed up, he started showing me to back pedal and I did make it out of the water.

However, after waking, a lot of praying was involved because the 'skin-crawl' feeling would not cease. I give it up to God and leave it there. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves!

I went to bed around 8 p.m. something so I HAVE had sleep, I just happen to be up early.

5:07 a.m. Been watching Across The Universe for the fact that I couldn't get it out of my head. I need to just buy the soundtrack already.

On another note, a small piece of my molar broke off, albeit painlessly, yesterday and left a jagged remaining tooth.

It's not too pleasant scraping against my tongue...so sucking on chocolate is not as pleasant lately as it once was. 

Nor chewing sometimes. 

I do not like going to the dentist, folks. Several entire hands shoved in my mouth and spreading it open while I'm literally choking on water and fluoride, as they shame me about my teeth the whole time, not to mention the unbearably painful numbing shot followed by a long wait alone in the room beforehand. (They do not use gas where I've been.)Not at all pleasant...or cheap. It's more than just a phobia, it's a no. XD

5:56 a.m. The film just ended. I keep having a couple tears coming out of the left eye. (A single tear minutes apart) I think it means pain, according to google, but I feel pretty chill...aside from my tongue scraping the jagged back molar. Also, I'm kinda sleepy and for the moment, my skin does not feel crawly.

It has been a weird morning, bodily, hasn't it?

Hopefully today I get dishes, laundry, and more SL projects done. 

I haven't seen or heard from Rob since yesterday afternoon so I am concerned and hoping everything is okay. We'll see. 

9:30 a.m. So Blurb refused to mail my book, again, and I now have to wait for them to both recieve the book BACK and to send it to a new address. -headdesk-

Anyway, completed yet another sl project and need to rest. Also, Rob woke up and he is fine. :)

1:51 p.m. I slept longer than I needed to in order to get rid of a headache, that didn't work. I took my clothes off the line, finally dry, and painfully ate my lunch.

By now, this jagged tooth has made the back right of my tongue ache, along with being a JAGGED tooth, so eating was a painful experience.  I have a mountain of dishes left on my to-do list today..so that's a thing.

1:59 p.m. So I called having Blurb (they say email service is speedier, it is not) and I'm having the book sent to my P.O. Box (albeit ONCE UPS returns the book to them) and i was told P.O. Box takes a bit longer to deliver but I can wait. I've ordered from Wish.com before so this I can be patient about.

2:12 p.m. I called the post office and THANK GOD, they had not already sent the package back! I have until Saturday to pick it up though, or it will get returned to the sender. I..am trying to secure a ride today.

I'm thankful for Donny's help. I was a little embarrassed but I went door to door and the one neighbor able to help said she had plans to go into town later but was cooking lunch right now so it may be a little bit. As long as I can manage it by four o' clock...or Saturday...a longer wait can be avoided. :)

4:21 p.m. The fabulous news is that the neighbor came through and I got my book now, before the post office could try to send it BACK!

The less exciting news is the massive amount of editing I have to do since the newer program reformatted the book and deleted the last couple sentences on every other page. Also cut off a teeny bit of the title. O.O Challenge accepted.

I can excuse it by calling the book a 'second edition' and in the meantime, save my lindens to cash out and afford it when it is FINALLY ready for sale. O.O Good Lord. Still! My book is here and that's the important thing...finally in print after all these years of work!

5:04 p.m. The revisions continue. Minor ones. I'm already at page 54 and need to stop to do some dishes. Pray for me, in Jesus name, amen! God is able to do above all we ask or think!!!

5:59 p.m. Dishes washed...all except a large pan and a jug really, but I was also feeling froggy and cleaned the kitchen. ^__^ Very very happy.

I also made pizza but due to mouth pain, will not be eating. It hurts just to swallow when drinking.

7:48 p.m. After suffering enough, I rubbed some clove oil on the painful area. It has since worn off. I could hardly stand a couple bites of pizza before I took it. Oh, and the power went out around 7 p.m. while I was watching 'Hope Floats' on Netflix. It was definetely resting time. I did however, edit a few more pages of the book. Slow, but steadily, it will be completed. God willing in Jesus name, amen!

9:34 p.m. I'm sitting in the dark (not because of a power outtage) watching a Supernatural marathon yet again on Netflix, meanwhile having songs from 'Across The Universe' stuck in my head.

At least the Internet is back.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sorry For A Lack In Updates

9:28 a.m. Sorry for the lack of updates. Not much on interest has gone on in the past few days. april left the other day for Virginia for the week and I've been playing Secondlife. I've been dreaming of JRM and Mara which has been REALLY weird for me...cause it's not like I know them.

One night it was a home video their wedding, and just now it was them with a blonde five-year-old daughter named 'Norfolk' as she told me, in a cottage. Then she turned into a VERY fluffy 'black?' cat as I started talking about my cats and started petting her, then slowly forgetting my cats names' while he tried to remind me. I started claiming I had a white cat, which I didn't, and then forgot her name and started listing my real life cats like Minxy.

