Sunday, August 28, 2016

Update: Shopping, Parties, Then Disappointment.

3:30 a.m. Well, I suppose I'm awake now. I slept well enough, just woke up early. To go over yesterday's events:

1. We took the kids over to their Aunties house. Met a nice young woman who is starting her pregnancy and her stomach was hurting. (It wasn't her shower we were going to, as I said, was a family friend's shower who I didn't know)
2. Mom and I then went to Kmart to pick up gifts for both the baby shower (a couple onesies) and MARLEY's birthday party (not Malania.) We almost got her a fishing pole then saw someone was already getting her that. She couldn't believe they didn't even have a tackle box for little kids.

I think we got her a Doc Mcstuffins doll on behalf of someone else who gave Mom the money for it and I forget what we picked out for her. Sorry. (I think it was an outfit or something else Doc McStuffins related)

AND Mom got me a lava lamp (I've always wanted one but skipped buying it when the opportunity arose) and we THOUGHT it was on sale, and it was, but she was charged full price (near double the sale price of thirteen something dollars.) So there was a long wait in the customer service line and we were ready to decide to just get the full refund instead of getting the correct price, but they wound up paying the difference anyway SO I get the lava lamp I've been wanting forever now. XD Just now I don't know where I'm gonna set it up because I fear the cats knocking it over.

Before we left the parking lot, I moved a cart out of the way of Mom's door, and as we were leaving I watched in horror as it sailed head on across the parking lot into someone else's car. O.O Whoever you were, I am SOOOOOOOO very very sorry about that. It all happened so fast that even if I had left the car, (I was already buckled in and shocked a bit) I don't think I could have stopped it in time.

At the shower itself, I actually had fun. The food was WONDERFUL. There were a LOT of those deli sandwiches. I have a note on how much I ate (not all in one sitting, mind you:)
I ate a small apple with the kids earlier in the morning.

1. One triangle slice of a cocktail sandwich. Small slice. It has some light mayo/mustard, several slices of deli meats, sliced pickles, and a slice of swiss cheese on white bread.
2. Four to six cocktail weenies with minimal barbeque sauce (it was covered in it, would have gone without the sauce if I had a choice)
3. Some small sliced fruit (watermelon and strawberries) and grapes.
4. (about) Four cocktail cheese slices. Just about.
5. Shelled peas, baby carrots, and some small celery stalks. (no dressing)
6. A couple finger licks of Harmony's frosting from her cupcake. She ate it in my lap and I got some on my finger trying to help her flipped cupcake.
7. Water.
8. Arizona Iced Tea (has high fructose corn syrup but I didn't drink a lot of it) Mom bought me more but I haven't opened it yet. I don't generally want to pick sugary drinks out myself but I'm not so snooty that if someone spends their own money to buy it as a kind offering, I would refuse to drink it. So maybe some later. At least it isn't soda.

Soda was what killed last years attempt at a healthy lifestyle and right around at the same time point I am at now, ironically.

At the shower, there were fun games. Guess how many sixlets in a jar (I think it was around 1600 something and I guess only 500 XD) Adults played with play doh to make the best-looking baby while the kids looked on longingly, unable to play with it until we were done. Measuring the stomach game. I didn't win any of them but I had fun anyway. The kids got in the bounce house and played. :)

A storm came on towards the end so it was a quick cleanup and then we left, heading to the Dollar Tree (everything one dollar, LOVE that place!) to pick up some gift bags for Marley's party today. Since we weren't rushing, we looked around. Mom picked out these awesome plastic skull goblets. Halloween decor is in full swing and it's not even September yet, let alone October. Hers was clear and mine a translucent black, and Mom picked up a couple other things she needed. We found a Frozen gift bag (surprising as we doubted we would find one) and a Disney princess one and got those matching swirly ribbons for the Frozen bag.

When we got home, we finally relaxed. The kids are at their Aunties so it was nice and quiet. We watched some TV and waited on DJ to get the last of his stuff, AND find the DVD/Blu ray remote which rendered the player useless without it. Originally Mom told him to go pick up a Universal remote but he skipped that idea, walked in, and picked it up right where he left it. Smh. It was behind a styrofoam box beside the couch.

He wanted to hang out but Mom said no, she loves him but he's been hanging out for five days! XD So she shooed him home, nicely. :P Kids went home with him so we had a nice quiet evening, watched Pirates of the Caribbean until I fell asleep. She fell asleep before me.

Hours later, we both woke up and she moved to her room and I moved to the couch. I slept nicely until around 2:30 a.m. Then I couldn't sleep and played on Instagram, uploading things without internet so they are in limbo. Watching Pirates 2 again and writing this entry.

I finally feel all caught up. :D Praise Jesus! The party is much later today so I chill out until then. This beats hanging out at the trailer, I'll tell you that. O.O

4:30 a.m. Mind you, once again I think I've skipped eating since around 3-4 p.m. ish yesterday. All that added sugar product and meats (even in small portions), I had all that food mentioned that I would prefer to let my stomach work on it a good long while before adding more to it, especially when it comes to eating meat which takes the longest to digest. Not that hungry now anyway. I also realized though that it helpd me sleep at night a lot easier. XD

8:32 p.m. I stayed up until later until the morning, and Mom let me get an afternoon nap before we left. The part went fine, I got a lot of stuff on my Instagram. :) Self explanatory. MEANWHILE, my lower left jaw is killing me, all them teeth aching at once. Did not eat great today: Hotdog, cocktail weenies, a little beans, and three chicken wings. There were no veggies or fruit laid out this time.

Jen said no about going home, I was frustrated, getting over it. She gave me some orajel. Thinking I will have to wiggle my way out of coming back after coming home, after all, I CAN save money with an at home job on Secondlife, if I push myself hard enough. *.* So done. M

aranda kindly offered me her phone hotspot which is an offer I might take her up on if she'll let me. I kept this story short. My phone is dead, iPod is near dead and charging, and I am writing on my netbook. Stuck her until Friday, or later. -_- Also, getting bit my mosquitos. This weekend, unfortunately, did not end well. I loved being at Mom's that brief time, for obvious reasons written in my entries.

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