Friday, August 19, 2016

Yes, I'm Still Awake.

5:06 a.m. I've spent most of my waking hours trying to make my blog look more presentable, professional, between making a Privacy Policy and Disclosure policies (a first for me) to having a new layout look which I hope is pleasing to the eye....that may just change as well. Something more plain and universal in taste.

There is money to be earned on the internet these days and ideally, I would like to take a slice of that pie, whether it be the few dollars I make from creating Secondlife content to finally getting Adsense on this blog if God wills. Even to the point of purchasing my own domain name if the task proves successful.

I'm always getting new ideas. Like today, I wanted to start my own mini comics. Nothing elaborate, just like a blog consisting of one or two comical scenes representing the ones I've been laughing at for years in my head. Imagine it leading to a book if it got popular enough.

The only trouble is that I've spent so many years building up this elaborate world and it's stories and characters in my head, it's hard to know where to begin. Maybe I could take that and make it profitable, too. I have SO much potential!! If only I had the commitment I needed to keep it up, fake the success of it until I make it like I did with Secondlife.

If God will bless my dreams, in Jesus name Amen! I can always learn....I can always try...

In the meantime, I am lounging on April's bed, playing with my netbook while April makes and critiques her pony fan art. She is a lion who does not see her own strength when it comes to how good her art is. For all the things I complain about her, I love her to death and do admire her. :D That being said, here's hoping I can get some income rolling someday doing what I love.

5:21 p.m. April is leaving shortly...her bed is too comfortable for me to abandon at the moment. About these characters I talked about, here's the hefty summary. By the way, the common theme is a lot of the characters have the same name, just different personalities, so it can get confusing. O.O

Jinny (or Jonny) - Main title character. Most serious and level-headed. Has the royal title 'Earl of Choosies.' Main trait - faints a lot from the disorder around him.
Jinny - Secondary character - Best friend with a big personality, happy go lucky, funny. Sidekick. Royal title: the Grand Duke of Choosies.

They both own a bakery chain called the 'Cu De Art' often overrun by its unofficial fan club and fan club president against their will, enacting things on the chain such a 'Tutu Day' where if you wear a Tutu, you get a free dessert. Other competition includes the 'Art de Cu' and 'Who De Art.'

Waffles (aka Willam Alfalfa Jinny) - Newest recurring character. Enjoys baking, aptly named Waffles as a covert operative code name and for his frequent question when making breakfast for the housemates, "Normal or funny shapes?" Then making funny shapes anyway because he can't keep them neat.

Royal title: Baron of Chu. Climbed the social ladder quickly and every assistant he's ever had, he named Reginald because he was nostalgic for his first assistant of the same name who left him to train/prepare other new royals. Likes to role play with his latest, yet eager, assistant and basically switch roles with him.

There is also a dream-walking ability in this universe among the characters and Jinny, the main character, is often very critical of the dreams of others, always trying to keep them in order or wake people from dreams deemed too silly.

Other occasional characters:
Ghost Writers - Ghosts who work as a sort of social parcel/telegram service. They also have their own festivals and people can wear suits to blend in with them. Secondary Jinny has a habit of tipping them more than needed.
The Queen (Sweet and polite. Often invited the characters to tea to discuss politics.)
Paparazzi who follow the royals by camping on lawns.
Finicus Nugent - Almost always has his nose in a book, preferably on a beach.
Custard Nugent - A shy baffled general whose rank frequently changes. When first meeting him, a person is only permitted three questions until their next visit, until the visits are often enough that he is used to them.
Bicuspid Nugent - Member of the Nugent family. Nothing spectacular yet. Lives with Jinny and Jinny.
New Anchor - Often nosy and printing stories that are too private, but not around much lately.
'Doubles' - lots of body doubles who emulate the two primary main characters.
'AU's' - Opposite personalities of certain characters in my stories and live in an alternate universe.
A nameless former thief who became the character that could make any invention for anyone who requested it. He lives out in the desert in obscurity.
The Cu De Art health inspectors.