Oh! And this other scene where I'm flipping through Mara's Instragram and he's having some sort of birthday party and the daughter yells 'Daddy!' while she's on a tricycle (and in blonde ponytails) in the background, then he mimics back (without looking back) 'Daddeh!' and smiles, which was really cute. ^.^

Also, in yesterday's dream, I had seemingly convinced myself we'd met before and I tried to get back in touch with him, and succeeded. Of course, I've never met the dude but it just seems dreams can convince you of literally anything!

I wish them the best though! A happy engagement, or if they are so private they are already married, either or, happiness and peace! Praise God Jesus~ :D hehe just found this at least worth mentioning.

2:50 p.m .Today, I have been on a Supernatural marathon and making new full permission templates..in order to dwindle my growing Pinterest to-do list. I also washed my clothes and CAREFULLY hung them on the clothesline. (the dryer is still broken.)

The line gets cluttered with little spider webs every couple of weeks because the cheap clothespins rot in the sun and make a nice environment for them.

I don't try to harm them or anything but all it takes is one spider bite (if it doesn't kill or injury me) to cripple me financially (more than I am, anyway) til' Jesus comes back. XD That's the American medical system for you.

7:49 p.m. Shockingly, the clothes still weren't dry, so they must wait until tomorrow afternoon to come off the line. Feeling a bit sleepy and just finished yet another Secondlife template tonight, featuring one of her ponies. I finally have an excuse to give her collaboration percentage, which i like because I've really been rooting for her to somehow earn lindens on Secondlife. So praise God Jesus for that! See ya!! :D About to crash....

Friday, September 9, 2016

The Day's Just Starting..

C* Nicole Top - Black

12:35 p.m.  I just woke up, after deciding to sleep in..in order to avoid the hints of a menstrual cramp. It worked. :) I had one dream of saving the kids from the tidal wave that busted through the house, another where Ferdalump on Instagram gave Harmony a mermaid costume, then wondering if we should accept it without first asking her mother. (Ferdalump's was also ill fitted for some reason) and there was some final dream of being in a sparkling hot tub with holographic-colored water..and a double of myself I could barely see talking to me.

I DID manage to get the blanket Minxy peed on yesterday washed and hung out to dry just now, so I expect that big comforter to be ready by evening.

My new favorite song is "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" by Adele. I'll have to buy it on iTunes at some point. For the moment, I am still too broke, lol. I've listened to it a million times.


Across the Universe officially tops the list of my favorite movies. I keep wanting to see it again and again, although that Mr. Kite circus scene makes me feel physically weird.

I've got Secondlife projects to do, with my latest top being a sudden hit. There's something about button-down shirts people love. I'm thinking I should release more....

4:27 p.m. Second blanket washed and drying on the line. I made a second version of the top above and very pleased with the outcome. Finally got it completely uploaded, amidst a Supernatural marathon on Netflix. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves homies! Taking a break! -Falling over-

7:59 p.m. Rewatched Across the Universe again. Just been on Netflix all day...

Both blankets came clean and dry off the line and the cats have been knocking things off the top of my bookshelf all day. -_- Carlo got me with his claw when I tried to take him down. They also raid my computer desk. Life with cats, yo. 

I got offered to "sponsor" a blog on Secondlife. Simply an offer asking me to promote a Secondlife fashion blog. I have trouble keeping up promoting my own stuff though, let alone someone else's. I politely declined and also instructed them on getting a domain name because it seems more professional for a site trying to be high profile.

Had some Ice cream not too long ago.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Catching Up. Wow....

1:41 p.m. Yesterday I spent a long time getting more advent calendar gifts going, I FOUND MY GLASSES on the living room floor by the magazine shelf, and also decorated my SL Inworld store for Halloween...whilst telling the owner of the Arcania sim I've rented on for months that I am leaving, to save lindens for cashing out.

Those lindens wound up going towards Halloween decor and textures for creations. >.> Tried to make something new today BUT the mesh didn't quite work out. I left a detailed critique on the review, nonetheless, taking into account they were a new mesh maker..and it was her first mesh.

Today, I am watching Across The Universe for the first time, and it's probably one of the few greatest films I've watched this year, up there with the intense film Cloverfield.

Minxy, our black cat, first cuddled with me and I fell asleep. Right after I woke, he peed on me. -_- Changed clothes, cleaned up, and then I replaced both of the litter boxes.

Dad sent me a perplexing picture of his teeth (the inside roof of his mouth) then said he was making a play on the words "laugh out loud."

7:58 p.m. So blogger deleted my update. :( SL and Addams family, some dishes, and watching Across the Universe again.

More news soon..

10:34 p.m. I DID watch it again and made a chicken pasta dinner tonight. I've finally been clearing out my Netflix list and narrowed down to my faves and stuff I want to watch when I'm feeling nostaglic for it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Real Entry

10:33 a.m. This has been quite the process. I left the book to upload last night, but it didn't do it, thus I had to handle it again this morning..and edit it a little further. All in all, I'm excited. I'm hoping God will bless me with some happy books sales as now I have 30 cents left to my name just to upload the book. -fingers crossed-

I wish I could remember what year it all really began but to tell you the truth, I don't recall it. It may have been around five years ago...I'd have to scan my past journals for the date. The original draft is almost nothing like the final product, in fact it started as a screenplay and not a novel, with a completely different outcome of events. That's writing for you. At long last, it was time to stop editing and accept it for the form it ended up in, lest I spend another few years fixing it. Alas, I'm pretty happy with it and hope readers will be as well.

