Saturday, August 27, 2016

Short Post, Update Soon.

10:09 a.m. I've since relaxed about the babysitting thing and realize it was quite a long period of me overreacting. I had to drudge through a sea of depression to arrive at that conclusion. At Mom's, watching the kids, since there was miscommunication and Mom is expected to drive them around. So another unexpected setback. I love them, but I did want a break. >.>

On the plus side, I made 1000 lindens and cashed everything out, earning 17 dollars which should come into my Paypal account around Tuesday, then it will take a few MORE days to land in my bank account. The sooner it got done, the better.

I slept uncomfortably on the floor last night and the kids took the couch. I went out at Modnight when everyone was sleeping to try and get a wifi signal and failed.  I did eventually fall asleep, at one point waking to find Harmony had moved in Mom's room to sleep with her. I eventually took the couch.

After they had their breakfast, I took them out to play and then we came in so I could get a drink, shower, and get them dressed. We are going to someone's baby shower today, a family friend I'm not acquainted with and then tomorrow is Malania's birthday party and the ultimate fate: Home sweet home or the slightest thing circumstance holding me at the trailer, even if Nikki shows up, who also elected to babysit? O.O It would take an entire miracle for me to get home tomorrow, just seriously. I know my family.

I also managed to get a wifi signal when I was watching the kids play outside, surprisingly, so more email checks and tried to upload a long Youtube video but there wasn't time. More soon, gotta go.

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