Sewer (for covert ops, led by a guy named Frenchy), Castle, 'Usual' school (to learn to be serious and proper) in that world to be called Usual is a synonym for seriousness. Bakeries, news studio, various large houses. Jonny and Jinny live with about twelve former employees (Off-site underground Cu De Art security detail) who became housemates. Mal Dur and Spyro island (with dragons obviously), both tropical places. Although for copyright reasons, Spyro would never be mentioned in the comics if I were to make them. Spyro island is run by two other characters who are paranoid of strangers and failed at turning the island into a theme park, and to keep up the rent. The park featured little gentle mischievous creatures inhabiting it called 'Meanderers.'

A perfume literally called 'Essence of Mule' which is what it sounds like. Invented by the secondary Jinny and now illegal to manufacture in that universe. There were even commercials for its sale where actors displayed confused repulsion which was incidentally mistaken for the curiosity of the pungent scent.

It's counterpart is a legal perfume which smells of meadows, and far preferred by the main Jinny character.

An actor whose catchphrase was the way he said 'Yes!' endorsed by an agent named Becky Schnooder. She made him say it in just about every role.

So you see there is a lot to work with! :D I'm glad I wrote it though. Makes me smile. This is what I spend my time daydreaming about.

12:42 p.m. ALRIGHT!!! Awake and energized. Ready for my walk. Best thing about taking a day off from the usual fitness, when you get to it the next day it feels like, "Yeaaaahhh, she's back with a vengeance."

Tell you what, healthy eating and exercise DOES work better than those fad diets. I never changed my body like this so fast! :D Woot! I'm back to my accustomed size, or close to it, in less than three weeks and counting. Praise Jesus. I had my fruit and water, multi-vitamin and Bible, see you after my walk, guys! P.S. SO happy to be blogging again.

1:31 p.m. I hath returned and SO burned out! Lol. Usual routine is to lay something on my bed (so not to wet it) and plop myself down to breathe, then stand in front of the window unit air conditioner. I'm due for a shower right about now, just wanted to blog first.

2:17 p.m. I got a shower taken care of and I FINALLY hung my laundry out. Thankfully it's a blazing hot Florida day today so hopefully they will be ready by evening or sooner. :D 

Donny has felt particularly inclined to hang out in the yard today. Then you have me internally grumbling about the longing of a private life, where I can go outside and be alone with my thoughts without being obligated to a conversation.

As always, he is nice but not much has changed about him since we moved in a couple years ago. He knocked first thing when I woke up, continuously, then several times more today. I've given up answering because he usually either wants or can get what he needs from April or Rob, and Rob was asleep. April was gone. And I'm never in the mood to pretend to understand what he's saying half the time. I may be Christian but certainly flawed. Not very neighborly of me.

He is harmlessly spending the summer day choosing to sleep in the carport. It's harmless, so the roomies allow it, but I can't say I always let it happen with a smile on my face.

Not that he can help how much I covet alone time, not when it just comes to him but anyone in general. I pretty much grew up on having to learn to entertain myself and it grew into my adulthood as often preferring it so I can spend as much time as possible delving into my own little thing. 

2:27 p.m. Been thinking about that comic panel again.

3:42 p.m. Took me long enough but I made one. If I make enough, I'd consider making a blog dedicated to it, maybe even a little book. ^_^

4:14 p.m. Just had some brown rice, lentils, and kidney beans on lettuce with a pinch of mozzarella and sriracha. Yummy! Unlike the homemade fruit pops I had after, though. lol. Watching Supernatural and ready to chill while the calories from this afternoon's workout burns. :D

6:48 p.m. I found myself editing the Dream Doctor...yet again. I just got my clothes off the line and the cats fed, now just need to chill. Feel like I got a decent amount of stuff accomplished today, Praise Jesus!!

12:54 a.m. I'm up. that's what I get for going to bed too early. I had my rice mixture with kidney beans, tuna, and lettuce. Determined to finish all that rice off, I'll tell ya what. So full.

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