The next step is to buy the domain name for the book website, but that will have to wait until I'm no longer broke. *.*

Then comes saving to get it listed as an Ebook, on Amazon, and wherever else I can put my novel out there and hopefully, Lord Willing, after enough hard work see a payoff bigger than I imagine. That's the big goal, of course. Right now, though, we are at the beginning of revealing the final version of the book to whoever stumbles across it.

EDIT: The book is no longer being promoted. I noticed minor typing errors here and there and I don't feel right promoting it with errors. Unfortunately, I cannot fix these errors at this time without paying to reupload the book. :( Ah, well. I'm still happy a solid proof copy is on it's way to me.

4:21 p.m. Elmo Documentary, watched something else after, then took a long nap. My phone dying 'beep' transferred over into my dreams and when I woke..wasn't sure if I was imagining it first but it happened again and I got out of bed and dealt with it.

I've been drinking soda again...my throat has been a little scratchy and the bubblies make my throat feel nicer, Both a good and bad thin, I suppose.

7:58 p.m. Finally!! Made a new release for Oi Bae! Full perm and meanwhile chatted up a good sl friend of mine. The evening, I would say, has gone quite well. I also watched The Year Itch with some Digornio Pizza and am now relaxing. My goals are slowly being checked off, I should say. P.S. deleted the book blog. Won't be promoting it, as I said, for a good while.

12:41 a.m. Since Saturday, I've been thinking of those goals I set and here's the progress so far!
Bold ones are COMPLETED tasks!
Red means the task incomplete as of yet.
Scratch through is cancelled.
Italics are additional notes.

Update my blurb book with the past weeks' worth of entries.
Make three SL group gifts to be released next month. (Halloween Themed)
Make more Advent Calendar gifts for December.
New SL release. Both full perm and non full perm.
Finish editing The Dream Doctor. (technically completed)
Publish the Dream Doctor.
Buy a domain for the Dream Doctor site and completely redo its current page for selling the book. Deleted the page until I start promoting again. ^^^^^^
Finding my glasses, which I forgot at home and are STILL missing.
Chill out man, sleep in, get healthy, and get plenty of quiet rest.
Becoming a morning person again.

God bless, Jesus loves, lives saves! Been a great week folds. I'm watching Back to the Future, feeling thirsty, and taking a break from SL.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Dollar Tree Haul

3:34 p.m. I woke up sometime after 12 p.m. and had a plate of that tyson chicken, not very healthy, a banana, and OJ. THEN I set about getting ready for a lengthy walk to the thrift store.

It took an hour, swollen fingers, blazing Florida heat, 3/4 a gallon of water, and some desert-like straggling to get there..only to find it closed for Labor Day. SO! I already had a Plan B. The Dollar Tree was a single block over so I went there and thus, here is the haul, spending a total of $7.49.

Also, Grandpa called as I was headed there and we talked for a few minutes, but this was also while I was out of breath.

The first thing I saw was this AWESOME skull pitcher. That's one thing I love about people getting ready for Halloween so early, because us older millennials who are not quite out of the goth phase love finding things like this! I know my roommates are gonna love it, too. Only one dollar, just like everything else in the post!

It also happens to match the goblet Mom recently bought me last week, also from the dollar tree, except mine is like a black translucent plastic. It's in Rob's room though, so I'm not really in the mood to get it right now. *.*

Next up:
I need to admit, I wasn't too optimistic about what I would find in the Dollar Tree book section, but I have to admit, this was a real prize!

'Mistress Of My Fate - Book One of the Confessions of Henrietta Lightfoot' by Hallie Rubenhold. The name of the woman this book is about seems very vaguely familiar, perhaps she was mentioned in a passing story from other historical novels I've read in the past.

I'm a sucker for historical novels, or even historical fiction, and if you slap some eighteenth-century noblewoman on your book cover, my interest is already peaked. It looks like a good addition to a Fall reading list, too. :D There was no way I would pass this up!

Not only that, but they didn't even bother removing the actual sticker which means I saved $13.99. Win win situation.
The next few items are small and wouldn't require much explanation.

The handheld fan was an obvious need, given what I wrote in the first paragraph. I zombied my way through this store and the Dollar General before it (where I didn't buy anything, just stumbled around longing for a place to sit.)

It's not pictured but I had to buy a ten pack of super cheap quality batteries to go with the fan (only an extra dollar.) I then loaded the fan before purchasing. The associate also directed me to a water fountain in back where I refilled my water bottle (which can hold about a gallon in it's small size, also from the Dollar Tree)

I only needed the fan to last me the trip home so I wasn't overthinking about quality or hoping it would last long. It turned out to be exactly what lifted me up on the way home, Praise Jesus!!

The index cards are for April. We use them for our weekly grocery lists and shockingly she made the last pack last from Christmas of last year before we pretty much ran out.

Next is a very interesting little item that caught my eye, which is a wide angle lens for smartphones. For a dollar it didn't hurt to give it a try and I tested it out on my walk back home.

Last but not least, I seriously decided to buy the cats a cat toy, especially since we bought a new bag of cat nip when we went grocery shopping yesterday. I originally considered a traditional one, a wand with a stuffed mouse dangling from it. But then I saw this long loofah and the idea came to me.

The use was unconventional, but I saw no complaint from the cats, especially after sprinkling cat nip in it to give them some extra playtime fun! Below are a couple videos of Minxy getting a kick out of it, meanwhile Carlo meows in the background to be let back outside.

After all the shopping was done, the clouds darkened. Typical Florida weather requires going from blazing heat one moment to sudden rain the next, then back to heat again, lol. Anyway, of course at this point, I readily welcomed it.

I made it as far as the bridge on the way home before a good Samaritian couple saved me from the rain, picked me up, and drove me down the road to my house. I thanked them profusely and I came in, took, pictures, played with the cats, and now here I am blogging it to you. 

I'm still exhausted and need to change my sweaty clothes. More soon. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, and saves, homies! Mwuah! Bye~

4:46 p.m. I very much want to find the other two books in the Henrietta Lightfoot trilogy but I'm finding it rather difficult. :/

6:47 p.m. I am watching The Paradise, and had hot pockets and a small amount of Rolos ice cream. -don't judge me- Looking forward to finished the edit of The Dream Doctor. Words cannot describe the joy of being so close to being done!

9:05 p.m. I've edited up to page 180 of 198. I really do have to take a break though, even though only two chapters are left. I only have a couple more chapters before the editing is once again, completed. Editing has been completed time and time again, and I am hoping this will be the last time.

10:44 p.m. I FINALLY completed editing. Now is the task of migrating it to the better book program and then formatting it to suit THAT book...and possibly get a lower price and ISBN out of it, of course.

11:53 p.m. Next, the book had to formatted for the Bookwright program and now crossing my fingers, that less than seven dollars is enough to afford it during the new 40 percent off sale Blurb is having...for only a couple more days! :3

Once I have it purchased, I can get started redoing the Dream Doctor Blog COMPLETELY and set it up for sale there....and possibly here. I will also need a domain name for the site somewhere down the line (I have a great one available but who knows if it will last) but all things in good time.

IF I CAN afford to order the book tonight, I'll still be broke afterward. Someone has had a little too much with shopping and fast food this past week. Now I wait for Secondlife funds to pick up and I can cash out again...and go broke again on a new domain....

P.S. Rob is cooking steak and fries...a WONDERFUL treat!!! Praise the Lord folks! Night for now!

1:15 a.m. Good news, I can afford the book, just barely. Bad news? It took over an hour to upload and I just now noticed some text was cut off the first pages. Not fun. -_- Have to go through it again, sigh. Steak was delicious though, on a more positive note.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

There's Much To Be Done! :D

10:00 I tried to sleep in but only got as far as 9 a.m. At least it's been an extremely quiet morning. I eventually moved from my bed to the back room due to noisy playful cats.

I started my morning by getting my Blurb Book caught up with weeks' worth of entries, successfully, so all that took exactly an hour.

My next mission is to complete my Secondlife goals today. After everything with Secondlife is handled, I get down to editing the second half of the Dream Doctor, right where I left off before I went out of town.

God bless this day in Jesus name, Amen! I will be live updating with the usual timestamps soon, the morning has just started.

10:49 a.m. I have just finished one of three group gifts for Secondlife. Two more to go. :) It's slow-going, like trying to ride a bike after a long time even though it's only been two weeks. Hopefully, I can get this done and get it off my chest. We can go back to the normal routine.

Also, I've noticed my daily site visits have close to tripled since getting a real domain name, so I'm VERY thrilled about that. :D I'm still crossing my fingers to land Adsense.

11:43 a.m. I'm watching 'The Paradise' on Netflix. My favorite british drama. :D It's too bad it was cancelled after only two seasons, you know?

Just chatted with Dad and he was talking about coming for a visit, so I hope he does. Meanwhile, I am getting back to Secondlife to finish up one gift and start the second one. ^_^

12:09 p.m. Tried to get started but my computer acted weird when iI enlarged the gimp window, I was forced to restart. My computer has acted up ever since I came back, starting when I allowed a OneDrive update. -_-

1:11 p.m. Lazy day today and diet still not motivated to improve to boot, hoping that will change...

2:31 p.m. I have skipped doing Secondlife stuff since my computer glitching took the fun out of it, and thus am editing The Dream Doctor. 111 pages down, 87 more to go. I will further have to transport it from Booksmart to the other Blurb program to get both a lower price and an actual ISBN number (free when you publish with Blurb) :) Professional selling and whatnot. Having an ISBN would also allow selling on Amazon instead of only through Blurb, which makes me more confident I can sell this.

Of course, the book site would have to be worked extra hard, too. Imagine making a functional, and not boring, web page designed around the selling of only one novel. Doesn't seem too easy.

2:49 p.m. The easy going days I love and missed. Currently, I went through my blog subscriptions to see what people had to say. More soon...I need to step outside and breathe air while there's still time.

2:52 p.m. I had the pleasure of stepping outside and seeing Carlo catch a small snake...I also got bit on the toe by an ant. That'll teach me for going out barefoot to enjoy nature.

3:05 p.m. I was gonna exchange 2500 lindens with April for ten bucks cash but I called her parent's house and she was asleep. Will have to wait for another time I guess. Really felt like thrift shopping.... >.> Perhaps I can still go. It's only three o'clcok and I have nearly seven dollars to my name, however the thrift shop has a spend limit for using a debit card. I don't know....long walk...kinda curious about how the new shop looks since the other one sadly burned down. This is the picture of it below in glory days of my visiting there:

3:11 p.m. Nah, not energized enough for a trip that long. Perhaps another day.

8:20 p.m. I watched a Supernatural marathon, napped VERY little, then April and I had McDonalds tea, Taco Bell, and made a long shopping trip....which we just got home from. My glasses are still missing. :( On the plus sice, April exchanged my lindens for cash so now I have seven bucks left for thrift shopping without having to worry about my credit card limit, so praise Jesus!

How it looked when on one side:

How it looked on the other side:

Other random photos:

10:13 p.m. After almost two hours of thoroughly editing The Dream Doctor, I've made it to page 153 of 198. I'm truly excited but feeling hungry and I need to take a break.

11:06 p.m. My allergies are flaring up. -_- At lest, I'm watching The Paradise. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves! Night, homies! :D

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Home and a New Blog Domain!!

9:16 a.m. I pretty much woke up a grouch, wow. It's probably the whole getting thrown into babysitting the first second I wake up thing. I absolutely cannot cannot CAN NOT wait to go home tonight. What is it with today's generation of kids? They treat playing and eating as some sort a punishment and resist tooth and nail if told to do it. -_- I don't want loud noises and whining in the first two minutes of waking, thank you so very much. -_- I need a moment to acclimate to the world. I put on headphones and blared music, ain't nobody got time for fake whining this morning.

9:22 a.m. I made Harmony a bowl of cereal and Drake walks out with something of Aaliyah's. -_- I'm just not in the mood this morning. I woke up as a total crabby non-morning person, sorry.

11:31 a.m. We just got back from Taco Bell and I shared some food with Harmony. At the rate of the calories I probably just ate, something tells me I should skip lunch...or just not eat for a good long while. O.O At least I shared with Harmony, which made  me eat less than I would have. Feeling in just a little bit of a better mood. I spent the morning searching more available domains and found some even more suitable than the one I had in mind. Very excite! P.S. I'm down to about 6-7 dollars so this is also a mental note to stop spending for a while. :O

12:26 p.m. Put kids shows on for Harmony in Jen's room but the signal keeps going out, silly rain. >.>

2:04 p.m. FINALLY got Harmony down for a nap. She went to sleep easy at first, then my brother literally LITERALLY yelled his girlfriend's name for what felt like ten straight minutes without stopping, waking her up and I had to wait until she would fall back asleep. Chilling alone in the living room, I take it DJ and Maranda left with the kids somewhere...hence why it's so quiet right now.

3:17 p.m. They are backkk!! Watched this Robin Williams' documentary (finally letting myself watch something with him in it since his death.) I'm hours away from heading home, ya'll. So thrilled!!

6:43 p.m. Harmony woke up around 3:30 p.m. so she's mostly been entertained with videos today. I'm gradually getting my stuff together, excited to be going home, hopefully, tonight at LONG LAST! But I'll be officially inspecting the stuff around the time Jen gets home, preferably. I am VERY much looking forward to it. Words cannot express it. Just, seriously. I can sleep in and not wake up to screaming or begging children in the morning. There is no place like home.

8:18 p.m. Getting packed up. Talk to you later. Jen is not here yet so we'll have to see what happens.

11:35 p.m. I've been home for over an hour. Lots to share later. Mwuah!! Also, new domain name!!!

EDIT: I had trouble getting a hold of either Rob or April. It turned out she was gone and he was asleep (as I learned when I got a lighter out of his room for Maranda and woke him.) The cats acted like they did not know me at all. It took them a while to get acclimated to me again, sniffing me with all the new smells on me.

DJ got paid the ten bucks he was promised for bringing me home with the ten dollar bill left on April's desk. It took some sifting through her stuff to find it though.

I got straight to catching up with a Secondlife friend, then hanging with Rob, who bought my brand new spiffy domain name. I had a whole list of potential available ones and got his advice on which one I should pick. He suggested this one and I'm very happy with it. He's even cool with auto-renewing it so that is a huge bonus. Only twelve bucks a year people!! ^_^

I had to make a whole new banner, so it's pretty spiffy. Hopefully, this will amp up my chances of getting Adsense. I think I was destined to make a living off the web, haha. Praise Jesus! I hope I'll get there, Praise the Lord!

I cannot describe the feeling of being home, in my serene element. No children, just me and the quiet...and Rob, but he's quiet too. He hurt his hand paying bills recently, slipping on wet concrete outside the Town Hall (Florida rain) and he had to assure them he wasn't going to hold them liable.

I have not yet unpacked my things, as I normally would, but I plan on unboxing my lava lamp. Just hope the cats don't either knock it over or paw it and find it too hot. O.O That would not be pleasant, wouldn't it?

Good night, God bless, Jesus loves, lives, saves!! I have a HUGE 'to do' list now that I'm back:

Update my blurb book with the past weeks' worth of entries.
Make three SL group gifts to be released next month. (Halloween Themed)
Make more Advent Calender gifts for December.
New SL release. Both full perm and non full perm.
Finish editing The Dream Doctor.
Publish the Dream Doctor.
Buy a domain for the Dream Doctor site and completely redo its current page for selling the book.
Finding my glasses, which I forgot at home and are STILL missing.
Chill out man, sleep in, get healthy, and get plenty of quiet rest.
Becoming a morning person again.

God bless the goals in Jesus Name, Amen! God is able to do above all we ask or think!!!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Oi Bae! Spend and Save EVENT!!

 I NORMALLY don't post my Secondlife Store Advertisements on this blog but this sale, if you are in this game, ends when I return home so I need to do a little last minute advertising. :D

Oi Bae! is having a 50L sale storewide! Hundreds of items marked down to 50L! Earn discounts for future purchases as you shop!

Excited Day!!

10:31 a.m. I am excite!!!!! At LONG last I am considering buying my blog a custom domain name and have the PERFECT one picked out. I WILL NOT yet reveal what it is though until after purchasing because the last thing I want is someone to spot it and snatch it before I can buy it. It is a name that is very short, catchy, and easy to remember. And it's still only 12 dollars a year...which means I will ALSO be changing my header to suit it. So excited!!!

Adsense has not gotten back to me. I can only hope submitting a real domain name, not a sub domain's site, into the application will speed up the process. But Rob will help me out and I'm so thankful for that, praise Jesus!! NOT doing it today, it will have to wait until after I come home, but I am overall excited about this, like omg. Not telling April yet though, she was paranoid even of Adsense because she'd never heard of it, let alone something called Google Domains.

The blog began as a fictional blog in July 2011 and developed into a real life diary. I'm not doing it for the money but if it does help any business I may have down the road, then dude I am ALL for that!! Can I get a Praise Jesus?!! I'm doing this really because I just got back into this blog and plan to keep it going, and it is something very close and personal to me.

11:04 a.m. Looked more into it and still very excited. I have a LOT to be excited about, actually. I HOPEFULLY will secure a ride home with DJ TOMORROW and I can STAY home!! At long last, Praise the Lord! You have no idea how long these past two weeks have felt. I mean, seriously. The idea is sort of coming to me to develop a custom web page around selling my Dream Doctor novel, so fingers crossed on that. It will have to wait until it's finally complete, of course. Such a thing is easily purchased with Secondlife earnings down the road, God willing, and it's worth trying to see if I make anything in a year.

11:53 a.m. I'm bad. I gave a two year old orange soda, lol. XD Shhhhh...... Anyway, I let him watch a kids show after and have also found the PERFECT domain name for my book website once it's done being edited and released. God willing people would be willing to buy it directly from blurb though. O.O Still, pray for some sales in Jesus Name, Amen!! God is Able to do above all we ask or think!

12:47 p.m. I did some more research on domains and Adsense today. The internet is out, Brooklyn is playing and I'm very much looking forward to going home tomorrow, God Willing in Jesus name, amen!

2:04 p.m. Just sharing rants and stories with Maranda, just had some unhealthy pizza XD Internet still not working, oh well. We got so absorbed in conversation that she slighlty overcooked the pizzas, lol. She's the most fun I have over here and she was talking about how she might be the one driving me home, and I hope so because she is pretty fun. ^___^

3:09 p.m. Have internet back and Aaliyah is hommmee!! :D TGIF homies!

4:05 p.m. Just been chilling. Not much is going on. Net is off again...a bit redundant >.>

7:41 p.m. I took a nap and Maranda invited me out to McDonlads, claiming DJ is willing to forgo me paying gas money tomorrow. So I got a bacon cheeseburger (which I changed to one with no ketchup and mayo) and six nuggets. I forgot to skip the onions so I just scraped that off...I'm having a fat week, leave me alone. :P Plan on restarting the healthiness once I go home and all, properly, hopefully.

Skyla got out but thankfully, Debra wasn't peeved by it. Phew! After eating, DJ wanted soda so I took a gas station trip with Maranda, which we just got back from. They started arguing SO I am in Aaliyah's room, closed up and away from any sound of conflict. Can I get an amen?

SUPER excited about this domain name thing. Like, there are no words. :D Just going home tomorrow night unless Jen says she doesnt need me Saturday, which she likely will, but still HOME. Tomorrow. A LONG two weeks!!!!....ish. Feels like longer, just seriously dude. O.O

9:39 p.m. Just got back from yet another trip, this time to deliver money out to Mom and I am joyfully worn out. Cannot wait until around this time tomorrow night. Just one more night of babysitting and then I can go home...for a good LONG time! Paah-Raise the LORD!!! :D Super happy about that. I can't even put it into words, yo.

The road to Mom's was a bit flooded. That's Florida weather for ya.

10:20 p.m. Watched some of Metallica Through The Never, and I feel like chilling out.

10:40 p.m. I haven't said these exact words in a long time but End of Updates!! Adding to blogger and I'm out! Fingers crossed for tomorrow, my own bed, and home sweeeetttt home!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Home Is Calling My Name!!

7:55 a.m. I have had a REALLY nice morning! First of all, I managed to wake up to a QUIET house around 7 a.m. just after Aaliyah left, full of energy (probably from mashed potatoes I ate last night with Harmony a couple hours before bed.) I went out and did cardio for twenty minutes and started my morning off with cold water, NOT soda. I love talking about doing what is healthy, makes me feel really healthy.

ALSO, Paypal deposited my money which means I have actual funds in my bank now. (This only took six days to get from lindens to real money in my account, which is far less time than I estimated.) Now I am kinda debating with myself about the plan. I was gonna get forks and spoons BUT Maranda bought a plastic ones last night to suffice for the time being. I am SUPPOSED to go home for a break and sl stuff on Saturday BUT if I get it now, I wonder if I'm gonna come back and find them all gone (because that's just what happens around here.) The household doesn't really bother taking care of stuff, even important stuff sometimes and my sister hoards her stuff in her room, including the dishes she bought (although I kinda see why.) I mean, look why I am debating here.

For example, I gave Maranda two sports bras the other day, which she was in need of some when the underwire was hurting her. And then in the span of a day or two, they were both found carelessly discarded on the floor in random parts of the house. I wasn't too pleased about that. I stuck them back in my laundry basket.

I'm not saying I don't want to, I'm saying I'm reluctant to do it and then leave shortly after, only to come back and probably find they are lost or discarded when I get back. I'm staying in a house where that is a 'genuine' concern, otherwise this would sound ridiculous. No doubt it's gonna be on my mind. 

8:12 p.m. YAY! The weekend sales have begun. I hope it lasts, dude. Someone just spent 500something lindens and it pushed me up to eight dollars in earnings (five, after fees) which before fees is still like earning a little over a dollar a day without me actually being ON secondlife. Cool stuff. :D Praise the Lord for these blessings, AMENNN!!! I still plan on at LEAST making a new full perm template at home if Jen ends up letting me go there this weekend as she told me. Then I can earn more stuff! Woot! I WAS in the living room, by the way, then Maranda moved the hotspot to her room..so I moved to Aaliyah's room. Woot woot.

8:31 a.m. I went GIF surfing again and found a great new background, yo. O.O TOTALLY speaks to me!

8:49 a.m. Started following SPN cast members and the link on Instagram, was a little bored lol.

9:28 a.m. The morning noise has started. I took Skyla out and sat and listened to nature for a little bit. I seriously need to get a hair brush next time I go shopping.

10:50 a.m. I'm essentially just stressing out over this house and really just wanting to go HOME!!! Part of me really actually hopes Jen doesn't pay me at the end of the month so I'll have an excuse not to come back.

12:14 p.m. I chatted with Rob and he made me feel better. Ate more macaroni before putting it up AND have decided to go through with buying the silverware after all. I could get a chance to get some things I need, like a HAIRBRUSH, which I LOST! Hopefully, it can be done tonight. I'm only buying them once, for  few dollars. If they get discarded or treated like nothing, then that is on them.

5:17 p.m. I had a nap and was woken up at 3:30 p.m. ish. We went to the Dollar Tree and I picked up styrofoam plates, bowls, and cups, and plastic utensils since the stainless steel ones were two utensils for a dollar and my budget was limited. Aaliyah got a playdoh toy and extruder so she was happy about that. Wanted to get Little Ceasers BUT the place was remodeling so it was closed. Cooked Digorno pizza when we got home so we just finished eating. I'm not having a healthy week.

6:05 p.m. The day is winding down but the kids are just as loud as they are in the morning....

6:35 p.m. Tried to let Skyla out but she went and scared the neighbor's dog and little pig which embarrassed me, I apologized profusely. Then I struck up a conversation with Debra and Shelby, Shelby's two year old was with her (thought she was older cause she's tall lol) so there was a silver lining.

I went in Aaliyah's room to kind of escape the noise and then wound up back in the middle of the noise for the internet signal and to write this post. Dumped the soda thankfuly, because it went flat. Good riddance, right? I drank 3/4 of it but it's not like I need more.

6:56 p.m. Hotspot is now dead along with the her phone, web surfiing was fun while it lasted. Can't wait until the kids are put to bed and sleep can finally be had because it is SOOOO noisy right now.

7:27 p.m. Net is back!!

8:48 p.m. THE MATTER IS SETTLED!! I can go home on Saturday and STAY there!! Jen tried to not give me the whole weekend off as agreed (which now she added this stipulation that it would only happen if a babysitter was available, which I recall nowhere in said agreement) so I stood up for myself for once and can go home, Yay!! I plan on paying DJ for a ride home Saturday night after watching Harmony. After that, I'm GONE for a LOOONNNGGGG time!!

To be clear, THIS is the full written agreement that I've been talking about for two weeks, that I wanted agreed BEFORE I got here and THOUGHT we were agreed on:

Me: Jen, do you need a babysitter? I was talking to Mom and kinda desperate here but Sanford brown is closing down and they are offering loan forgiveness. I called and qualify BUT I have to get my load out of default by paying 130 a month  for three months, then my entire student loan debt is erased and credit restored to normal. Can you help me?
Her: Yea I do actually. I need help with LIYAH after school on the days I work.
Me: Okay, and you pay 130 a month to my bank so I can pay the loans for three months? Ill have to do something about transportation I know, even move in a short while.
Her: Yea but how are u gonna babysit way over there as also ai need a sitter o. Saturdays since I start school back next week
Me: No Im talking about coming to the trailer to do it. It has to be there so its easier for you
Her: O ok. Yea shouldn't be a problem. Can u start next week?
Me: Yeah
Her: Ok I'll pick u up Sunday then or Monday morning.
Me: kk.  Would it be feasible to also be allowed to come home a weekend every two weeks? I run a business online that makes me like 10 bucks a week and that will allow me to come back and manage it over a weekend. I just had to spend all my savings on food recently
Her:Yea I don't care. I'm gonna make a schedule and calendar and let u know which days I need u
Me: k. Just had some questions. Will there be a place for me to sleep over there? And also I'm vegetarian now so I can bring enough fruits/veggies/rice to last me one week but could you help me out the second week? idk when you grocery shop
Her: Yea u can sleep in aaliyahs room/ bed and yes u can bring whatever u want.
Me: Kk. Are you picking me up this Sunday ro next Sunday? or*
Her: I'm not sure Chelsea I'll let u know ok.
Me: No problem
Her: Hey Chelsea I might come get you tomorrow afternoon ok? Around 12-1. I have to be to school by 430 tomorrow. So just make sure your ready and we will talk about a schedule routine ok?
Me:  kk. If I'm there the first month though and at the end of the first month you're unable to pay me, I would be wanting to go home.
Her: Ok I gotchu. $130.
Me: kk
Her: I just can't have u crying to go home or having a break down when I'm unable to take u home or anything
Me: maybe at some point during the month set aside a little something just for gas money at the end of the month?
Her: I'll try my best. And I'll let u stay home a few days every other week. That's fine too. We will work it out.
Me: k. That's fair
Her: Ok. I know u don't wanna be here everyday all day I won't make u unless I really need u.
Me: Will be bringing my depression pills just in case and thank you, it's really important to me. I just get freakishly homesick so if I get to be home a few days at a time, it would make me happy.
Her: I completely understand and of course u will be home a few days and I'll try to make sure of it.
Me: Thank you, just glad to get all the ducks in a row before I go there and we learn that there are some things jsut no doable i.e. like the gas money situation.
Her: Exactly. But either way it'll be ok.
Me: kk. Quick question. Am I having Harmony all day today or just Aaliyah after school. Not minding, just curious.
Her: Half days
Me: K
Her: Are u ready for me to pick u up
Me: I need like an hour. Just woke up if that's okay.
Her: I'm already omw. I'll be there in 20 min
Me: I'd probably be done packing anyway by the time you come so Ill get ready.
Her: Ok
Me: I need room for my laundry basket and a few bags of food.
Her: There's room
Me: Kk

Okay, she was right about one thing. She did stipulate I could go home on the weekends only if she doesn't actually need me (which the way she put it just now was only if an alternative babysitter was available, which there almost never is even if it's offered like Maranda tried to do tonight.) Fruits and veggies were not bought for me as agreed, though. And then there is the part where after I got here she said she can't pay me the first month after all, or is unlikely to as she put it. So yeah, kinda not followed through so why should I? Either way, I should close this chapter and consider the matter over with. Maybe it'll all be behind me AFTER I'm home. I don't know.

I can go home and stay home. She doesn't seem TOO upset with me. Like the next time she exited her room after that kerfuffle, I avoided awkward eye contact and she simply asked that I turn off all the lights before going to bed. Tonight is Thursday, Tomorrow is Friday. At least I didn't wait until Saturday to declare my wish to stay home. *.* P.S. DJ is watching the Addams Family. :) Also, I have thirteen dollars, ten of which will be likely going to DJ to fund my ride home on Saturday. I can't wait. So pleased right now!! At LEAST I survived the two weeks, hard as it was. They are the ones who still have to live here.

9:17 p.m. Adding this blogger and ending my night folks. God bless, Jesus loves, lives, blesses, saves! Night!!!

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